By: Red Pill Approved Comics October 29, 2017

Senators Flake and Corker are running, but not for the Senate. They are running as far away from the offices they surely would have lost if they had run….

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Are there any other RINOs who are as equally unpopular with upcoming primaries? The way I figure it, with McCain eventually out with his very serious health problem, we still another, say, 2 RINOs to be replaced so the GOP can get a reliable/real majority of 52-53 in the Senate, minus the hard core Progressive Republicans (e.g., in the NE).  

It would be helpful if Sen. Susan M Collins, self described  moderate Republican would just go away.

From your lips to God's ears.  Unfortunately, her replacement up therechas a good chance of being a Democrat.

They truly are ill informed if they think we are the unwashed most of the people i knew had attended college or had graduated from college. Many were small business owners. Many of us cringe every time trump says or twitter's something we also know with out him the Commies win.. 

I had attended college myself but I do not believe that the college educated are any more informed or politically sophisticated than an Elementary or High School graduate. I have known many people throughout my years who were not college educated, who were (are) very successful in their chosen careers and happen to be quite intelligent. I'm challenging you in a respectful manner while simultaneously agreeing with the intent of your commentary. However, I believe that "going to college" is a highly overrated measure of a person's fitness to engage in political discourse and/or comprehension. 





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