This is just a preliminary report based on snippets we are being told as they happen:

It's reported but not verified that:

Whole districts are voting for Robert Graham.  If so, it's all over for other candidates.

Verified info: candidates who signed up to be delegate candidates in the congressional district caucuses were confirmed.  But when the voting began, some of them found out they had been summarily removed from the candidate list and moved to the At-Large list.  We did check on some of the names we got and indeed, this happened.  One person reported their name was removed from both the caucus and at-large lists.

There was a "Trump Slate" underwritten by the AZGOP.  It looks more like a McCain list with every establishment candidate running on it.  During the voting process, anyone who had not gotten an updated emailed Trump Slate that morning would not be able to see who was on the Trump Slate unless they voted it first!  Examples of who was on the Trump slate: Robert Graham, Ducey (of course. protocol, you know); Jan Brewer (she was cheated out of a seat in 2016 when Graham stacked the deck against conservatives across the board, not that Gov Brewer is a conservative but compared to McCain...), and various other notable establishment McCain delegates plus some token conservatives to give the list credibility.  The problem is that delegates were fooled into thinking those on the Trump Slate were actually those who are working for Trump, supported him from the beginning, etc.

Considering AZGOP was using electronic voting for the most part (those who don't use smart phones had to wait for a call to vote over a land line), the voting seemed to take forever.  If everyone had been in one place, this would be the time people talked, met new friends and dreamed up rumors.  That is the most fun part of the convention!

On the procrastination front, AZGOP gave delegates nearly a week, right up to an hour before the convention was to convene, to get credentialed and get their personal ID # assigned and registered, some Republican delegates failed to do that and were doing their best to be let in anyway.  To her credit, Chairman Ward said, Nope, you had your chance.

The tabulation is taking a very long time because the voting system, VOATZ, is being very s-l-o-w making calls to all who don't have cell phones.  As we wait for the tabulation results, we are taking bets:

It has been decided (by Ducey? Rona McDaniel?) that Graham will be the next National Committeemen.  It's amazing what blackmail can do!  As Stalin said, "it's enough that we held an election."  Lori Klein Corbin will be a shoo in since her single competition is not well liked among conservaterians.


At long last, the results are being announced.  Whew, we were wrong about the stack up for Graham.  Never have we been so happy at being wrong!!   Tyler Bowyer came in first with  561 votes, needing only 554 to win out of 1105 cast. 

Lori Klein Corbin is re-elected as National Committeewoman.  No surprise there.  She was far and away the best candidate.

Robert Graham tried to blackmail his way into the National Committeeman slot but in fact, he came in a distant 2nd.  Even then, we are stunned he got 2 votes.  American Post-Gazette who endorsed Graham was totally wrong or just not truthful when they reported to Mrs. Powell that their calls were running 50-50 for Graham.  He he!  Tyler Bowyer wins the prize, Graham got only 186, Brett Mecum 173, Joe Neglia 110 and no one else got enough to report. 

All resolutions passed with big support is our prediction but they are still, at 8:08pm, waiting to announce.

To find out who was elected from each Congressional Caucus, go to in a day or so.

Congratulations to all winners.

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Tyler Boyer.

Oh, you mean we got played again? Like that slick Tyler Bow Wow. His Turning Point USA is a fraud; but hey, you vote for the guy who gave you a free book, right?

Haven't been following this race as closely as many others have been but it seems to me like 'Anyone but Graham' would've been the best possible outcome ..... although I'd have thought Joe Neglia would've placed higher.    

Anyone but Hitler; now we have Stalin

This was another con job by the AZ RINO Association.

They pushed the "Trump Slate" but didn't tell anyone who was on it; at least they didn't tell me or anyone i know. So who is really on the Trump slate? People who hate Trump and opposed him in the first election; and RINO's; and the McCain Mafia. Different year, SOS. Since this was a "Virtual" Convention they had the perfect opportunity to pull a fast one on us and blame in on the limitations of the technology. "But everyone loved it" so they said; eeh not so much

You tell it straight, Harry.  That is exactly what happened.  I'm waiting to see who got the CD slots.  Do you think any conservative voted for Ducey but bet he got a slot.  I did see a Trump slate only because a pc in my district sent it and it was totally different from the one posted on their website at the last minute.  I chked it Friday and it changed by Saturday.  We've been manipulated again by as you say, that SOB mccain mafia.  I am suspicious about how long it took to get a count given most of it was electronic.  Find new ways to cheat?  BTW Bowyer was the planned winner all along.  Elect what some thought was a conservative chairman, corruption before they get out of the church.

We must fight tooth and nail to return to our meetings being at a site we can all attend. Virtual conventions are pushed by those who want top down government.

The fact Tyler Bower sent books means he should be the last person to be considered as National Committeeman.  We all know the history of Robert Graham who never should be a National Committeeman for the Arizona Republican Party.

God help us.





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