EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Internal Arizona GOP Memo Raises Serious Concerns About 2020 —

.... Deputy Comms Director RESIGNS Over ‘Systematic Failures

Editor:  As a side note, AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines was served today with a lawsuit for defamation by Mark and Maria Syms.  Lines publicly claimed they had committed a crime for which they were convicted and ordered to pay $70,000.  This supposedly had something to do with signature gathering by Mark Syms for the 2018 primary.  This claim is entirely false and the judge in a case surrounding the signature gathering ruled Mark Syms was found innocent of all wrong doing. You may remember that Maria Syms was an incumbent candidate for the House in LD28 and Lines sent out a mailer to all Republican voters in that district with all candidates on it EXCEPT Maria Syms.  How foolish does this man have to get?  Rhetorical question!  Now is seems there is a whistleblower revealing the truth about the illegal shenanigans with the AZGOP money.  You may also remember that we were the first to reveal similar shenanigans by former Chairman Robert Graham for which the AZGOP has been fined by the FEC.  AZRA members dug up the info in 2015 and filed a claim with the FEC.


An Arizona Republican Party internal memo leaked to the Gateway Pundit raises serious concerns about unethical use of party resources and systematic failures that the Deputy Communications Director fears will lead to a loss in 2020.

The memo, sent by Deputy Communications Director Robert Maxwell to Executive Director Kyle Pierce on Wednesday, outlines failures that were observed in 2018 — such as resources being misappropriated for the benefit of Chairman Jonathan Lines’ reelection bid and Governor Doug Ducey using the party as his “personal political operation.”

The memo begins with Maxwell explaining how much he loves the party, the president, and Republican activists in the state. He said that because of that, he is “saddened to write this memo.”

“I have witnessed systemic failures within the Arizona Republican Party that not only led to the most significant Republican losses in a generation in 2018, but if allowed to persist will cost President Trump Arizona in 2020, thus costing him our electoral votes. President Trump should not be forced to worry about Arizona turning blue, yet if the AZGOP doesn’t do something to radically shake up its strategy that is exactly what will happen,” the memo says.

Maxwell goes on to list “just a few” of the issues he says he has personally witnessed that left him greatly concerned for the future of the state’s party. He alleges that “more often than not, both before and after the 2018 general election, the AZGOP office is entirely empty except for a single low level staffer or volunteer.”

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I had just read

American Post-Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona
January 24, 2019
Will Jonathan Lines do anything to get re-elected State Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party? Will he lie to do so? Will he accuse a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Assistant Attorney General of illegalities? Apparently so.
Why would someone be so anxious to hold a non-paying position? Something’s going on--and it stinks.
Mr. Lines is being sued for defamation. Former State Representative Maria Syms and her husband Mark filed the suit this morning (Thursday, January 24) against Mr. Lines for false and defamatory statements he made at a recent District 26 Precinct Committee Meeting. According to the suit, Mr. Lines told those present that Maria and Mark Syms were convicted in court of fraud and were ordered to pay $70,000 in restitution to Uber RINO Senator Kate Brophy-McGee for irregularities involved with Mr. Syms' potential independent candidacy opposing her. Mr. Lines also said he and Governor Doug Ducey "sat down" with Ms. Syms to discuss how to go forward despite her husband's potential candidacy.
None of that is true.
Ms. Syms was gracious enough to send me the court's finding from the alleged "fraudulent petition gathering" case from last summer. The judge didn't even mention Ms. Syms because she wasn't even party to the action. How Mr. Lines extrapolated that to claim she was convicted of a crime is beyond any logic. Mr. Syms was found innocent of any wrongdoing as well. According to the judge, if there was any fraud involved it was by the petition gatherers. And there was no finding that anyone was ordered to pay Ms. Brophy-McGee anything. Again, how does Mr. Lines come up with this stuff? He's lying; but why?
Mr. Lines has a horrible record as State GOP Chair to try to defend. Republicans lost a U.S. Senate seat, a Congressional seat, the Secretary of State, State Superintendent of Education, four state House seats and many hundreds of precinct committeemen, not to mention thousands of registered Republicans who have either re-registered as Independents or just don’t get involved in politics anymore--all under Mr. Lines’ so-called “leadership.” That’s not leadership--that’s surrendering.
For some reason Ms. Syms has been Mr. Lines’ favorite target. During the 2018 mid-terms he purposely did not include Ms. Syms in campaign literature supporting Republican candidates, even though Ms. Syms was the incumbent. Instead, Mr. Lines and his team of McCainiacs supported Kathy Petsas, a pro-abortion, anti-gun RINO. Ms. Petsas and Ms. Syms both made the general election ballot; both lost. Ms. Petsas had the full backing of the State GOP; Ms. Syms did not. This, despite documented communication between Ms. Syms and Mr. Lines (reported in an earlier American Post-Gazette column) that Mr. Lines assured Ms. Syms that she would be supported by the party and by Governor Doug Ducey.
What changed? Ms. Syms has an impeccable record in her professional legal career and a solid conservative record at the State Capitol. Why would a man who claims to be a conservative and a Trump supporter support a very liberal, Trump-hating RINO (Petsas) at the expense of a true conservative (Syms)? Could it be that Ms. Petsas, who carries who knows how many proxy votes, is holding that over his head? Does Ms. Petsas have pictures? Whatever the reason, Mr. Lines failed to honor his word to Ms. Syms. The race was close enough that if the state and county apparatus had truly supported Ms. Syms, she very likely would have won. Incumbency is powerful.
But Petty Kathy Petsas--the Proxy Princess--is leaving carnage wherever she goes. District 28 is virtually lost. Democrats control both House seats and Uber RINO Kate Brophy-McGee is the Senator. So, in reality, District 28 has gone Blue and now may be a lost cause. 
But Mr. Lines doesn’t seem to care about the truth--he just wants to attack a conservative female, while supporting a liberal one. There is no excuse for Mr. Lines’ actions.
And now he's being sued for his lies.
Saturday, January 26th, Arizona Republicans can change that. If they don’t vote for Dr. Kelli Ward and, instead, re-elect Lyin' Lines, they will get what they deserve--another debacle in the 2020 election, one from which we may never recover.
Respectfully submitted,
James Madison
You may hold Kelli Ward in some personal disregard no candidate is perfect that would suit everyone's taste but goodness sake one just has to look at a bigger picture, are you pleased with J Lines as head of AzGOP then vote for him.
If you are pleased with the results that AZGOP delivered in the midterms then elect him again.
If you share my view then cast a vote for Kelli Ward for I for one was an unhappy critter with J Lines. Stakes could not be higher. Purple with even more shades of blue or return AZ RED? A chance for all good and true conservatives to have a welsomned seat at the GOP table, then vote for Kelli Ward.
It is a time for change.

