We once hoped that all of the fraud in elections would be happening by the democrats.  Hope fades when we get reports of what is happening in so many of our GOP Precinct Committeemen (PCs) legislative districts.  For you who don't understand the way this works, the state is divided into legislative districts for the purpose of electing officials to represent the district on behalf of the voters.  Included in that is elections for GOP and DNC party officers within the district plus State Committeemen who will go to the annual GOP/DNC State Meetings to elect those who will run the GOP/DNC in Arizona.  For the GOP, this is an important election as we have reported on many times before.  McCain purged precinct committeemen out of many districts because they were too conservative.  He needed his own people in those positions to be sure they elected only his people to run the party in Arizona and that is what has happened for way too long.  We saw the results of that in clear view this election when the AZGOP did nothing to help Republicans get elected in state races.... except for Gov. Duecy.

Now, all districts across the state - there are 30 of them - are in the process of electing the officers who will run the districts and the State Committeemen who will choose county and state officers for the GOP over the next two years.  If Republicans have a prayer of winning back any seats lost to democrats this year, it rests with these local district and county elections of officers.  Because Ducey and other establishment GOPe elite don't want to give up control, shenanigans go on in these elections.  Here are just a few reports we have received.

It's reported in Yuma County, there were too many infractions to count but it all added up to keeping conservatives away from having a vote at the state meeting, ensuring all of Yuma county votes will go to the most establishment candidate... in this case, Jonathan Lines who has done a remarkably horrible job as AZGOP Chairman whose job is to help Republicans get elected.  Lines and his family own that district.

In LD23, it has been reported to us that the Chairman, Nancy Ordowski, single handedly made a slate of "favorites" to get elected as State Committeemen.  Absent from that list are conservative stalwarts that at least one person labeled to be on her "enemies list."  Included are establishment Lines PCs who will likely vote for Lines again.  Also being reported is that she trashed some nomination forms from PCs who wanted to run for State Committee seats.  Subsequently, these PCs will not be on the ballot at their meeting.  "We must keep the district in the hands of the conservatives" is the cry we have heard but to re-elect a chairman who does this stuff is insanity.  Where is the moral integrity?  We just now got a report that someone else is handing out the perverted slate, saying it can't "appear" that the chairman had anything to do with it.  Dems in action could not do more damage.

Then there is this report that came to us just now, also:

From Archie Dicksion, LD15 PC  [LD15 was packed with pretend PCs two years ago by then AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham for the purpose of controlling the district by people who don't even show up!]

Republican Legislative District 15 held its reorganization meeting last evening. There should have been nothing particularly unusual about that, but just perhaps there was. Also, just perhaps those events affect not just LD-15 but every precinct committeeman in the state. I say that because every year the state meeting is held in the City of Phoenix and what happened last evening in LD-15 puts all of you in outlying counties at a significant disadvantage.

             LD-15 has a whopping 215 members up from I believe 165 members in 2016. That is good right? Well maybe not so good. Let us take a look at what transpired last evening. Bare in mind, this was the second meeting of the year and was the district reorganization meeting. Of those 215 members 46 did not appear in person or by proxy. Of the remaining 169, there were 72 present in person and 97 appeared by proxy. A whopping 45 percent of the votes cast last evening were by proxy.

            Why is this important you ask? Well in this case it is important because of the Call notice that was sent out.  The effective part of that notice is as follows:


If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to attend the November meeting, you MUST fully fill out the attached Proxy form and return it to a fellow PC located within your precinct." 

            The important word used here is the word MUST [emphasis ours] and is accentuated (by the secretary) to call direct attention to what is mandatory for a precinct committeeman. If you are not going to attend in person, you MUST fill out a proxy. [emphasis ours]  Then it goes on to state “you MUST give that proxy to a PC located within your precinct. Please note, there is no such requirement in the State Bylaws, Maricopa County Bylaws or LD-15 Bylaws. Concerning to whom the proxy must be given is in direct conflict with Arizona Revised Codes. So, it seems our young secretary is making up his own laws as he goes. Upon receiving this Call Notice, I forwarded an email to our District Chair and to our County Chair requesting that the  incorrect information be corrected. You guessed it, I received no reply from our County Chair or our District Chair. Thus by their failure to respond they endorsed this incorrect information that was sent to PC’s many of whom are newly elected and have never attended an orientation meeting. I challenged the use of proxies at the meeting last evening because of this intentionally misleading information. You can guess the outcome of that.  Was this misleading information given with the INTENT to MISLEAD precinct committeemen? Does it constitute a form of ballot harvesting? In my opinion it does.

