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Forty-one House Republicans voted against a bill Friday that would have secured funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall, addressed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and included E-verify, among other conservative provisions.

Members voted on an amended version of GOP Reps. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Michael McCaul of Texas’s bill that provided more border security funding, only granted DACA recipients a temporary protected three-year legal status with no pathway for citizenship — which moderate Republicans are fervently asking leadership to provide — and included other features. (RELATED: What’s Up With Immigration In Congress)

The bill failed in the House in a 193-231 vote Thursday. (RELATED: Goodlatte Bills Failed In The House)

Here the Republican members who voted against the bill:

Paul Gosar of Arizona
Andy Biggs of Arizona
Jeff Denham of California
David, Valadao of California
Steve Knight of California
Dana Rohrabacher of California
Mike Coffman of Colorado
Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida
Carlos Curbelo of Florida
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida
Drew Ferguson of Georgia
Mike Simpson of Idaho
Peter Roksam of Illinois
Steve King of Iowa


Some of the members who voted against the bill did so because leadership altered the bill before the final vote, adding on amendments and provisions they deemed “amnesty.”

Leadership (Ryan & McCarthy) rolled out another proposal after a conference meeting on June 11, calling it a compromise proposal. The bill includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, known as “Dreamers,” as well as some funding for the president’s much-lauded border wall and provisions to end the separation of children from their parents who illegally immigrated to the U.S.

See rest of list HERE

On the matter of "separation" and thanks to MS:

More people need to wake up to the

foolish narrative being parroted every day by the false media of children

being separated from their parents.  We're already hearing  stories of

"parents" who are not parents bringing in minors to do God knows what...

or we do know what and it is horrendous.

We need to keep pounding this home again and again.  When American

citizens are arrested for whatever reason their children do not go to

prison with them.  Families are separated. 

These are not made up stories here;  they are real news stories. 

We have to fight tooth and nail to make sure our country is not overrun by

illegals.  We must seal the borders.   We cannot back down or our country

will be transformed for the worse forever. 

We need to somehow drum up enough people who will gather together in

droves to make our voices heard, loud and often.

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Drain the damn swamp
Amen!! Drain that swamp!!


Well, who knows what amendments were placed inside this bill since no one got to read it 4 days before voting.  And the last minute stuffing by others must have altered this bill beyond recognition.  AS far as Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs not voting it surely must have stunk to high heavens.  But drain that swamp of all it's creatures no matter who they are.  I'm more than ready to vote all 535 out and replace with real conservatives and not swamp dwellers!!

Unfortunately, we don't get to vote on all 535, though it might be a good idea. :)

Please drain the swamp already

Jay, The swamp in The District is so widespread and has been in play for decades that "draining it already" will take decades to accomplish. A worthy goal to pull the plug to drain and expose the critters who dwell in that deep dark water. 

We have work to do and send the President some help.

The R Leadership added language that would translate to amnesty for untold millions.  Thank God that 41 Repubs had the balls to block this bill.  The whole issue should be put off until there is a new Congress in January when we will be able to get the BEST bill passed that will not have a provision for amnesty of any kind.

I will bet cash you are correct Joanne D. by the people who voted against it. If it had been as advertised Steve King would have voted for it. Because he and two of our stalwarts from AZ voted no I am sure you are right in what you have written. My question is what happened to the other AZ members? What were they thinking? Has the swamp claimed Debbie Lesko already or has she always been a Poser? I think we had better look closely at who is running here in AZ and how they voted on this and why. There is a primary election coming up and there may be a better person running than who is in the office now. President Trump needs the help of our Congress members not more of the same from RINO Paul Ryan and friends.

Bingo, Joanne.  That is why we put [...] indicating we skipped to more important language in that article.  We wonder how many people read down to that part of our post.  We also, like you, celebrate those who stood firm against amnesty, the elephant on that bill.

To John Powelson: on Debbie Lesko - YES.  That is exactly why Sandra Dowling is running against her and why they actually spent $ trying to challenge Dowling off the ballot.  Fortunately, Dowling didn't take the bait, fought back as she should have since she had hundreds more signatures than needed.  Now conservatives in CD8 actually have a candidate to support who has a much better chance to hold that seat for the Republicans.  And SHE will be invited to join the Freedom Caucus!

Remove them from our House !






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