BREAKING: Paul Ryan Had A Secret Meeting An Hour After He Killed The Healthcare Bill

[Editor: Doesn't Ryan look a little nervous? We realize this has not been confirmed but knowing Ryan and his "won't ever support Trump" position, we will leave it to you to decide.]

By Stryker  /  Last Line of Defense

Speaker of the House and total sellout Paul Ryan was photographed yesterday, just one hour after announcing to the world that the GOP health care bill was dead in the water, rushing to a secret meeting in a residential neighborhood of Washington DC. A reporter for the Washington Examiner heard on a secured channel that Ryan had broken away from his security detail and managed to follow him and take the above photograph of him exiting the vehicle.

Editor’s Note: While this is almost impossible to confirm and could very well be fake news right, there is always that moment where anything in Washington DC is possible…. 

The men he is with aren’t his Secret Service detail. They are the driver and lead agent for former President Barack Obama. Examiner reporter Walter Lyons stayed on scene long enough to see Ryan leave approximately an hour later. He told a colleague at the Federalist Papers:

“He was full of smiles. It was as if he had just accomplished a mission that he had been working on for months.”

It would appear that Ryan has been working with Obama’s Deep State shadow government all along. Whether he was promised the White House after a plan to overthrow President trump or a percentage of the millions per month Obama makes from Obamacare royalties, Paul Ryan is a traitor to America.

Spread this far and wide and see that the truth gets out. It’s our duty as Americans. You know the mainstream media will pretend this either didn’t happen or spin it into something “good” for Republicans.

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Oh what a tangled web he weaves & my hope is it gets him!! Still can't understand why he is still in the position he is in!!!

I know, keep your enemies close but isn't this a bit too close?  Just sayin'!

I think he is small potatoes next to Trump. <g>


Isn't that repeating yourself??? LOL

I was being redundundant.

In the middle of the article in bright RED it says:

Editor’s Note: While this is almost impossible to confirm and could very well be fake news right, there is always that moment where anything in Washington DC is possible….

This is fake news.  Didn't happen.

Yes, thanks to Editor we were twice warned. BUT... none of us really know if this happened or not. Including you, Joanne, unless you spend your time following Ryan around.  It is just the kind of thing that would be done by Ryan. It's in his duplicitous nature. Notice he never ran that health care bill from two years earlier that everyone republican voted for it knowing BO would reject it. All for show.  NONE OF THEM want to get rid of obamacare and we all know it.

I had similar thoughts and wanted to ask Joanne what her source of certainty was? 

As far as Ryan is concerned, he's one of those wearing a Republican mask while gently pushing and/or supporting the left wing agenda.  Fortunately, many of them have now exposed themselves to a great degree and we have learned what to expect from them.  Others, however, may have learned to act and speak more carefully, yet still supporting the left "carefully".  People in politics can often be very clever for a long while.

I'm still waiting to hear directly from Trump what kind of effort he would like to see and support in the way of health care.  Ever since FDR, the nation has come to EXPECT health care and babying by the government.  Getting those folks to rely more on themselves will take time, especially witn a younger generation.

And, speaking of Trump, and more than a little off topic, I got a big smile from the following humour:


 During a Trump campaign stop, a heckler from the audience hollered, "Hey Trump, where are you hiding your tax returns?

The Donald politely responded, "I've found a very secure place that I'm certain they won't be found."

 The insistent heckler, then shouted, "And just where is that, dummy"?

The Donald smiled and said, "They are underneath Obama's college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.

 "What's your next question?"

Hey, Eric, great one!  I've heard that and I hope that really happened (speaking of fake news) because it's just the thing he would think to do.  About Ryan, he is either guilty as charged, has thought about doing this, has set in motion for others to do it or it's in the works. It's clear to me, this guy gets too big a payoff to want to get rid of Obamacare. It's why he has always been against Trump and viciously so.

When those that "know all about the health insurance" tell us that they WON'T be part of it ... it is the reason to be suspicious of anything that they present to the citizenry about it.

Get Government out of the dictatorial business of "Father Knows Best".

Bingo, John. Gov has no business in running commerce activities. Now the citizenry is so used to suckling at the teat of gov it's going to be very hard to wean them off that addiction.

At the rate the national debt is progressing, they'll have to do something sooner or later in the way of reducing things.  Or go bust!  My bet is they begin reducing benefits for the younger set.





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