George Will Published 5:24 a.m. CT Dec. 5, 2018

Social scientists, say Colorado boosters, have plausible metrics identifying their state as the happiest and healthiest state, the former quality perhaps producing the latter. Or the other way around. Or maybe the tangle of causation cannot be unwoven. Be that as it may, 300 days of sunshine — this Mile High City is practically cheek-by-jowl with the sun — entice people into outdoor activities that help the state have chubby America’s lowest obesity rate.

Among the least happy and healthy Colorado cohorts is the Republican Party, which is less svelte than emaciated. This state is in many ways a glimpse of the nation’s future, so when national Republicans are done congratulating themselves on having lost only the most important half of what the Constitution’s Framers considered the most important branch — Congress is accorded Article I for a reason — they should study Colorado’s changing tint, from purple toward blue.

When asked whether his party’s rout of Republicans on Nov. 6 indicated that many voters recoiled when they saw “R” next to a candidate’s name, Gov.-elect Jared Polis demurs, saying that what they effectively saw was: “T.” Polis, and many of the Democratic candidates who will be in lopsided majorities in both chambers of the next state legislature, did not need much more help than Donald Trump. This flight from the president’s party matters as a national portent because Denver and its suburbs, which undulate east toward the plains and west toward the mountains, contain 50 percent of the electorate. Eighty percent is in the booming urbanization of the Front Range from Fort Collins and Greeley down to Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Also, Colorado’s population has a lower median age than those of 38 states, and its Hispanic percentage, 21, is the nation’s seventh largest. The state ranks second behind Massachusetts in the percentage of residents with bachelor’s degrees. The state last elected a Republican governor 16 years ago.

Polis, 43, was born and now lives in Boulder, a university town that is the Paris Commune with skiing. He is a progressive apple that did not fall far from the tree: Both parents — one a poet, the other an artist — were anti-war warriors in the 1960s. But rather than manning the barricades to overthrow jackbooted capitalism, Polis opted for acquisition: As a Princeton sophomore, he and two friends started an internet access company. Soon he founded two other internet-related companies, eventually selling the three for over a billion, thereafter devoting his overflowing energies to public matters, including education, with charter schools aimed at helping immigrants thrive. Polis was elected to Congress in 2008, became the first same-sex parent in the House and will now become America’s first openly gay man elected governor, a fact that is interestingly uninteresting to voters.

Although Polis is capable of heterodoxy — in Congress he supported the conclusions of Barack Obama’s Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction commission more than Obama did — his progressivism is high-octane, from free all-day kindergarten to complete state reliance on renewable energy sources — all that sunshine and a good “wind profile” — by 2040. But Colorado, which in 2012 became the first state — indeed, the world’s first jurisdiction — to fully legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana, has limits to its thirst for public-policy pioneering.

Two years ago, it resoundingly rejected, 79 percent (including Polis) to 21 percent, a ballot initiative to create a state-run universal health care system. Even Boulder County spurned it, 110,509-68,312. This was two years after Bernie Sanders’ Vermont flinched from the plan for a universal single-payer system. Vermont’s governor who proposed it decided that doubling the state’s tax revenue with an 11.5 percent payroll tax, and business and premiums costing up to 9.5 percent of individual’s income, “might hurt our economy.” Might?

Colorado Governor-elect Jared Polis hugs his Lt. Gov.-elect Dianne Primavera during his victory speech at the watch party for Colorado Democrats at the Westin Hotel in downtown Denver, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018

Colorado Governor-elect Jared Polis hugs his Lt. Gov.-elect Dianne Primavera during his victory speech at the watch party for Colorado Democrats at the Westin Hotel in downtown Denver, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. 

Colorado’s plan would have replaced private insurance, which probably displeased the state’s portion of the 157 million Americans who have employer-provided health insurance, most of whom like it. The issue got entangled with the progressives’ sacrament: abortion. Because Colorado’s constitution proscribes public funding of abortions, the state’s single-payer system would not have covered this, so Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups opposed the new system. Democratic presidential aspirants might want to trim their sails regarding government imperialism in health care.

