If you liked what went on at the Maricopa County Mandatory Meeting, just wait until the State Mandatory Meeting on January 25.  We suggest you invest in a suit of armor because these State Committeemen are in no mood to be denied again.  A few years ago, Chairman Robert Graham secretly brought in a cadre of Vietnamese McCain supporters, squirreled them away in the balcony so no one could see them and they became the rooting team for the introduction of McCain who was listed on the agenda as "guest."  If you were standing in the aisles when he was introduced, you were in jeopardy of getting caught in a stampede out the door.  Those who didn't leave stood and turned their backs on him.  That was not the highlight of the meeting though.  The highlight was when Chairman Graham scolded the body for their well placed loathing of the Senator.  He had spent a lot of democrat money the year before to take conservative precinct committeemen out of the party.

It might be about that raucous on January 25.  Taking a page out of Rae Chornenky's book, it seems that Chairman Ducey wrote the rules for the meeting.  No, sorry, that would be Chairman Ward aka Ducey.  It looks to be another Extrava-Shut-Down-Lolllapalooza-Ganza for the body.  In other words, no commentary from the peanut gallery in the hall, no amendments to the By-laws, no discourse on Resolutions (maybe not even a vote), and electronic voting such as was used by R. Graham to elect J. Lines three years earlier.  We got a taste of how that electronic vote goes: vote for question A and it registers for Question B instead.  Republicans do not like electronic voting.  

Question, if the body who are the creme-'d-la creme of the party can have no participation at the meeting, why not put stick figures in the seats and let all SCs sleep in?  The Chairman has a deep row to hoe on that Saturday!  Thank you, McDucey.

There will be votes for new Board members.  That would be the vice-presidents and odds and ends of others since the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the Statutory meeting in odd years.  Remember when we had an F-I-T that one of the board members, Cindy Coleman, currently 2nd Vice-Chairman, was embroiled in the sex-ed for kids in Tucson?  (See more HERE) She is looking to get re-elected.

Whoa! Is that the best the party can do?  Well, no.  This time there is a choice:  Ray Ihly.  Ray has an impressive resume` - attached.  Nowhere on there is any involvement with Sex-ed for kids.  We suggest this is the guy Republicans would want to serve on the leadership team of the Republican party with the fourth largest county in the country and a RED state (for now!)  

Then give him the job of keeping Arizona in the RED column in 2020.


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Drain the swamp
It's time to take our state back from the traitors.


Ray Ihly is the man! His endorsements should carry the floor. Vote Ray. All the time RAY! Praising God that this man stepped up. Read his BIO and VOTE Ray Ihly.

Gonna be a mtg. where we SC's will be treated to the worst behaviors from AZGOP. Stand your ground SC's.

Until you have State, County and District Bylaws comply with Arizona State law that Proxies may not be used in any elections in the state, there will never be a change.

I agree. Proxies must at the minimum be allowed only for one where a use of 1 has been proven beyond a doubt to be justified. I would support no proxies allowed.

Will the Soviet politburo be allowed to run over the real conservatives sitting on their hands, or will "We the people" take control of our party from the collectivists who smile at you and stab you in the back as you turn around?  Remember that their desire IS TO CONTROL us who support the sovereign individual.

John well put.

There will be an ample number of petitions circulating outside the SC meeting for signatures in order to "encourage" Chairman Ward to recognize and bring to a vote four Resolutions. Three of these Resolutions were similar to the ones that were shot down at the County meeting on Jan 11th by Chairman Rae Chornenky who refused to even consider them, much less to have them brought to the floor for a vote. They are (condensed form):

1. Resolution condemning Red Flag gun confiscations schemes in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

2. Resolution Prohibiting refugee "resettlement" within AZ State boundaries.

3. Resolution condemning AZ Board of Regents for violations in State Law in granting discounted tuition to Illegal Aliens at AZ State colleges and universities.

4. Resolution supporting President Trump.

This would be a great opportunity for AZ State GOP Chair Kelli Ward to redeem herself from the negative publicity she had received when she had run interference for Gov Ducey in dissolving the "original" State Resolutions Committee chaired by former State Senator Russell Pearce. This committee actually had the audacity to pass the above mentioned Resolutions at the now infamous Dec. 18, 2019 Resolutions Committee meeting. Will Chairman Ward choose being the champion of the Conservative movement in AZ (as she has alleged for years now) or will she continue down the pathway in accommodating the "establishment" side of the Republican Party (aka 'the Swamp'). The truth is in the pudding. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Anyone attending the January 25, 2020 please sign these Resolutions (or help in circulating the petition forms). We must get the signatures of 20% of those in attendance including those representing at least four different AZ Counties. We can do this!!!

Good points Clair!

Vince, a resolution will no solve the problem. The Arizona State GOP Bylaws and the County Bylaws must be brought into compliance the A.R.S. 16-102 which prohibits the use of proxies  in casting another parties vote in elections. 16-828 was enacted in 1979 I believe and 16-102 was enacted in 1992 I believe and A.R.S. 1-245 specifically provides that the later enactment appeals and abrogates the prior enactment. Thus 16-828 is no longer effective pursuant to state law. Arguments that AZGOP is a private organization also does not carry any water because the party has no control over who becomes a member. Nancy Pelosi or Charles Shumer could move to Arizona, register as a republican and immediately run for chairman of the AZGOP. It is just that the current powers including MCRC Chair  Rae Chornenke and State Chair, Kelly Ward do not want changes to be made. I worked on Bylaw changes 3 years ago and am willing to do so again, but until the majority of PC's state wide insist on a change, there will always be those out there such as in LD-1 and LD-15 that will recruit PC's just so they can carry the proxy to control the party.

I agree that County and State GOP bylaws absolutely need to be in compliance with State Statutes and I appreciate your input on the matter. However, most of us fighting to get these Resolutions recognized and voted upon understand all too well that they "will not solve the problem". Just the mere act of the State GOP Chair to actually extend a courtesy to allow these Resolutions to be heard and voted upon would at least be a psychological victory. The proxy problem certainly needs to be addressed. I believe that as more light is shown upon this politicized form of corruption the better chance we have of getting the AZ Republican Party back on track. If we need to use these Resolutions as a tool to break through the "establishment" wall, then why not support the effort?  





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