Every Trump supporter knew it was coming.  Trump campaign manager, Charles Munoz, was all too cozy with Robert Graham, a known Anyone but Trump fan.  No one understood just how corrupt the pair would be at this convention.

It all started at 7:00am when the Trump campaign arrived at the Convention Center to find that their Trump slate was actually packed with Cruz supporters.  Upon inquiring how this could happen, we were told the Trump campaign signed off on a completely different slate and gave it to R Graham to print.  Lists don't change themselves so it seemed clear that Graham had changed the slate after it was signed off on by the Trump camp.  With the help of Munoz??  Hmmm. One 

entire Congressional District was Cruz supporters masquerading on the Trump slate!

When the Trump Arizona Campaign Chairman, State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, spoke on behalf of the Trump slate (which was quickly corrected and re-printed), 2/3rds of the room was on their feet cheering for Trump.  Next, the Cruz campaign team spoke and showed a six minute video.  Many people left the room - the sound was overwhelmingly loud!  One-third of the room came rousing to their feet at the conclusion.  It was clear that there were more Trump delegates among the 1231 in attendance than Cruz delegates.  Remember that number!

Following the CD caucus elections, it turned out that only ten of 27 delegates went to Trump, who, you remember, won the state presidential preference election by a 2-1 margin.  In some CD's, not one Trump delegate was elected.  Strange?  We think not!

We interviewed several people about the electronic voting that took place during the afternoon session where 55 delegates- and alternates-at-large were elected.  We watched some people trying to get their vote from their smart device to record and it would just disappear.  Others could not access from their smart phones and had to go to the AZGOP computers.

But get this, the results showed that the Trump Slate button was clicked more than other slate buttons (Cruz slate, Kasich slate, "Unity Slate" whatever that is- but it turns out all three of those were exactly the same slate!) yet only two Trump delegates and 4 alternates were elected.  The law of averages disputes that could even happen.  When one clicked the Trump Slate button, guess what?  You guessed it, a mixed Trump/Cruz set of names dropped down.  When interviewed, one new Trump supporter said she did not have any idea that she was actually voting for Cruz delegates!

All-in-all, it was Robert-Graham-business as usual, cheating, scheming,  It didn't help that Trump campaign staffer, Charles Munoz, waxed ecstatic over Graham in a message on Briefs this week over a petition that demanded that Robert Graham resign as AZGOP Chairman: https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/action-alerts/forum/t...

Comment%3A91327&groupId=6399857%3AGroup%3A44255 telling Trump supporters not to sign it!  Apparently, Munoz doesn't think much of the first amendment!  He's a former AFP employee, the organization of the Koch Bros

that formulated the 2016 GOPe Roadmap to Victory that started with the intent of getting Bush elected but has segued into Anyone But Trump!  Not to mention, Graham and Munoz are long time friends!  A perfect cocktail for sabotage of the Trump campaign.

Two things have risen to the surface during this presidential election year.  One, we have learned who are and are not truly moral 'conservatives' and that is a word that has been ruined as a description of Constitutional Republicans.  Second and more bothersome, those who have been elected delegates to the State Conventions around the country have a moral duty, if not a legal one, to vote subsequent ballots at the RNC convention in accordance of the will of the people.  When people say that they can "vote their conscience" after the first ballot, one would hope their conscience would rest with the people of their state who voted for a certain candidate.  There are enough un-bound delegates to be had to get to a winner while bound delegates stay true to the voters they go to the Convention to represent.  We the people, will of the voters and all that.  We certainly learned today that interest in the voters of Arizona is secondary for some delegates.

This will become a national story.  A press conference with Gov. Brewer and State Trump Campaign manager, Jeff DeWit occurred even before the convention ended with the chairman asking for a vote to adjourn.  He got a shout of Noooooo!  And then adjourned anyway.  The will of the people, a mere formality, a lousy talking point!  The press conference and the crowd took it up again outside.  Trump supporters of every stripe were fired up and ready for bear!  The Cruz delegates laughed all the way home.  

Trump may well have the last laugh!  We predict the fence sitters, who still believe in a right way to behave morally, will fall on the side of Trump and he will be guaranteed the 1237 delegates and then some when the RNC Convention opens in July in Cleveland.

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Thank You

To all of my Cruz friends (yes, we are on different sides but put our friendship ahead of our politics) who did not get put on the Cruz slate. Devoted Cruz followers could see by the names presented that the Cruz team put their own names on the slate and their close buddies but most of that slate were anti-Trump delegates. They counted on the Cruz people to just vote the slate without knowing.  The real conundrum is why the Trump slate had many of those same kind of people.  Alas, there can be no question now that the Cruz team (not the Cruz followers) are just as devious as Cruz himself has lately shown himself to be.  I now have fewer Cruz friends because they have become disenchanted with the Cruz message and switched to Trump.

To all: I remember how long ago AFA tried to tell people about Graham.  About his legal philandering in CA and his connections to the establishment and so on.  Who in their right mind would ever vote for that person? According to some comments on these pages since then AFA members ignored the warnings and voted for him anyway.  Shame on them and we see the result.

Well I was at the convention as an alternate and became a delegate after lunch. I have a Cruz slate of 6 and a larger Cruz slate and the trump people had their slates which I did not see. When the ballot appeared on our electronic devices many were listed as Cruz Kashic voters, including my name. We were told the campaign managers put that information on the ballots. And as everyone knows on this site I'm a staunch CRUZ supporter. I would never ever vote for Kashic NEVER!
I do want to say I never expected to be going to the convention but I'm an alternate lost being a delegate by 2 votes. I'm so excited to be going to the convention wish me luck!!!

