We always say that Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving!  Well, we can say that about AZGOP, too.  It gives us bloggers a lot of material and it's so obvious what they are up to, we don't have to spend much time doing research, leaving us with plenty of time to go shopping!

So here is what they are up to now:

1.  AZGOP threw out every Resolution they knew would upset their personal apple carts.  Archie Dicksion, who submitted the Proxy Limits Resolution, is spearheading a signature gathering drive to force this Resolution to the floor for a vote.  AZGOP won't be able to get away with ignoring it this time. Archie is armed with knowledge and knows how to use it.  Contact him at 949-233-0009 to show up early to help get the needed signatures on this and two other Resolutions that should be passed.  He REALLY needs volunteers and you don't have to be a SC to help out. 

2.  They stripped Navajo County State Committeemen, Steve Slaton and Karen MacKean of their status as SCs to please Sylvia Allen who sometimes poses as a Senator.  Exactly where in the Bylaws does it give AZGOP the authority to do that?

3. They did the same to Debra Rhodes of Pinal County, with a bit of a twist.  She lives in a county with a total population under 500,000 which exempts them of certain rules.  Rules are like bathroom tissue to Jonathan Lines.  They stripped her name from the ballot as 2nd Chair at Saturday's meeting. Whaaaat?  Here is what she has to say about yet another illegitimate maneuver:

I am Debra Rhodes and I am still running for the 2nd Vice Chair for the AZGOP.  I was told on January 12th, 2018 that I was no longer a state committeeman because I have changed my address which resulted in me being in a different precinct.  But the bylaws clearly state that I cannot remain a state committeeman if I move out of my district or county with populations over 500,000 and for less than 500,000 population the only criteria is not to move out of my county. Read page six of your call packet about vacancies. My name is not on the ballot, so please write me in.
Just to be clear, I lived in Pinal County and still do.  I lived in LD8 and still do.  I made the change of address back in April of 2017 and then just two weeks out from the State Meeting I get this determination.  As a grassroots conservative who stood on the lawn of the Capitol on 9/12/09 when we did the March on DC with almost two million other conservative TEA party followers, we knew our country was in trouble.  I worked hard with the social network of Grassfire Nation at www.resistnet.com and put all my energy into getting people to wake up and realize that our country was under siege.  This new administration in 2009 did not have our best interest in their policies and we knew it.  We worked with every minute that we could give to inform the voters.  This war against America was suppose to come to term with the election of Hillary Clinton.  Fortunately for us, we got enough patriots to wake up and stand up for Donald J. Trump.  Had we not started our fight for conservative values in 2008 and reaching out to other's that we could make a difference we would not be enjoying the presidency of President Donald J. Trump.
So I am staying in the fight to drain the swamp and I will not go quietly into the back ground as I am the voice of the people and I am not afraid to stand up for them.  
Thank you,
Debra Rhodes
Pinal County Trump Chairman
AZRA Chapter WPCC 1st Vice President
AZRA State Director
PCRC Chairman of Lincoln Day Luncheon 2017/2018 and more
4. Our recommendations based on what we know of the tricks and ham-handed methods of the AZGOP (note: we didn't mention crooked, but might have):
For 1st VChair:  Art Olivos, Jr.  He is the only one who won't cave in and "play nice" with the bad decisions
2nd VC: Clearly, Debra Rhodes because AZGOP is worried about her popularity and clear-eyed thinking
3rd VC:  Take a good look at any write-ins on this one.
Asst. Treasurer: Oh, this could be a rousing event.  Word has it that Wes Harris, who was recently busted as having a criminal background with some felonies, civil suits is going to run from the floor.  Van Berry is also going to run from the floor for this position.  He's a combat veteran, has a degree in economics, worked with the Secret Service on the Trump detail (no criminal background),  has worked in the financial industry and the personal security industry.   Our choice: VAN BERRY  (We hear AZGOP will be running a candidate, too.)
Sargeant-at-Arms: no good candidates here so vote for a write-in if there is one
Asst. S-a-A: David Hollenbeck
5.  BYLAWS: There are a very few decent bylaws amendments but if these are passed but the really good ones, the ones that will get AZGOP in line with conservative principles, are defeated, there will not be another Bylaws change for years to come.  Deny the AZGOP from crowing they updated their bylaws!  VOTE NO on all of them and force AZGOP to put together an honest committee to do honest changes and accept suggestions from the PCs and SCs.  JUST SAY NO TO ALL QUESTIONS ON THE BYLWS
OK, all of you State Committeemen, get to the meeting and take back the AZGOP; make the AZGOP great again (it's been many, many years since it was even good!)

COMENTS ARE CLOSE FOR THIS ARTICLE.  PLEASE GO TO https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/all-things-conservati... TO ADD MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE AZGOP MANDATORY MEETING.

