AZGOP "Party of Inclusion" Exposed As RINO Party of Exclusion (Once Again)

Today's AZGOP Daily Update portrays a triggered and "horrified" AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines. Lines' rhetoric reeks of pretentious "virtue signaling"—the projection of an ethical and moral (and, here, political) superiority complexexposing his sheer ignorance, arrogance, and habitual hypocrisy.

This article covers one of the most remarkable and bizarre passages in his "holier-than-thou" rant (see the underlined passage quoting AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines below):

Jonathan Lines:

"I’ve been horrified to see some of the fringe blogs and social media posts, written by individuals who claim to be speaking for Republicans or our party. Last week, members of a religious faith came under attack. Just yesterday, a leading Trump supporter in Arizona was targeted simply because of where she was born. These insidious attacks, against some of President Trump’s strongest supporters, are disgusting and must be condemned without hesitation. So that is what I’m doing.

"If you, like me, believe in a strong, vibrant, inclusive GOP, then welcome aboard! I hope you’ll come in to volunteer, become a PC if you aren’t already, and help our outstanding ticket of Republican candidates in November.

"But let me be clear: there is no place for bigotry or division within our party. Whether in an anonymous facebook post, or a daily blog that relies on anonymous quotes and fake news, we reject it. I know that the President rejects it. If you traffic in bigotry against a religion, a race, or a group of people based on where they are from, you are not going to have a place in this party, as long as I am here.

"And I’m not going anywhere.

Chairman Lines"

Now how about that.

Where to start?

As Jonathan Lines sees it:

- In America, of all places, Americans, registered as Republicans, being so bold as to exercise their freedom of speech, posting their impressions of Republican politics in Arizona, "claim to be speaking for Republicans or our party?"

- And, about that "our party" bit... so, now, one "alt-version" of the Republican party (see RINOs below) gets to call the party "it's party" (as in, the RINOs get to call the party "their party)?" Therefore, so the story goes, if the rest of us are other-than-RINOsif the rest of us are, actually, real Republicans, conforming to the Republican Platformit's not our party (too... anymore)?

- A popular Republican political blog is now a "fringe" Republican platform, but a misguided AZGOP Daily Update is "the only official" Republican platform?

- After a Republican Precinct Committeewoman (PC) calls attention to and identifies herself as being foreign-born (in her own official promotion for her candidacy running for a position within the Republican party), if someone reports on it (repeating it, verbatim, as the matter of fact it is), then she "was targeted simply because of where she was born?"

- This Republican PC candidate may refer to herself as foreign-born, but if someone refers to her using her own words, it's "an insidious attack that's disgusting and must be condemned without hesitation?" For the record, she's the one who brought up the matter of where she's from in the first place. A reporter, in a subsequent report, only—imagine this—reported it.

- Following the above "logic" (for the record: it's a misguided form of logic, really), objective reporting is "fake news," driven by "bigotry and division?"

- There's more: "[Jonathan Lines] know[s] (says) that the President rejects [this form of objective reporting]?" 

- One more thing, and you'd better get this straight, those of you out there who think you're Republicans—never mind your official Republican party voter registration as per Arizona state statute—as Jonathan Lines says, or "warns" you: if you fail to conform to the above AZGOP doublespeak groupthink, "you are not going to have a place in this party, as long as [Jonathan Lines is] here."

It's plain—and painful—to see Jonathan Lines for the embarrassment he represents to the AZGOP (we'll respectfully avoid referring to it as "our AZGOP"):  Jonathan misunderstands, mischaracterizes, and misrepresents fellow Republicans ("bearing false witness?"). Using the AZGOP Daily Update as his platform to project his negativity among these same fellow Republicans makes him all the more an embarrassment to the party.

Let's ask this Republican PC directly, and see what she says for herself. Is she seeing herself as being "targeted simply because of where she was born," and is she seeing it as "an insidious attack that's disgusting and must be condemned without hesitation?"

Let's also ask if this is more a matter of AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines in his AZGOP Daily Update subjecting her to irresponsible political exploitation (a fancy phrase for "fake news").