            Volunteers counted the ballots cast at the meeting last evening. A competent observer that after the time to vote for State Committeemen was closed informs me, an individual was observed sitting at the computer to tally the votes. That person was observed to be filling in blanks on empty ballots. When asked what they were doing this person responded that they were filling out the 6 ballots they carried. This was being done after the time to vote had closed and while the individual was sitting at the table to count ballots. [emphasis ours. This is just what Andre Fontes did in a different form]

            For those of you in outlying counties, this is important because you travel great distances to attend the State Meeting while those in Maricopa county travel relatively short distances. The number of no-shows in Maricopa County voting by proxy can exceed the voting capacity of all of the other counties combined.

            It is long past time to put an end to the misuse of proxies in the Arizona Republican Party. Why is a person recruited to become a PC or why does a person run to be elected as a PC knowing that they will never attend a meeting. I submit they are being recruited solely for their proxy to help keep control of the party. It is long past time that the leadership from state and county chairmen to district chairmen realizes that the strength of the party lies in the ground level precinct committeemen. When you disenfranchise those that are diligent and hard working solely for the sake of acquiring a proxy to vote you are bringing about the demise of the very party you represent.

            I am sending this to Maricopa County Chairman, Chris Herring and requesting that he convene an independent neutral panel to investigate into the events that transpired in LD-15 last evening.


            If we as PC’s will not speak up at injustices, then our voices cannot be heard.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

One would think that the GOP precinct committeemen and leadership would be more honest but if that is your impression, let's just disabuse you of that right now. Most of these folks are honest good people but they become victims of the few who aren't.  This has been going on consistently for the past six years. Hopefully, PCs will put a stop to it now.  Hopefully.

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Not all LD's organize.  The rural counties do not organize their LD's. LD6 and LD1 are examples.  The Maricopa County portion of LD1 pretends to organize against ARS rules for organization and is recognized by Maricopa County and AZGOP.  Typical ignoring of rules and regulations for the benefit of the establishment.

L.G., Talk to Rose she has been a busy bee.

So, get this.  My friend in LD23 goes to the meeting to elect new officers. Finds out that the slate the chairman, Nancy, put together pretending someone else did it actually instructed precinct captains to distribute it to their PCs. You guessed it, she didn't offer to distribute any other slates and I'm told there were two others.  Isn't that abuse of power?  Cheating? Dem lite? What is it about a little power that goes to the heads of some people like they suddenly become important?  we have come to a point that cheating like this doesn't matter any more. No honor,no integrity.  Makes me happy not to be a PC anymore. Very discouraging.

Pat J., Sorry to hear you are no longer a PC for I suspect that your voice is missed.

I have witnessed that those who think they are in power are sad characters at inserting themselves in the political shenanigans. Some actually make terrible fools of themselves. God forbid that when they go rogue and follow what the AZGOP wants and it turns out badly the fools just wish to sweep it under the rug, apologizing not in their DNA. 

You said by saying "Dem lite" I would add more often than not they have the "light of purple shining above them".

I was shown a slick campaign piece of the slate for ECs in my county and they used the logo of the county party. Of course the optics were bad carrying with it a message no others need try.

Pat, your information is true.  I checked myself and the chairman has an enemies list and a list of those who are welcome in the district and those who are not. She used the resources of the district to win an election that was contested. She personally made the slate list. She is the problem we have in the R party. What is the reason to go to these meetings or vote when the vote is assured before anyone shows up. Disgusting behavior and I add in LD15 officers for what they did. Again, why vote; why show up?





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