You did not see a printed Trump slate because there wasn't one.  The Trump team approved their slate for the electronic voting but when the voting started, it was not the slate approved by the Trump team. It had been changed and the Gov was not the only name taken off!  The morning slate was approved by the AZ Trump Camp Manager, DeWit, he signed off on it friday night and then Graham printed it.  When it showed up at the trump table Sat morning, DeWit's eyes popped out of his head.  It had been changed and it was full of known Cruz supporters.  An insider on the Cruz team disgusted by their behavior told me days before the convention that the Cruz slate was made up of mostly "anti-Trump" haters and even the hard working Cruz volunteers didn't get on that slate. What does that tell us?  @Gayla you got in only because you got moved up?  Maybe you are one of the few they let on but how much did you do for that campaign?  Knock on doors like many I know? Make hundreds of phone calls?  Work at the Cruz office answering calls?  Passing out flyers in your neighborhood?  Or based on your comments on this site, you got on as an anti-Trump hater.  Those are the people who didn't get on the slate, like Peggy who posted on this site, a sure Cruz supporter it seems.  Good luck at the convention knowing that you and your team made every AZ voter who stood in line to vote for Trump a laughing stock.  Say hi to evil Lyin' Ted.

I saw my name and feel I need to respond.

I voted for Cruz and I'm not sorry I did. However, it is the will of AZ that Trump delegates need to vote for Trump and I promised my circle I would if elected. Not being an elected official nor on any slate, I did not plan to get elected to Cleveland.

As the day went on Saturday, it was clear both the Cruz and Trump supporters were circumvented by Establishment. Cruz backers got little or no information from CQ (who is now passing the buck on Twitter). Long time Trump supporters I know were not on the Trump slate. True Cruzers had Kasich next to their names when the ballot downloaded. Politicians were on 4 (what the h___?) slates. The light went on and it was bright.

I am now pushing Trump because it's so obvious the GOPe controlled Saturday. I went on Twitter and started spouting off. I made lots of new Trump friends. However, my good Cruz twitter friends are not happy with me. What they are missing is the GOPe will screw them, also. They were used. But they are not caring, they are gloating.

Even if Trump gets 1237, the GOPe deed was done. Imagine all those politicians and Establishment making deals in Cleveland to screw us all in other ways down the road. Like bacteria in a Petri dish.

There are a group of us in Tempe, split whether we voted for Cruz or Trump, who are hopping mad at the complete disregard for the will of the people on Saturday. We have never supported Graham; we knew he was up to something and sure enough, he pulled it off with the help of cronies.


Thank you Peggy for your honorable response.  Instead of blaming the Trump team for poor management, perhaps those doing that blaming would tell us how they could ever defend against the crooked inputting of data on the so called slates.  I blame the Trump team for every trusting Graham, Ducey, etc.  Graham lied as usual when he said Ian Murray was a Trump supporter.  He is totally Cruz.

Second, why did Graham ever put up slates in the first place?  It's never been done.  Campaigns always do slates and pass them out to their supporters.  Normally, there are several slates floating around. Graham had no right to tell us we could not pass slates and shame on us for trusting him to be fair since he has never shown any tendency to be fair.  Remember he had he good friend from NV as a speaker?  Remember the report on this site about the outrageous fraud that same guy committed in NV against Trump?  Graham thinks we are stupid and sometimes, we are by ever trusting him with anything.  Peggy McClain for AZGOP Chairman 2017!

Well said, by a principled person.  My deepest respect for you Peggy.  This all comes down to the Establishment Elite vs the Will of We the People.  We have the numbers and therefore the power.  Let us come together and USE IT to save this country.

When Satan, dressed all up in satin and lace with lollipops hanging off his golden belt, beckons and says, come, little girl, and I will give you all you desire, the proper action is to turn away and weep.  The wisdom to know when Satan beckons is powerful and hard won.  To gloat brings the wrath of our Almighty God.  I will not wish you good luck.  I will wish you God's protection and grace.

Right now they need a sideswipe from God's left arm.

I started seeing comments on social media about the fraud before the convention ended.  People that I personally know to be honest and straight forward stated they were having or witnessed voting problems and ballot inequities.  We didn't need to have a vote tally to realize early on what was going to happen.  

This issue is a national Repub concerted effort to defraud the voters/caucus members.  It comes from the top establishment down to the  local precincts.  They are scared to death of Trump because he has already exposed them for the charlatans that they are. This genie will not go back in the bottle.

The way to beat them is for Trump to have the 1237 going into the convention.  You can help by going to the Trump campaign and signing up to make calls to the states that have not yet had their PPE's.  The voters can be swayed if they are reached.  Short of going to Indiana, Oregon, New Mexico, California, etc the phone is the next best thing.  If you know people in those states tell them what happened here regardless of how the voters voted.  BOTH camps are being used.  There is plenty of evidence of fraud right here on these pages and is the same story from many states.  It is not that Cruz has a "great ground game" or that Trump doesn't get it -- it is all in the bloody hands of the State Repub parties. Spread the word!!   This is just a microcosm of what will happen at the National Convention if Trump doesn't get the 1237.






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