[Editor:  Immediately after Trump clinched the nomination number, high placed members of the Republican Party community predicted Cruz delegates, who had been elected through seriously questionable electronic voting where even the so-called Trump slate was stacked with Cruz delegates, would jump ship.  After all, paying $5,000 to spend six days in Cleveland in mid-summer is a pretty high price to pay to vote for a man you loathe.  And Cruz supporters loathe Donald J Trump!  Some, more than they ever loathed Obama.  Go figure!  

Most everyone in attendance at the Republican State Convention knew that there was a tremendous amount of shenanigans going on behind the scenes.  In fact, a certified Parliamentarian who attended the meeting as a private citizen told AFA that the entire meeting was a scam from a Parliamentarian perspective.  That's probably why AZGOP Chair Robert Graham made a point of saying the parliamentarian he hired to conduct the meeting was NOT there as a Parliamentarian but as his facilitator for the meeting.  The Parliamentarian used by Graham at the AZGOP meeting in January, we are told by reliable sources, is under investigation by the National Association of Parliamentarians for his antics at that meeting.  "Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive."}

Two of Arizona’s delegates to the Republican National Convention resigned their positions, saying they refused to go to Cleveland to vote for Donald Trump.

And a handful of others were elected as delegates at a fractious Arizona Republican Party convention, only to step down after determining that they just had other things to do that week.

Nine of the 58 Arizona delegates to the July 18-21 GOP convention in Cleveland have resigned, including some of Arizona’s top elected officials.

Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, state Treasurer Jeff DeWit and Secretary of State Michele Reagan have all stepped aside, as has former California Congressman Frank Riggs, former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, Yuma Republican Paul Marchant and Phyllis Ritter, a delegate elected from the 1st Congressional District. Zuhdi Jasser, a doctor and Muslim reform advocate, resigned after learning that he’d be bumped up from an alternate to a voting delegate.

DeWit is the Arizona chairman for Trump’s campaign, and Ritter was elected as a delegate on the developer’s slate as well. But the other resigned delegates largely ran on the slates for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who, at the time of the state convention, were holding out hope that they could wrest the nomination from Trump in Cleveland.

Two of the delegates who resigned – Jasser and Riggs – explicitly said they did so out of opposition to Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Riggs said his primary reason for stepping aside was because he needs to help his wife, Cathy, with her campaign for justice of the peace. The convention comes shortly before early ballots go out, and Riggs said he’s his wife’s “number one volunteer.”

But a major contributing factor to the decision, he said, was his opposition to Trump.

“I have very serious reservations about Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee, and just frankly after some soul searching realized that I couldn’t go to Cleveland in good conscience and vote for his nomination,” said Riggs, who ran for a delegate position on the unified Cruz-Kasich slate. “I just can’t. I guess if there are political consequences, I’ll face those down.”

Despite the need to stay in town for his wife’s campaign, Riggs said he agreed to run for a delegate spot on the Cruz slate because there was still a chance at the time that the Texas senator could win the nomination at a contested convention. But now that Trump is unopposed and has reached the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination, that possibility is gone.

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Your a sharpshooter Paul. After listening to RINO Paul Ryan on Fox News I about puked, he's a puppet. This GOPe is always about excuses to stop the Obama propaganda PC machine, saying they can't get the votes to pass in a Republican controlled House, anything that CAN BE USED against these vermin Demon-crats in an election year. They just don't get it, for its all about the appearances TO ACT, not passing laws that would pass the Senate ... for Obama would ignore them anyway.  An Act Of War against ISIS would do just that .... and put these Kool-Aid drunk idiots ON RECORD ... daring them to vote against it !!

Paul Ryan The Pompus has shown two things: he is a true puppet of the leftist establishment, whether it's R or D and he has inflated an view of himself and his place in Congress.  I tried to watch that interview with Chuck Todd and truly, it was more sickening than anything I've endured from Obama. So I sent a donation to Ryan's opponent and hope he bags this RINO.  paulnehlen.com is his web address.  It was a small amount but it all counts.  That primary is Aug 9 so if they have early voting it should start in a few weeks.

Well said, Paul

Good morning Folks.

