Bruce M Piepho Cochise County PC/SC: Some thoughts on unity that we Republicans need to win in 2018.
Voters in Arizona must be the ones who decide our party nominatees. The democrat POTUS disaster of 2016 serves as a reminder of what happens when a few people in a back room rig a nomination. Republicans in the state party have been guilty of this mistake in the past. My hope is the RNC will never allow that to happen.
The DNC helped lose the 2016 elections. THE DNC did not support the democrat state parties pulling support money from the states into the DNC. The old expression follow the money and you find the results. Money = Power = Control could be the elites slogan. The Trump populace support is being ignored by the Republican elites. Disaster is reflected in the recent Virginia state elections. So what is wrong in Arizona?
INTEGRITY LOST =The Arizona Republican Party leadership has ruined whatever integrity it had prior to 2010 mainly by the past Chairman antics in getting involved where he did not belong. The experience must be dismissed. The 2017 statutory elections and state convention were suspect.
Some in Maricopa county suspected the vote electing Chairman Lines. Appearinga at the AZGOP HQ, they were denied access and then at a later date were allowed to review the records within an impossible time limit. Also the restriciton of the newly elected AZGOP Secretary errodes trust and with out trust INTEGRITY is lost.
The LD14 PCs passed a resolution calling for paper documented elections in AZGOP elections. See attached passed in Pima LDs, LD14 and Cochise County Republican Committee.

The AZGOP elections resolution should be adopted across the state and presented to Chair Lines for adoption to build trust. I sent the elections resolution to Slaton in Navajo county. He replied his county committee would pass it at their next meeting. So I have sent the elections resolution to the entire list of county/LD officers that I have. The purpose is to get election reform on the 2018 mandatory meeting agenda. I hope Chair Lines can resolve problems that fractured the AZGOP integrity by the previous chairman and beginning re-building lost trust. A paper trail election vote would be a good first step.

The integrity issue is a difficult one to heal. Elections reform would go help to restore PC confidence in AZGOP integrity. Use of information technology with separation protections from hacking and audit paper trail has been implemented in Cochise County. Party elections - good source of how; Cochise County new technology, ask former state Representative David Stevens current Cochise county recorder.

By-law changes are another integrity and trust issue especially to restrict proxy usage to two proxies per person holding at a meeting. Another communication will address proxies.

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