Ferrari Exposed: Anti-Conservative Activist Trying to Take over the State Party! GO MARIANNE!!

[Editor: K Thomas posted a comment in this morning's Briefs about an article that ran that is beating up on Marianne Ferrari, one of our very intelligent and astute members, for taking up the project to unseat Jonathan Lines.  NO ONE else had the courage to do that!  She has generous support across the state and little Johnny Lines is worried.  So what does this gaggle of McCain sycophants do?  Attack the messenger, of course.  It's been the way the guilty have operated since the dark ages!  True Constitutional conservatives (we sort of hate to use the word "conservative" since McCain and Flake have pulled a Democrat tactic of co-opting language and changing its meaning) do not want any more Obama Lite people involved with the Republican party.  So they have taken the best step available to them and we sincerely hope they are successful.  If they aren't, the Republican party in Arizona is lost for years to come, has been lost for years past.  There comes a point of no return and there is no good return with the current "leadership."  It is Lines, Graham, Shane Wikfors and all those who think like tabloid trash who are going after a fine upstanding woman for her courage to do what none of them will do.  It's all they understand.  Honor or integrity is not in their playbook.  Keep that in mind when you read what they wrote, exposing themselves as the worst kind of bigots.  It is these people who give the Republican party a bad name.  See a thoughtful get-to-the-point  response at the end.  It was posted in Briefs this morning.]

Dear fellow conservative Republican,
Last week, Sonoran Alliance presented the “starting lineup” of malcontents and saboteurs who have been working overtime in an effort to overturn the results of a free and open election.
In some ways, the leader of this not-so-merry band of misfits is among the most intriguing. Relatively unknown and unimpressive in her past activities as a Republican PC, Marianne Ferrari has deemed herself the ringleader of this circus. But, as Frosty’s Fake News might say, “lots of people” are asking who she is, and what she is really trying to accomplish.
According to readily available public information, Ferrari is a native New Yorker who attended the Northwestern University journalism school. Throughout much of her career as a writer and publisher, she found a specialized niche: travel guides for gay and lesbian tourists and attacking the conservative agenda. 
Now, everyone has a right to make a living, and if Ms. Ferrari is passionate about gay and lesbian travel and liberal ideals, I wish her nothing but the best in finding happiness.
But I can’t help but wonder: why would a gay and lesbian travel expert from New York take such interest in recalling a successful chairman of the Arizona Republican Party? [That's easy: because Lines is NOT successful in anything but lying, cheating and stealing votes from State Committeemen.  Is that his idea of success?]
Could it be because the party has stood firmly behind President Donald Trump’s decision to reverse Barack Obama’s order to allow transgender soldiers in the United States Armed Services?
Or perhaps it is because Chairman Jonathan Lines is a longtime advocate for traditional marriage?
We’ll never know the true reasoning behind Ms. Ferrari’s destructive activities. What we do know is that, according to her, she doesn’t really have a reason. As reported earlier this week, Ms. Ferrari told the Yellow Sheet Report: “We need no cause. We don’t need anything but to vote.”
So here’s what we know about this mysterious New York native who has come to Arizona in an attempt to overthrow our Chairman:

  • Her passion and livelihood is in gay and lesbian travel guides
  • She seems offended by the AZ GOP’s support for President Trump’s ban on transgender men/women serving in the armed forces.
  • She opposes a chairman who is steadfast in his support for traditional marriage
  • The reason she gives for embarking on this quixotic quest is provably false.
  • By her own admission, she does not believe she needs a reason to initiate a recall. [it's clear these people never read the AZGOP Bylaws printed in English but not in Moron]

So there she is, the face of the recall effort. State Committee members will have to decide: is this who you want to stand publicly with?  [And we are VERY PROUD to stand right beside her! Character & courage vs tabloid trash.  Easy decision.]
(Article from the Chicago GoPRIDE website:…Ferrari is in the bottom picture, standing between the two guys. Her shirt says: “The Gay Nineties Are Back”)

Source: Who knows. They are hiding under their desks and using fake names.

