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I don’t live in Yuma, but I feel honor bound to comment on Dr. Connie Uribe, a candidate for Yuma County Republican Chairman.

Connie is a skilled physician, a no-nonsense / common-sense thinker, a bona fide longtime grassroots conservative, and a person of conscience and courage. Her ethics stand sky high, above the venality we’ve so often seen in our state party politics.

As we all must know in spades, by now, it really does matter who serves as county chair. I personally know that Connie Uribe will be a forthright and energetic county chair who actively wants to do right, and will do right. Her clarion voice at the executive committee meetings will throw a welcome beam of cleansing sunlight onto that slip-slidey rubberstamp affair, which I personally witnessed, with dismay, last February.

Under the current leadership, registrations are down, as conservative voters all over Arizona have become so demoralized with the state of our party that many are becoming independents. Our party is also losing pcs statewide!

Connie has vowed to reverse that trend in Yuma County, and she is one person who will do it! Losing pcs is a very important problem that the current leadership seems to have….well, “overlooked,” shall we say.

Connie, on the other hand, has an attribute that is in short supply, these days: Connie is a woman of her word.

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Arizona Freedom Alliance adds our support for Dr. Connie Uribe to become the next Yuma County Central Republican Committee Chairman.  If there is anything this state needs, it is a clean sweep of ALL the McCain sycophants in leadership positions and this is a great place to start!  We reported on the decline in precinct committeemen in Yuma under the "leadership" of Jonathan Lines.

Too many of the PCs there now are related to Lines, giving new meaning to "rubberstamp."  We urge all OTHER PCs in that district to support and round up votes for Uribe!  Let the cleansing begin here.

These are trying times!!  Mostly it is the power hungry who wish to feed at the taxpayers expense who stay motivated.  Patriots fires die out from a thousand little back stabbings by establishment type so called Republicans!!

WE Need lots more Connie types which will enable us to recruit and keep active more PCs

The Dark State controls Senator McCain, and McCain and his co-conspirators are not interested in Making America Great Again. They are interested in power only. This runs down through the Cronies who run the Republican Party in the State. Our Representatives in Congress have not really done much to shut down the destruction of the party in Arizona. They go to Washington, but they turn their backs on what is really going on in their home State.This goes on in all of the 50 states. If the 5 Congressmen in AZ. would hold a press conference tomorrow, and denounce what is happening against Trump, and stand with him, and get off the silence game, then they would never have to raise money again to get re-elected. People would support them. On another subject, there will be major revelations in the future from the administration, and many members of Congress from both parties are going to be indicted. Criminal Charges will be directed on many people who Americans thought were real respectable. The Pedophilia Rings, Sedition, Bribery and Money Laundering are going to be the charges of major investigations coming down the pike. The Dark State blackmails most of the Congressmen in Washington DC over time. They tell them how to vote, and how not to vote. Look at the voting, and why are their no AZ Reps or Senators supporting Trump with interviews with the media. You only see Senator McCain badmouthing Trump. Maybe the Russians will release the audio broadcasts of Sedition in the Hanoi Hilton down the road. I have heard one tape recording so far, Guilty! But we have more serious business to work on. God Bless the Patriots in Arizona who want to make it better. Unfortunately, several of them went to work in DC, and we need them back here.  Don't believe me? Watch what happens in the near future. Go Dr. Uribe! Hosea 4:6


A solid source for AFA told us that Rep David Schweikert admitted that they are all laying low because........

wait for it......

they are afraid of the media!  Apparently, they are NOT afraid of their constituents voting them out.  To vote out those who will not support Trump 100% means finding someone winnable to run against them. But no rational person wants to live in the swamp of DC even part time!

This is a heartwarming post from AFA and the support is greatly appreciated. It's interesting to note the Yuma County Central Committee has not seen hide nor hair of Chairman Lines since he was raised to the State leadership level, even though he swore he would be able to handle both positions and ensured his re-election before January.

I was nominated at a meeting in March. For some unknown reason, election of the new Chair did not take place in April as originally planned. Of course, time was needed to find someone to run against me. My major opponent is former House Representative Russ Jones (LD13) who hasn't been attending meetings since losing out to Darin Mitchell three elections ago. In 2014 Jones created a PAC and funded Democratic candidates opposing conservative Republicans in south Yuma County. I know we're not supposed to speak ill of another Republican, but when we openly endorse or support Democrats when we have Republicans running for office, isn't that the same as openly criticizing those Republicans?

No one held accountable those PCs who endorsed my Democrat opponent in the last election. No one held Jones accountable for forming his PAC. No one is holding McCain and Flake accountable for their criticisms of President Trump.

Our focus needs to be on educating our own, especially those lost souls intent on maintaining the status quo, those who are more afraid of losing their positions than losing their freedom, and those who believe it's more important to refrain from offending people than to protect their liberties. We will show the new Independents and the dissatisfied they don't need to leave the GOP just because others have abandoned GOP conservative values.



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