As it goes for Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) and Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP) politics and elections, both within the party and within county and state offices, we all realize where someone is from is besides the point. We remember Martin Luther King's saying about what really matters being "the content of your character." For Republicans, what matters most is that any and every Republican must stand for the Republican Platform, upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution first. (It should be what matters, anyway.)

We see what's really going on here:

The so-called "inclusiveness" Jonathan Lines promotes is actually more about being inclusive of—adding—all the more RINOs to the party; or, as he calls it, "[their] party." 

Republican In Name Only (RINO):
Registered Republicans who fail to believe in and stand up for the Republican Platform

In the present AZGOP and MCRC administrations, although they sometimes get some things right, it's plain to see that for the most part they're being run by an establishment comprised of RINOs. Again, it's a numbers game, and they've got the numbers. For now.

What matters most to the AZGOP and MCRC establishment is if someone is a RINO or not.  As the RINOs—essentially, fake Republicans—see it, but will never openly admit, RINO "inclusiveness" excludes real Republicans: those Republicans ourselves and among us who may be so bold as to actually believe in, commit to, and stand up for the Republican Platform. After all, as any real Republican sees it, it's just a matter of being a responsible Republican. If a Republican is even bolder, say a real patriotic American for America 1st and the Rule of Law—a constitutional conservative upholding and defending the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights—RINOs see this as "fringe... extreme... [these people] (real Republicans) having no place in the [Republican] party (aka the RINOs' party)."

If you're reading this and you're a REAL REPUBLICAN
(a U.S. Citizen, no matter where you're born, no matter where you're from):
Good for you, keep up the good work, and we look forward to working with you.

The RINO Swamps (both in D.C. and in Arizona) are getting drained as you read this (for the record: it began on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, 2016).

If you're more of a MODERATE REPUBLICAN:
Maintain as objective a perspective as possible, keeping an open mind to seeing real Republicans for the good and patriotic Americans they really are, and for real Republicans being strong believers in "MAGA," through and through: both what it means and what it takes to "Make America Great Again." Remember: President Donald J. Trump showed Republicans and Americans (and the world) how to run as a Republican and win as a Republican.

Likewise, moderate Republicans, be careful going too far in taking any RINO too seriously or taking any RINO at their word. They're "the (not-so) great pretenders." Although it may be a matter of stating the obvious, it's important to point out: it's just too hard for RINOs to be real Republicans. Rather than joining Democrats (to be fair, RINOs get props for that), they keep trying to take over—and, in a way, take down—the Republican party. Remember: it's a numbers game. The RINOs keep trying to transform the Republican party into being something made in their own RINO image: the RINO party.

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Drain the swamp

I am a real Republican which prevents me from being a member of the two party tyranny supported both by the Republican and Democrat parties, As my late friend and mentor Governor Mecham often said: "the Constitution says what it means, means what it says, and isn't difficult to interpret if viewed in the eyes of its creators."

Thirty Republican governors alleged in 1994 that "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated Rights guaranteed the people."  The truth of their allegation is self-evident!! Yet, RINOS like Lines, McCain, Flake, and every elected official I know of, regardless of party affiliation, have ignored the governor's allegation and their pledge "to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution...." 

 I suggest it is time every true REPUBLICAN abandon Lines and the RINO party and begin supporting  one that recognizes  the need for returning to the principles and procedures cited in our founding documents.  As my friend Bob Worn said: "One Can Ignore Reality,,,, But One Cannot ignore The Consequences of Ignoring Reality"   America's  problem is that too many people have ignored the importance of James 4:17 and refused to honor the passage by doing what is right. Real Republicans continue to pretend there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Republican Party while history has shown the light to be an oncoming train. I pray there will soon be a consolidation of the minor parties that will result in the formation of a movement focused on pursuing the pledge of the 30 governors and restoring the rule of law in what has become a lawless nation so far as politicians are concerned. 

Lines falls right in line with the Motus Operandi of ... "I'm here from the Government and I'm here to help".

If we, as a long established party of conservatism has any gonads,  then ALL progressives and ALL statists should be thrown out to the curb and flush down the drain with the water of Liberty & Freedom from government enslavement. Chaos is what the Cloward-Piven Strategy is all about ... the dumb ... and the dumber.