[It is so embarrassing to know these people walk the earth!  Clearly, those engaged in removing Lines are making them very nervous and are over the target.  They are concerned that Ferrari is holding up a t-shirt?  Is that the best they've got?  Pathetic.]


From MCRC Briefs, July 9 edition:

Karen Thomas, State Committeewoman: Some SC and perhaps others received an e-mail from a Carl Grande. Although some think that “Carl Grande” is a figment of someone’s imagination, I would like to reply to him/her/it/them. Mr. Grande concerning your recent e-mail, let me see if I’m reading you correctly. You think because Marianne Ferrari is a lesbian that she must be for gays in the military and for same sex marriage. Do I have that right? Or, oh my goodness, maybe you’re bothered because she’s from NEW YORK! or attended Northwestern University!! WOW that’s all really serious stuff! Thank you for telling us. And, then you accuse her of “attacking the conservative agenda”. Do you assume that simply because she’s gay? I just want to be really clear on all of this in case someone asks me about it. Or, maybe she’s trying to save the conservative agenda. Have you ever thought of that? Do you know Marianne, Mr. Grande? Have you talked with her about all of this? Have you told her why you are bothered? To not do so would be a bit cowardly, don’t you agree?

     Lines a successful chairman? If we felt he is doing his job, so many of us in this “merry band of misfits” wouldn’t be working to remove him. And, geez, it’s one thing to be called deplorables by Hillary but now to be called “malcontents and saboteurs” by you, a Republican! BTW, Mr. Grande, if you knew the bylaws for removing an officer, you would know that it states that no cause is required. We only need to vote. Look it up! But if you’ve been reading postings on Briefs and Arizona Freedom Alliance, you would know there are a sufficient reasons for the chairman to be removed.

     And, one last thing, there is no Carl Grande registered with the MC Elections Dept. And, for those reading Sonoran Alliance, there is no Rangel Solamente registered either. Is it possible that both are, or were, on the AZGOP payroll? And who owns Sonoran Alliance anyway? I think we would all like to know. Mr. Grande and Mr. Solamente please answer these questions. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED – Stop being cowards. -- Inquiring minds want to know!

MCRC Briefs

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 I agree . I hear the excuse oh, they cannot come to the meeting it is too far away. I believe in preventive medicine. Do  not allow proxies and if you cannot travel then do not become a P.C. Proxies lead the way to corruption.

Never be lukewarm

Life itself demands passion.
He who is indifferent to God has already forfeited his soul.
He who is indifferent to politics has already forfeited his liberty.
In America, religion is not mere window dressing and citizenship is not a spectator sport.
Do not allow our common destiny as a whole people to just happen without your input.

Bruce M Piepho Cochise State Committeeman/PC: Who does the State Republican party belong to? The State committeemen/women? or The Precinct Committeemen/women? or the AZGOP elected officers? Or Senator McCain?

NONE of the above! The state party is our neighbors, the Republican registered voters and we represent them and serve them. A problem:

The Arizona State Republican Party commonly refered to as AZGOP is unduly influenced by Arizona senators and the elite establishment to the point of being under their control.

AZGOP officers are not representing the State Committeemen/women. And the State Committeemen/women are not representing the Precinct Committeemen/women. SO who is representing our republican registered voters? - NO ONE!

There is a revolution taking place in the AZGOP. Opponents of the RECALL movement refer to the movement members as misfits and are breaking the unity of the state party.

The truth is the fractured AZGOP has been broken for many many years not just the last 3 months. I have been an AZ resident since November 2010. Research has uncovered corruption, unresolved contested elections, forced resignation of an AZGOP Chairman, unprecedented censorship of a senator leading to purging Tea Party and conservative PCs – the list goes on and on.

When does it stop? - - - I say NOW!

Amen, brother!





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