This just really makes me not want to vote for anyone who already has a track record, whether good or bad, and I'm going to use the same philosophy that I used when I voted for Trump.  Someone not connected to the swamp is what we need, someone that doesn't have an agenda, doesn't have a reason to not be open and transparent (as much as possible.  Full transparency is not something I expect, except when it comes to matters that should have full group awareness and participation), and doesn't skew the information in their favor when clearly it is not.  I'm also looking for someone who doesn't exclude people from the political process.  Those are things that McCain (may he RIP) did, and we need to let those tactics die with him.  I'm voting for Doyel Shamley.  

Katie, I understand your reasoning although at this late date the knight in the form of Shamley on a white horse is a sure vote for J Lines will have a second 2 years.

I do respect your reasoning -- 

We did it with Tom Morrissey, and we have Trump for President.  I don't think it's too late.  And you know, I was told Clinton was going to win if I voted for Trump, by a lot of the same people who support Kelli Ward and Lines (during the 2016 election).  Trump won, Clinton didn't so I know putting the Country First and winning is possible.  We have to put Arizona First, and vote however we think best.  Thank you for respecting my reasoning, just as I respect your choice to vote for Ward.  That, however, is not my choice.  

Which will guarantee that Lines wins.

It's amazing to me how many Republicans--prominent Republicans--have endorsed Jonathan Lines for reelection. By any measure of any dimension of leadership, he's a failure. That said, several of his most fervent (rabid?) supporters . . . and long-time Facebook Friends of mine . . . have suddenly disappeared from my Friends list and become invisible to me. I'll wear their blocks as badges of honor, since it appears my "crime" was posting the list below.
Others who endorse Lines for re-election:
-- Kyrsten Sinema
-- Ann Kirkpatrick
-- Greg Stanton
-- Katie Hobbs
-- Kathy Hoffman
-- Sandra Kennedy
-- Domingo Degrazia
-- Jennifer Jermaine
-- Aaron Lieberman

All 'good' republicans...sarcasm of course.

My brother and sister of SC's give this article consideration in your thoughts on Saturday,


Here is a copy of the lawsuit against Lines for your reading enjoyment.


Arizona Capitol Times this morning ran an article on the lawsuit posted above.  Apparently, there is an audio clip where a man asked Lines why he left Maria Syms off a mailer to LD28 voters (he did).   According to AZCapTimes, "The lawsuit filed in Maricopa County Superior Court Wednesday alleges Lines said at a Jan. 9 Legislative District 26 meeting that the Syms’ “committed fraud” in trying to unseat a fellow Republican and that Maria Syms was “convicted and she was … ordered to pay over $70,000 of restitution to Sen. Kate Brophy McGee.”  It should be noted that the Syms' were not convicted of anything and no restitution was ever paid.

Further, Cory Langhofer, McCain's lawyer and also AZGOP's lawyer said Lines corrected his statement at the end of the meeting.  However, no such correction is heard on the recording.  Further, quoted from the ACT article:

"Langhofer also said the suit is a blatant attempt by the Syms’ to derail Lines’ re-election bid.

"“The lawsuit is fundamentally a stunt that’s designed to affect the chairman’s re-election in two days,” he said."

Well, perhaps the timing is deliberate but a lawsuit by citizens trying to protect their name and reputation is rarely a "stunt."  And, if so, that does not change the facts.

AFA you deleted a comment granted I'm sure for good reason but LOL I would have liked to make my own decision that the post was off the mark. Just saying.

  • All this drama to me is reminisce of the time Robert Graham was in charge of the AZGOP.  I recall all the good PCs and SCs tried to expose the nefarious actions by this chairman.  Unfortunately,  he was re-elected, and since that time, sadly, we have not recovered from taking back our own party.  I hope that this Saturday redemption will prevail.



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