If you have ever heard of or used protonmail for emails, you know you are about as safe from hacking as it gets.  It's the kind of email politicos and captains of industry use off the grid to send to each other privately.  Sometimes, very privately for reasons we can understand.  It's the kind of email that you usually don't use your own name and you are not required to set up two stage authentication.  The kind of email that you better have your password in a locked vault because you will not be able to use a Forgot Email feature.  Sometimes, they actually use the wrong protonmail address and the email goes to someone you really don't want to have it.  That appears to be just what happened in this thread.  You decide if this is a bombshell!

This thread starts with the first message below that leads off the thread.  We expect there is much more to this thread that is not revealed.  Be sure to read the names on the emails.... in this case, the senders did use some version of their own names.

Thanks to a very astute conservative who got this but didn't really know what to do with it or what it could really mean.


NOTE:  This email thread is taken from the website Scribd.  We assume that a reporter from realtruenews started this thread with the newest message on the thread.  Go to Scribd at the link below and start at the end of the thread and read up the thread.  This is startling stuff.  The site patroldesign references in the first email is incorrect.  The correct one is linked below.

An email from one of the project manager of a website Pence-Ryan 2016 campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate. Obtained by RealTrueNews.org

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This is VERY disappointing as far as Mike Pence but I am not surprised at all at Ryan, IF that's who these folks really are. I tend to think that this exchange may be contrived but we'll never be able to verify the players...

There were many rumors in 2016 that Pence was not the conservative he seemed and that he and Ryan were cooking up something.  Ryan continued to thwart Trump at every turn, never put the border wall up for a vote.  All the establishment were behind Ryan and against Trump.  I find this to be very credible.  Few people know about scribd and I have read many things there that were referenced on other political sites, including the conservative treehouse that I first heard about right here on this site.  They even suggested back then that something was up and you know they were the ones on top of everything about that election.

Not sure at all contrived or not. One of the worst fears I think of the left's would be if they had a successful coup of our President is a Pence waiting in the wings. Would all the chaos of the left end? No.

Using a bit of common sense would we all be pleased with a ticket that had Ryan on it? No. 

I'm thinking this could be planted content to sow seeds of chaos??????

Now I do believe it would be possible if there was another term of MEGA Don that Pence could become President.

Picking Ryan well that would be foolish.

Interesting theory, Patricia.  We've heard the chatter for three years that Trump should quit/resign and let Pence take the helm.  Who started all that chatter?  If this was a plant, they didn't do a very good job of it. Scrib is not a place that gets pushed out on social media and in fact, is rarely used for normal email.  It's generally used for publishing documents or music or website prototypes like the Pence-Ryan one.  I think they were maybe using scribd to pass back and forth the new webite as it developed.  There is no doubt in my mind that this plan was afoot.

Well it could be I suppose a foolish plan for 2020. 

Pence is not Trump never was. He has been with the Globalist right along. Look at his record. It does not surprise me at all that he has close ties to Ryan they are both pretenders and from the same locality Nationally. Just like when Reagan was president Bush and his people were in place to slow and stop Reagan as much as possible and it is still working that way. Look how many people in Trump's original Whitehouse have gone on to other places because Trump found out they were sappers.

No Pence is not cut from the same cloth as MEGA Don. More a globalist a good argument for that. Ryan well what did he do as speaker of the House. He was further exposed as NOT a principled conservative. Totally hot air and a little man taken in by Mitt R..





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