[Editor:  Immediately after Trump clinched the nomination number, high placed members of the Republican Party community predicted Cruz delegates, who had been elected through seriously questionable electronic voting where even the so-called Trump slate was stacked with Cruz delegates, would jump ship.  After all, paying $5,000 to spend six days in Cleveland in mid-summer is a pretty high price to pay to vote for a man you loathe.  And Cruz supporters loathe Donald J Trump!  Some, more than they ever loathed Obama.  Go figure!  

Most everyone in attendance at the Republican State Convention knew that there was a tremendous amount of shenanigans going on behind the scenes.  In fact, a certified Parliamentarian who attended the meeting as a private citizen told AFA that the entire meeting was a scam from a Parliamentarian perspective.  That's probably why AZGOP Chair Robert Graham made a point of saying the parliamentarian he hired to conduct the meeting was NOT there as a Parliamentarian but as his facilitator for the meeting.  The Parliamentarian used by Graham at the AZGOP meeting in January, we are told by reliable sources, is under investigation by the National Association of Parliamentarians for his antics at that meeting.  "Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive."}

Two of Arizona’s delegates to the Republican National Convention resigned their positions, saying they refused to go to Cleveland to vote for Donald Trump.

And a handful of others were elected as delegates at a fractious Arizona Republican Party convention, only to step down after determining that they just had other things to do that week.

Nine of the 58 Arizona delegates to the July 18-21 GOP convention in Cleveland have resigned, including some of Arizona’s top elected officials.

Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, state Treasurer Jeff DeWit and Secretary of State Michele Reagan have all stepped aside, as has former California Congressman Frank Riggs, former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, Yuma Republican Paul Marchant and Phyllis Ritter, a delegate elected from the 1st Congressional District. Zuhdi Jasser, a doctor and Muslim reform advocate, resigned after learning that he’d be bumped up from an alternate to a voting delegate.

DeWit is the Arizona chairman for Trump’s campaign, and Ritter was elected as a delegate on the developer’s slate as well. But the other resigned delegates largely ran on the slates for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who, at the time of the state convention, were holding out hope that they could wrest the nomination from Trump in Cleveland.

Two of the delegates who resigned – Jasser and Riggs – explicitly said they did so out of opposition to Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Riggs said his primary reason for stepping aside was because he needs to help his wife, Cathy, with her campaign for justice of the peace. The convention comes shortly before early ballots go out, and Riggs said he’s his wife’s “number one volunteer.”

But a major contributing factor to the decision, he said, was his opposition to Trump.

“I have very serious reservations about Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee, and just frankly after some soul searching realized that I couldn’t go to Cleveland in good conscience and vote for his nomination,” said Riggs, who ran for a delegate position on the unified Cruz-Kasich slate. “I just can’t. I guess if there are political consequences, I’ll face those down.”

Despite the need to stay in town for his wife’s campaign, Riggs said he agreed to run for a delegate spot on the Cruz slate because there was still a chance at the time that the Texas senator could win the nomination at a contested convention. But now that Trump is unopposed and has reached the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination, that possibility is gone.

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If DeWitt is  the chairman for Trump in AZ why did he step aside??  makes no sense.  

Joanne Daley: I have heard many things about DeWitt. And for the most part they have not been positive. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that this could be part of it. Only by idle gossip, he has done some erratic things. I guess that may mean that Trump may not be coming to Phoenix 6/18? Too far for us to go (from what I have read he will be at the Fair Grounds in Phoenix.) Wonder where he plans to land his plane. No doubt the place will be crowded. Coming from a suburb of Chicago, I have seen my fair share of crowds in downtown Chicago. I like it when I can walk down the street & not be surrounded by people. We used to go into Chicago the day after Thanksgiving. In Those days there were no Black Fridays. My Mother wanted to look at something in the linen dept in Marshall Fields & is now Macy's. And we had to take the escalator to that dept. Some lady coming behind me couldn't wait for a little girl to get herself situated on the escalator, so all she did was push me as hard as she could. My Father was right behind me & grabbed me. Even in those days (the 1950's) people were impolite & wanted their bargains.I have been to Phoenix on numerous occasions when we lived in Fountain Hills. We never hesitated in making a trip to Phoenix. Now that we live where we do, it's a bigger decision to go to Phoenix. It's also a bigger problem for my husband. I was down at Good Sam (now Banner Hospital) back in Dec & b/c I had some serious surgery, my husband was driving up & down the hill from our home to Phoenix. He has had a very big set back with his COPD b/c of the change in elevation & now his COPD is very bad & has limited him in what he can do.

