James Spackman, President of Mingus Mountain Republican Club President James 
Spackman to AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines: 
I am writing to ask for your help. We at the Mingus Mountain Republican Club in Cottonwood want action to be taken to restrain our two rogue Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. They no longer represent us. They speak against President Trump, and take action against his agenda to take our country back. The media needs to be informed by you or someone in authority that both McCain and Flake do not speak for us. They are no longer working for or with us. To them, we appear to be deplorables. First, Senator Flake spends most all of his time speaking against President Trump. He gets free network exposure doing this. He doesn’t approve of the wall or immigration controls. He agrees more with the Democrats than the Republicans. Although he is not running again he appears to want to tear down the country and our President as he goes. Second, Senator McCain is also working against us, and is ineffective in supporting Republican bills. He often speaks and votes against Republican sponsored bills, and now he cannot vote because he is not well enough to be in D.C. We are sorry he is battling for his health, but the fact is that he cannot vote if he too sick to be in D.C. We are sending this letter to all Republican Clubs to let them know we are tired of being used by Senators who don’t vote the way they promised. Why should we support them and vote for them when their actions are different than their promises? We want our GOP to make this known to the media and our Senators, McCain and Flake. What will you do? And when? We trust that you will gather a response to this request from our Republican brothers and sisters in Arizona. We are anxious to hear your response—Let’s do something!! Contact: jbgenisus@aol.com Editor’s Note: 100% of the Mingus Mountain Club voted to send this letter to Ducey. They have received no answer at post time. - ft

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I commend all the members of Mingus Mtn Republican Club for this forthright calling out of the chairman of our state party. He has not seen fit to stand up for the principles of our party in the face of egregious, unfathomable, and thoroughly outrageous behavior on the part of BOTH our senators, Flake and McCain. 

Mingus Mountain has boldly called our attention to the fact that we are a state that has a majority of Republican voters, a Republican majority in its state legislature, and TWO Republicans representing us in the Senate, in Washington--and yet those two senators that we elected cannot see fit to properly represent the people of this state. And the chairman of our state party cannot see fit to reprimand them for it. This is  a gross negligence on the part of both our senators and our state chairman. They are all fully deserving of being called out by every conscientious Republican. 

Let it not be lost on any AZ conservative that our Republican Party of Arizona is not representing us properly. Not the leadership of the state party. Not our two senators who get 6-year terms to trash our values and principles. Not our Republican majority in the state legislature, which we have just learned seems to be in the process of burying HB 2012--the bill that Archie Dicksion worked for a full year to bring to that body for a vote to cut proxies down to two. 

Mingus Mountain has the right idea. McCain and Flake need to hear from all of us. Chairman Lines needs to hear from all of us. Most of all, right this minute, the members of the House Rules Committee need to hear from all of us that if they kill HB2012 in committee, they will be going on record as supporters of a state party system that invites cheating and other forms of corruption. The names of all on that committee who do not stand up for this bill and get it through, will be names we need to remember, come the next election. 

As a staunch Constitutional Conservative and lifelong patriot I want to give a "hats off" to Mr Spackman and the Mingus Mt. Republican Club.

Thank you, Mingus Mountain Republican Club!  It is truly inspiring to see 100% of your membership ACTING by calling-out the AZGOP chairman to ACT for our party, our state and our nation; in the name of our God-given Republican form of government against the disgraceful conduct of two men who have repeatedly deceived and betrayed We, the People of the Great State of Arizona!

Will he ACT?  Maybe?—If not, that doesn't mean we just throw-in-the-towel and sit-by, letting "Senators" McCain and Flake root in the globalist sty, along with their Fellow-RINOS, without letting our righteous indignation engulf them all—

RINOs deceive and betray because they know the words to speak that cloak their true nature and globalist agenda.  It is long-past time for True "Constitutional" Republicans to call jackals in patriot clothing what they are! ravening predators ravaging our party, state and nation—but, the two men ensconced in our senate seats are not alone in betrayal and deceit. . . .

Chairman Lines, will you respond to our Fellow-Republicans of Mingus Mountain as a "Constitutional" Republican and ACT in the name of We, the Members of the AZGOP, to castigate "Senators" McCain and Flake with the harshest means possible?

Or, will you ignore the well-reasoned, logically-sound indictment and appeal, and continue protecting them from the party with whom they have declared enmity?

You would do well to choose wisely, Chairman Lines!  The rumbling thunder you hear resounding from Mingus Mountain is only the latest manifestation of the Dynamic Force gathering We, the Constitutional Republicans of Arizona, on Eagles' Wings!





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