YES! (virtual fist bump) This is the TRUE STORY of the current state of the AZGOP. Worse now than ever before except that R. Graham put us on the road to this garbage when Randy Pullen got him elected Chairman of AZGOP.  OUT with all you swamp dwellers.  We want our party back, the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Trump.

I stole this from the top of AFA's Watching the GOP main page. Says it all:


"But let me be clear: there is no place for bigotry or division within our party."

That is an amazingly hypocritical statement considering Jonathan Lines' actions when replacing duly elected and appointed State Committeemen with his crony RINO loyalists (all of which in one county I know of were Mormons) and many of whom didn't even run to be State Committeemen in their respective County or LD.

In view of these facts which can be proven, one can only draw the following conclusion: either Mormons like Muslims have no problem with lying to those not of their faith OR Jonathan Lines isn't a good Mormon!

One thing for sure is that he isn't a good leader even though a polished liar!

Jonathan Lines is a shady and corrupt individual...along with Sylvia Allen...we, as the Official Navajo County Republican Committee, have been asking Mr. Lines to produce and turn over his financial records, and he still hasn't! This has been almost a year. There is thousands of dollars unaccounted for. And Mrs. Allen stands behind this!! We need him and Mrs. Allen removed asap!! It's all a front. They are very dishonest and will do anything to cover up what is really going on. And are using their name and power to bully the real Republican Committee and people! Please wake up everyone! They are wolves in sheep's clothing!

Why dosen't Chairman Lines state which religious group was under attack and where this Trump supporter was born? People are not vetted in social media. Anyone can  post and say they are a Republican.  Instead, Lines attacks the people in his own party .  I suggest he look at social media to see what Conservative Republicans are called when  not in support of McSally.  The war on Conservatives has  traveled from Alabama to Arizona. The GOP has already made its decision to endorse McSally by the invite put out to see her announce her candidacy on the steps of the Yavapai Court house. McSally is against the wall and votes mostly with the Democrats.  We can thank the AZ GOP for turning the state blue from its current state of purple 


Myrna, you have perfectly pegged Lines. He's an embarrassment to the Republican party of yore. But we need to watch to see what Trump does. Word is that he will endorse McSally. I say, stay out of our elections.  states rights to elect those we want.

I would guess that our President will listen to Senator Mitch McConnell . Unfortunately, he is responsible for the Republicans losing the Alabama seat to a Democrat.  RINOS would prefer a Democrat to a Republican Conservative.  If we look at a local election here in AZ, the once Republican stronghold seems to be struggling to stay that way.    Our President is getting bad advice as all his loyalists were asked to leave his administration Reply



I'm not sure who got the idea of having McSally come to Prescott.  The woman never responded to the Yavapai County Executive Committee when invited to be a guest speaker at their Veteran's Day Dinner in October, despite several attempts to reach her. And we send out her flyer for this event! Unbelievable! What kind of a Senator are we looking for? One that doesn't respond to her hopeful constituents? No way, No how!

During my effort to organize the removal of Chairman Jonathan Lines, it became clear to me that the definition of RINO literally means NOT a Republican. If the truth be known, I don't believe many of them even THINK they are real Republicans. I have become convinced that non-Republicans have registered as Republicans, become active as Republicans, and gained power in the state party, for one specific purpose--to destroy the party from within. 

If you doubt the veracity of that statement, you need only to review the patterns of behavior that we have seen FOR YEARS. All the things the RINOs in our party do are things that hurt the party, disenfranchise conservatives, hog power, ignore the bylaws. Give me a break. All over the country, people are posing as Republicans, and they are on a mission to destroy the entire Republican party from within. 

In that context, I have come to believe that an endgame is planned for the state Mandatory meeting. I believe bylaws changes will be shoved through, voted in, whether we want them or not, and the essence of those changes will be to complete the disenfranchisement of conservatives in the AZGOP. 

At that point, it will be time for conservatives to start thinking differently than we have, heretofore. Without clearly seeing it, we have been playing a losing game, because we could not imagine that what was going on in our party was actually going on. We believe too much that all other people are as civilized as we are, as polite, as fairminded, as live-and-let-live in their attitudes. They. Are. Not.  This is what they call a zero-sum game, which means someone wins totally, and somebody else loses. 

Reagan had a much better way of saying that, and I think we should all embrace his view. He said, "We win. They lose."





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