As a PC Area Director, I recently brought up my discontent regarding some of the PCs not being willing to work with me on anything. What came next was shocking!  “Rose, the reason they won’t work with you is the letters you write about candidates running for office. You must stay positive.” Humm, in other words, be nice, go along and we’ll get along. Furthermore, I was told that I, as an elected officer and leader, should remain neutral. I’m not to show favoritism by supporting one candidate over another, prior to the Primary Election. Their tone, once again was “Rose, you stay quiet and let others make the uninformed decisions as to who will be on the ballot at the General election. You may take your pick from those!” Is this really Republican-Speak?

Please tell me if joining the Republican Party requires relinquishing your 1st amendment right of free speech, which Patriots exercise on a daily basis. Do the bylaws of any Republican committee require me to leave those rights at the door whenever I attend a meeting or hold an elected position? I DON’T THINK SOooo!

I’m a firm believer that the battle to win the General election begins at the Primary! I further believe that those of us who are in the trenches trying to find the truth have an obligation to report what we know. Hopefully, this information will help the uninformed voter make the right decisions at the polls. It’s ok if they don’t vote my way or yours, but at least they’ve been given the opportunity to hear or read another side of the story.

How will this nation survive, with people burying their heads in the sand and then resenting those who have the courage to come up for air and get at the truth of what ails us? Don’t fear or resent those who are open to their opinions. Instead, recognize that it’s those “nicey-nicey” persons who have the gift of gab and wear the cloak of conservatism who are the ones doing the most harm. President Trump didn’t hesitate to call out Hillary Clinton during the debates. As Americans protected by the same Constitution, do we have fewer rights or responsibilities to assist in draining the swamp? 

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Well, that sit down and shut up crap is the sure sign of a RINO in the room, Rose! I've finally decided to stop being polite to them and to call them by their names, in plain language-- especially when they pull the kind of tricks you have just described. My new way of replying to them, from now on, will be something like this: 

"No. I will not be quiet. And, by the way, you  have just outed yourself as a RINO, and I'm not going to be quiet about that, either. I know you are telling me to be quiet because you know that I am supporting conservative candidates--the ones you oppose. You're NOT a Republican, and you don't belong in this party."

Do you believe that's rude? If a majority think it is, then I fear that our party is not long for this world. .





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