Well, Jennifer, you just whip yourselves back into shape. You're too valuable to the cause to waste away In a hospital or care facility. Clear thinking people who have the richness of experience to guide them are what is sorely missing in today's policy makers. May God restore you and your husband to full health.

The reason DeWit pulled out is no mystery.  As a member of the Trump campaign, he would be able to go to the convention anyway.  And he is going. He will be working with the Trump campaign behind the scenes in the many twists and turns that are to come at the convention.  He will be more valuable to the Trump vote in that role.  In doing so, he allowed a staunch Trump supporter who we can testify worked his heart out for Trump - Rep. Phil Lovas - to move up and it allows another dedicated Trump supporter to also move up into the space vacated by Lovas as a first alternate in CD8.

Jennifer, as to your concerns about DeWit, don't be concerned.  DeWit is a passionate man but he's on our side.  His fight with Ducey was reported in Ducey's favor but the fact is simple - DeWit was right about the Prop 123 and the raiding of the land trust.  His background is in finance and securities. He knows the score.  Team AFA has interviewed DeWit on the Prop 123 issue.  One of our team members also has a background in finance!  

If you saw the short video of DeWit screaming on the lawn outside a Mesa hotel, it's because Trump's guy from Nevada, Charles Munoz, changed the slate and put a lot of Cruz supporters on the Trump slate for both the morning session in the CDs and in the at large session.  That was why he was so hot.  And why few Trump delegates were elected.  Munoz betrayed Trump and colluded with Robert Graham so that no matter which slate anyone voted, it was stacked with Cruz supporters!  There should NEVER have been slates on the voting computers to start with.  That was totally inappropriate and one of the reasons the parliamentarian called the entire convention a scam!  So, why wouldn't he be screaming mad?  This is not a game.  Munoz and Graham know each other from way back and the NV GOP Chairman who Graham brought in to speak orchestrated what he hoped would be a Trump defeat in NV.  We know this because some of our Team was on the ground with the Trump campaign in NV and the fraud wrought in that caucus would make the Democrats blush.  At the convention, Graham, Munoz and the NV guy were seen in a huddle several times.  DeWit turned in a Trump slate just before it was to be loaded into the voting software.  But the slate that showed up was not the one DeWit specified.  Graham and Munoz changed it!

We speculate that DeWit may be offered a job in a Trump administration which would be good for DeWit but bad for Arizona because for the first time in years, we have a treasurer with the credentials to actually be a treasurer!

Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion.

Wow. Thanks. And yes it does clear up some of the confusion.

Thanks.  now it makes sense but he was lumped in with the convicts so he looked guilty. I too believe that DeWitt is one of the good guys.  Glad I asked for clarification.

Be interesting to see if Cathy Riggs is running against a conservative worth supporting. Wonder exactly which political consequences he was talking about facing--bet he wasn't talking about his wife having to face them. But with a number one volunteer like that, makes you wonder if there might be a better choice.....

Cathy Riggs is in LD23 but only a tiny bit of that district is in the JP district Riggs seeks.  Most of it is in LD15.  Just an FYI.

Okay....let's not make this so complicated. What this posting is basically stating is that we have people who claim to be "Republicans" who in the final analysis are really Hillary Clinton supporters. A wise man once told me: "Know them by the fruits of their actions and not by what they claim to be". It's a very strange world we live in today peopled with deceptive personalities.

The Establishment will not leave the room quietly, they'd rather have a corrupt Washington DC with its deceit rather than one with ethics, integrity, morals, and a nation with borders !

The outings continue apace! The insertion of Donald Trump into the apparatus has an intriguing way of bringing out the truth. 

Let the beatings commence! In the voting booth, that is.

I may laugh out loud as I mark my ballot this season.  

How many times have the members of this site had to hold our noses and vote for the RINO that the party told us was the obvious choice? And we did it every time. Now these sanctimonious stuffed shirts are too pious to do the same when our candidate makes it to the top? We have shown that we can control the process and we have to do it now every time until the tent gets filled with honest statesmen who can see exactly what the consequences are when they enable a Hilary or an Obama to steer the ship.





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