[Editor: Let's be perfectly clear here: the PCs in every district are the ones who ELECT their boards.  These boards stay in place unless removed according to the Bylaws.  PCs cannot group up and stampede the sitting board because they don't like the Chairman or the Secretary or the entire board.  There is a process for removal and it was NOT followed in Navajo County.  Sylvia Allen and Jonathan Lines have usurped the authority of the sitting Board of the Navajo County Republican Committee for only one reason: that board favored the RECALL OF AZGOP CHAIRMAN JONATHAN LINES and Allen didn't.  She gets to have her opinion but she DOES NOT GET TO HAVE THE ENTIRETY of the NCRC.  Of all the shameless activities we have seen from Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines for the past five years, this takes the cake.  If they get away with this, every district is in peril of having Lines or future Chairmen do the same to YOUR district.  STAND UP, DISTRICT CHAIRS.  Show some backbone.  It doesn't matter whether you were for or against the election of Lines or the recall of him.  This goes well beyond that issue.  This goes to TYRANNY.  It sets a precedent and if you stand for this, the Republican party in Arizona is no better than the democrats - are worse - and no better than any third world dictatorship.]

We challenge the statement by Chairman Lines and AZGOP General Council, recognizing the new NCRC leadership: 

Let’s get this cleared up once and for all:   because the AZGOP, their lawyers (McCAIN) and Sylvia Allen have decided (emphasis added) that the illegal meeting that was held to remove the existing NCRC officers …..  was indeed, legal.     

The NCRC Bylaws were clearly violated in this meeting Call and continue to be, no matter what their conclusion is.  We have stated many times, and put in writing, a copy of the Bylaws [what] the meeting procedures [are] that the committee MUST follow.   That includes the AZGOP and its Chairman and Executive Committee.  

Because the AZGOP and Chairman Lines have refused to hand over records to the duly elected secretary and treasurer, since January 2017, and have gotten away with it because the AZGOP members have not stood up and demanded (emphasis added) the AZGOP committee follow the law, they’ve clearly been given a mandate to do whatever it is they deem necessary to achieve their goal and that is to purge the party of all conservative gop members.  After all, we are not McCain supporters. [Get rid of Trump by any means necessary - same tactic.]

We will continue this fight on the principle of the rule of law…. that no man is above the law, certainly not Chairman Lines, a puppet of McCain and his council, the real power behind the AZGOP, who have withdrawn their financial support due to the recent recall effort to remove Lines.  

This is as corrupt a committee as you’ll ever encounter, so who would, in their right mind, want to be a part of it other than supporting our President, who truly encompasses our passion for American values and is willing to fight for us all.   We will do the same here in Navajo county.    




[Well, District Chairs, what are you going to do about this? Those who turn their heads away are no better than Lines and Allen.  If you need Chairman Slaton's contact information, please email us using the Contact Us tab.]

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Folks we are talking Apples and Oranges in this discussion.  The NCRC is not a district - it on=e of 15 county republican committees.  Bylaws are separate from the state party but are required to b e in compliance with the state bylaws.

A focus needs to be on restoring the Navajo County Republican Party to the right full elected county executive committee members.  The AZGOP mandatory meeting will have a separate set of rules (may not comply with the state by-laws) from the rules committee.  I find the inside info from Marianne that the threshold probably will be put to a vote raising the 25 5 to a 50% level of petition signatures.  I also expect the state bylaw committee to make a change to define permanent records as only the minutes.

But we need to focus on the NCRC bylaws and the illegal process.  We need clarification on the NCRC bylaws and the call letter issued by the Allen co-opts. It is a great idea for us as state committeemen/women to stand and demand Lines resign.  IT ain't going to happen as the parliamentarian will rule it out of order.

Another problem is if the NCRC bylaws require a special meeting and it can be done and restate Slaton, et. al, - Lines, will not recognize them.  We do not have the facts as to how Steve and Karen can be restored to their offices.





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