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I just thought about the fighting we all do those of us tea party types that are smarter than the rest. We were in charge now were not because we were too vocal lets shut our mouths and get our people in charge again

Russell Sias. La Paz County Chairman


An update:

Several phone calls yesterday. As a result, I discovered that Matt Kenny, supported by a “none-of-his-business” parliamentarian, the party attorney, and possibly others of the cabal, have decided that there is perhaps as many as three violations of ARS codes in my bylaws proposal. Therefore, they decided that we, as a body, could not see the bylaws proposal, and so it would not be part of our call letter (as required by our current bylaws) for what is supposed to be OUR meeting tomorrow.

Now, if the cabal had included this bylaw proposal in the call letter, and then in an ensuing report and/or debate, discussion about them by us all expressed their opinion, I would have no problem with their issues. We could have heard from the attorney or perhaps our none-of-his-business parliamentarian about the legality of these supposed “violations” of ARS codes he claims. We might have even had the opportunity to accept or reject, or perhaps, as a body, to even strike or amend those issues that apparently have been identified by this none-of-his-business parliamentarian.

Why do I identify our parliamentarian as a none-of-his-business parliamentarian? Because he is participating in something that is actually none of his business, at least not at the point of whether the submission was done properly or should be included in the the secretary’s call letter. The submission absolutely was done exactly according to our bylaws. Had he, and others, like Matt Kenny and our attorney, according to the phone calls I was involved in, had followed our bylaw submission rules, my bylaw proposal would have been included in your call letter.

If, in our meeting tomorrow, they wanted to object to the proposed changes, fine. BUT, we, as a body, are not going to be given the opportunity to even consider them. Tomorrow is the time to decide whether you think this party is ours – or theirs. It is time to reclaim or cancel it. If it is theirs, frankly, I would vote to cancel it.

One more thing, printing bylaw suggestions or resolutions in a miniature, unreadable sized font, should be beneath even those whom manipulate our party!

Make no mistake. Tomorrow is the day we either reclaim our party, or turn it over to the cabal. Your choice. I have made my best effort to return control of our party to the registered Republicans in our state. Now, it’s your turn. What you decide tomorrow is up to you.

Editor's Note: There are violations of the ARS in their proposed  bylaws.  That is only one reason we are recommending a NO vote on ALL Bylaws. They must go back to the drawing board and re-do the Bylaws as a fair and adequate document to serve the preservation or in this case, the restoration of the organization, not a few at the top.

If anyone has any specific ideas that we can use tomorrow to reclaim our party, in addition to those noted here by AFA, please list them and make sure they are added to Voting Guides we can hand out tomorrow.

My bylaw proposal is posted at


if anyone can figure out a way to bring them into the meeting.  I consider them our best and perhaps last hope of restoring OUR party to the people.

Oh, about the bylaws committee.  They were created to further manipulate the members of the party, OUR party, AWAY from an actual voice in the party.  Just vote NO on all of them.  (They actually were created, under a confidentially agreement no less) by a bogus committee in clear violation of an existing, spelled out bylaw process.

Are you going to bring multiple copies of the list  to the meeting and hand them out?  If anyone else prints out Russel's Bylaws proposal, make sure to print in Landscape. 

Let me add that Russell's proposal provides a nice side-by-side comparison of the existing Bylaws and his recommended version.  So, if the Presider and others talk about the Bylaws, we can see just what they are.

They are there, also not in a side-by-side format.  Just saying....

You have to print his doc in a landscape format.  The first time I printed it out in portrait, and it was a mess.

Again, people proficient in both the law and bylaws have looked over the bylaw amendments and there are amendments that look OK to most of us.  But when it comes to Bylaws or legal documents, a single word that looks innocent or is omitted can change what we think it says.  Our take is that there are several amendments presented where that is the case.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that ALL bylaws get a NO vote and a new committee be formed, hopefully a more honorable one, and this process be started anew.  Some of these amendments deprive PCs of their rights but it is not clear to most people in the language used.  Russell was very involved in this process even though the committee did everything possible to exclude him and others.  Honest people don't do that.  NO to all Bylaws amendments is the only way to go.

I concur wholeheartedly with voting NO on all bylaws. I believe it is the only way to retain, for conservatives, any influence at all in this party. The easiest way to do that is to vote to prevent any vote at all on any bylaw. One vote would block all.

I see that I missed a lot of content in this thread while I was working on my initial Reply to Jaspersgoat!

Okay.  I think I've got it!  NO, to the consent calendar without wasting time to break any of the changes out for individual argument and votes!!!!!!!

Thank you All for the added information and clarifications!  I absolutely concur that there are several proposed Bylaw changes that are NOT as innocuous as they may seem at the first reading!

I think my thought regarding challenging the entire proceeding for not effecting notice to all SCs is a valid one, and should be implemented, regardless how they handle it.  At least we would have the challenge and their response on-the-record!

Who knows? Tomorrow may The Day we take-back OUR Party—I am reminded once-again:  God's Timing is Impeccable!





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