Since George W. Bush carried Colorado by 8.4 points and then 4.7 points, it has voted Democratic in presidential elections by an average margin of 6.4 percentage points. Because it is increasingly young, urban, educated and diverse, Republicans, who fancy themselves saviors of “flyover country,” might just as well fly over Colorado.


Editor's Note:  About a decade ago, Colorado had been red for over 40 years.  Then along came The Blueprint built to show democrats how to take over a government using the Saul Alinsky method.  While the dems did a great job, the GOP turned away from the plan.  Today, they do not underwrite this plan that is clearly successful.  Why?  Maybe because the GOP - Grand OLD Party - is just that: old, staid, stuck in yesterday.

Democrats use social media and electronic voter lists effectively.  The Republicans are still trying to figure out the technology to use electronic lists on their cell phones.  We see nothing to make us think things will be changed starting today.  We can't shake the idea that they would rather have an all democrat government than lift a finger to come up to speed in the 21st Century.  The Republicans with tremendous wealth don't spend it to elect Republicans, even the progressive ones. Dems spending has been unleashed.  We see very little hope for the Republicans for the next couple of decades at best.  They don't seem to be motivated to win elections.  

Re-registering to Independent is not a solution unless one changes their ideology along with their registration.

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No longer a fan of Wills but have to agree that a study of Colorado is a good plan for the GOPee Ons.

I have difficulty accepting the notion that the Republicans should resort to Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Studying these rules would be useful to gain insight to what the democrats  have and are using.

Perhaps naively I desire that the party, Republican, under which I register with my personal affinity as a Constitutional Conservative would rise above the democrats political war games. Their game tactics need to be challenged but never should that challenge include acquiescence to political correctness nor identity politics.

I see my county GOP actively attempting to do just that, acquiesce. The problem is twofold they appear as fools. Their motivations for adopting the democrats tactics they expose as personal vendettas against a republican who is a constitutional conservative that has demonstrated the will to educate and speak truths.

Wills from the get go could not hide his hatred of Trump. Trump read the tea leaves of citizens across America he ran his campaign talking directly to these citizens and was successful.

For the GOP to win back CO they would best read the tea leaves and wage smart campaigns.

Borrowing my own words written to the President of RWOP I said, "These are gray days filled with political correctness and identity politics. The left is fully engaged in unseating a duly elected President. The days grow darker when the party under which I register, and its leaders, join the left now using their tools to unseat David Stringer, duly elected to serve our district. The only light in these dark days is glowing from a purple shining halo above too many of our Republican leaders’

From our Governor down to the AZGOP to our county GOPs through their actions I fear the future of AZ and Yavapai County remaining “red” because our leaders are marching us down a “purple brick path” and the march is a gift to the progressives.

Always study your enemies tactics then smartly and corragelessly educate voters why they are the enemy. 

Frankly we need more courageous constitutional conservatives in Congress.

. . . and no changing to Independent is not a solution. That action translates to me a squishy person who probably has already taken into their squish soup ideology of the progressive. It is hard work to effect positive change in the Republican Party and there is very little chance to try when one abandons the party.

Like you I question the "path" that the collectivists and those on the socialized left have gone to ... deception of the ignorant!  That has always been the "path" spewed by Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda, under Mao, under Stalin, and yes the modern day Democratic party.  Winston Churchill knew what it is   ..."Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery". It is "progressivism", the destruction of the sovereign individual and HIS rights to be free from oppression. Yet the Democrats call conservatives the oppressors which falls right under the Cloward-Piven strategy of making all live up to impossible rules of "social justice" whose idea was to hit the republican governmental system with a tidal wave of socialist demands it couldn’t refuse, and couldn’t fulfill. A good read how it affects the border is here:   

This is the "planned" result of legalizing drugs starting with pot. We will see the same trajectory in Arizona if it isn't stopped. The pot heads have just the one thing on their minds constantly and it isn't what is good for the country or even themselves or kids. Brain damage and addiction to the feeling they get from their high will lead us farther down the road to socialism and communism if we don't get it stopped quickly. 



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