I'm not even a little bit surprised at just how fast some so-called conservative Republicans jumped off the TRUMP Train.  The McAmnesty syndrome is contagious.  However, I am disappointed that at this late stage, these very same people, who admittedly were and remain Cruz supporters, can so easily abandoned a cause which many believe will restore America and rid us of the evil presence of corrupt politicians and their selfish, self-centered behavior in D.C.  I can't imagine that Members of the Republican Party would give their approval to a Congress that gave Obama full access to funding to import some 300,000 Syrian Muslim Refugee's and then subsequently vote to require our daughters and granddaughters to register for the draft.  And now, there is some pretty good evidence that the GOP Senate is going to collapse at the feet of Harry Reid and sign over several demoncrat gun control measures.  Understandably, I looked at the names of those delegates who QUIT AND TOOK THEIR TOYS AND WENT HOME - and I am not surprised.  Every single one is owned by the GOP Machine at the State level and worse still, at the National level.  I am extremely disappointed with John Shadegg.  He walked out of the political scene, only to become a RINO.  McCain has done his work well and the amount of money that has been spread around (keep an eye on the Campaign funds for Riggs wife) to entice them to bow out is far less than it would have cost to send them to the Convention.  I hope to see many people at the TRUMP Rally today.  Happy Father's Day for all those Dad's who remember that we still have a Father's DAY!!

Let's all remember this when the Legislature decides to bring up the national popular vote again next year.  One of the excuses for the NPV is that AZ is ignored by the "big" candidates because we only have 11 votes so we are not that important. the NPV will put AZ in an important position and they will come here to talk to us...... which is BS.  All the candidates were here of any consequence-- not all 17 progressive rino's did-- but this is Trumps 4th, or is it 5th, trip here......  I think that tide has turned as well.  Every state matters to Donald Trump!

You all have a great time today -- I will we watching on the net......

What would Americans do of the popular vote elected a candidate that would eliminate our borders?
Our election process has always been one unlike any other in the world. That is because we are an exceptional nation, one borne out of a rebellion against a tyrannical dictatorship of the elite by the British King George.  We have as our foundation the U.S. Constitution which limits the authority of the government over its citizens.  Obama has told us what the government SHOULD do for us, not what government cannot do to us by limits borne out of a freedom & liberty for our own self-interest opportunities. He has made us a nation of “inalienable rights” NOT what our founders sought … one of “unalienable rights”. Our election process has always been one unlike any other in the world. That is because we are an exceptional nation, one borne out of a rebellion against a tyrannical dictatorship of the elite by the British King George.  We have as our foundation the U.S. Constitution which limits the authority of the government over its citizens.  Obama has told us what the government SHOULD do for us, not what government cannot do to us by limits borne out of a freedom & liberty for our own self-interest opportunities. 
The global cabal of elitist are behind this popular vote (NPV) push, and no doubt these slave masters and Obama are behind the human smuggling of Central American illegals into our heartland by the buss loads, paid for by our increasing national debt, that will crush America as we are being forced into bankruptcy ... where the Obama plan is ... "America gone with a whimper". Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave you.

One question from a Trump supporter, since the beginning of his campaign.  At the state convention and the days leading up to it, as well, I repeatedly asked, "why do we have a Cruz slate and why one for Kasich"?  Did Trump not win the Primary here by a substantial amount of votes, in a winner take all state?  Never got an answer from the Trump Campaign or the AZ GOP. Then I was asked to be on the committee for the "Unified Slate" and after refusing to do so because of a woman on that slate, who was "an anyone but Trump" person I was hounded by Chairman Graham and several individuals form the Trump Campaign (not Jeff Dewitt) to be part of the committee.  Because I was assured by a Trump Campaign person (from NY) that Trump wanted it this way, I acquiesced. However, I kept asking "why do we have any slates other than Donald Trump's"?   Still makes no sense to me.

When I was chairman in 2012, immediately following the Primary victory of Mitt Romney, I threw the state party support behind him because that was his due.  There were many who wanted Ron Paul represented in the delegate body, and even though Mitt Romney wasn't my personal first choice,  he was the first choice of the majority of Arizona Republican voters and I honored that choice, as I should.

The Establishment in this party "will not go quietly into the night (dark)" and I think it might good for all of us who care, to recognize that reality.  And one more thing, I have joined the Jacksonian Wing of our party, after witnessing the ineffectiveness of the Conservative Wing.  I still think and feel like a Conservative but wonder where true conservatism has gone?  

The shenanigans are still going on. Unfortunately the Republican establishment will not accept the people's choice. 





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