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LD13 PC Scott Powelson: “I now believe Ted Cruz to be a stealth Establishment Candidate. How can Cruz - a first term senator from Texas - have the infrastructure in place to ‘steal delegates’ before and after the local elections? How is it that in Texas - where Republican Politicians have been run by the Establishment - a guy like Cruz is an outsider? The Establishment has pivoted to actively supporting Cruz to try to keep the Tea Party people from abandoning him. There is no way Cruz could afford the infrastructure the Establishment is providing to Cruz and Kasich to defeat Trump. The Establishment owned media has backed off most opposition to Cruz. The Bush ties Cruz had in the past and that his wife has to this day are mostly overlooked by voters who have been convinced that Cruz is an outsider. He would never have been a senator from Texas without ties to the Establishment. Texas has been ground zero for the new Establishment schemes to join Mexico, Canada and the USA in the SPP which is currently dormant thanks to the outcry of the people over the NAFTA highways being put through Texas. I started out supporting Cruz and Trump but now believe we have ‘been had by the Establishment’ when it comes to Cruz, especially when he says we can't deport 12 million illegal aliens. It is time for the USA to think about our own citizens first - before weaken ourselves to the point we can't recover. What the Cruz team is doing is only possible with the help of the old guard Establishment insiders help. The same operatives who locked out Ron Paul's delegates and ushered in McCain and Romney against Obama are apparently behind Cruz.”

[Editor:  The people are much more upset by the way things are going in both parties than the party leadership wants to admit or even see.  In both the Republican and Democrat parties, the controlling leadership is turning deaf ears to we the people.  Democrat voters are just as upset as Republican voters at how the strings are being pulled by a precious few to meet their private agendas.  The people understand that our government is supposed to be run by the governed, not by the establishment party hierarchy.  Just watch this video to see who is actually running things:  https://youtu.be/bKwO1onXAaI  It is world wide and long in place.

The governed have hit the wall on being enslaved by big money special interests that have skimmed taxpayer dollars for their own benefit, pushed one world order, double-crossed citizens, pushed amnesty to make the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and big business happy with cheap labor at the expense of American citizens.  Our banks are in terrible shape as a result of the maneuvering of what passes as leadership in both parties and Dodd-Frank.  As a result, our economy, indeed the world economy, is on the brink of disaster.  Those who are pulling these strings have set up the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and economies around the world to protect themselves for the day that the overwhelming debt worldwide finally takes its toll.  

It was recently said, "Trump is connected to Wall Street.  Cruz IS Wall Street!  Correct!  Currently, there is more debt in the world than there is currency circulating.  Much of the wealth is stashed in cash and not circulating.  It's time for both parties to undergo a metamorphosis!  We delude ourselves if we think Cruz is not a part of that.  It's time for we the people to actually select the Republican nominee and Democrat nominee that we the people want as representatives of the respective parties and then the people should be able to vote without fraudulent voting machines - both the mechanical ones and the human ones!  Corruption is so entrenched in our world society that we don't even see it.  Now, many voters are undergoing an awakening and have spoken in huge numbers across the land.  We the people are dangling on a thread created by the establishment for decades.]

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The court cases are coming up in several states that have not yet voted.  I don't trust the courts but they may eventually get it right.  I believe in miracles.

If Trump goes independent, republicans, democrats, independents, all will vote for Trump and I think he would win.  I'd vote for him.  Can't get worse than who the establishment will pick and could get better.  I like the odds.

He won't bring a lawsuit because he won't win and he knows that.

Brad Heward started a discussion that is appropriate in this forum as well: http://bit.ly/voter-welfare-fraud

Answer: Donald J. Trump

Can it be true that we are actually waking up to the reality of how we have been played by the Establishment Elites (Political Class) in our party, as they have convinced us that we are doing "God's Work" by volunteering for their candidates?  WE have been doing the Work, but it is their work, and not the Lord's Work.  We work the phones, knock on doors, donate to Their candidates and help in every way we can, so that republican candidates are elected.  Then, when many of those candidates, do their work in office, and we witness no change to the status quo and we express our unhappiness with this and them, what happens?  Until now, we did what we have done during the previous election cycles and suffer the same results.  

Now comes the question, that we might ask ourselves, "Have we had enough"? I know that I, sure as all hell, have.  And it is no longer acceptable for me to support all republican candidates simply because they have an "R" next to their names. I strongly suggest that you consider doing the same.

The Real Cruz has surfaced.................and he has horns. 

His cruz is NOT the Cross.  It is the upside-down cross, the so-called 'Peace' symbol.

"when they are saying, “peace and security,” then sudden destruction comes"   1 Thess 5:3

More of trump lies! He knows the process so who does he want to fool!


There is a lot of discussion going on about "The Establishment" and who is or is not part of it. Let's forget that for a moment and discuss why Trump has been getting the attention of millions of voters who were previously apathetic, disgusted or disenfranchised. THE PEOPLE ARE ANGRY! The real issue is government corruption at all local, state and federal levels. The entire process was originally set up by the Clintons, during the days Al Gore actually claimed he invented the Internet. What they actually created was A MATRIX OF FRAUDS designed to turn otherwise honest people into criminals by offering lessons in how to defraud the FREE MONEY PROGRAMS OUT OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS! This is what caused our current situation in the world. WE ARE NOW A DO-NOTHING COUNTRY. This was the design of the people behind it and it was intended to destroy our leadership position in the world. Just examine the outcome, it is working just as planned! Here is the rest of the current plan: ONLY THE GENERAL ELECTION MATTERS. The Independent vote will determine the election results again BY ABSENTEE BALLOT, BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FRAUD IS.

The only way we will see the true election, resulting in the will of the people, is for it all to be tested, by Mr. Trump in Civil Courts. THAT IS WHERE THE FACTUAL DATA IS! 





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