We blame Paul Ryan!  And those who supported him.  Happy when we see his backside heading out the door.  But he will be back.


The results are in, and Republicans have lost the majority in the House of Representatives. This outcome was disappointing, but not surprising.

The president’s party loses an average of 32 seats in the House during a midterm election year. It has been this way since 1862, with only two exceptions. Republican leadership needed an unusually high GOP turnout to preserve the majority, and as luck would have it, they had the tools to make it happen.

Republicans had control over two branches of government, a strong economy, a president enthusiastically stumping for GOP candidates, even a last-minute enthusiasm boost from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

If ever there was a year for a historic upset, this would have been it. Unfortunately, congressional Republicans failed to check off the most important box of all: They forgot to govern like Republicans.

When congressional Republicans govern like Democrats, likely GOP voters stay home. This is normally the moment when Republican Party “strategists” release a 100-page autopsy to analyze “what went wrong” this cycle, but I will save them the trouble.

Rather than seizing the once-in-a-generation opportunity to create an enduring legacy of free markets, lower taxes, shrinking debts, and economic growth, Republicans in Congress made four critical mistakes that ultimately cost them the majority.

Continue to see all four mistakes...

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While I agree with the content as well as the general theme of the article, I also looked at the conundrum of trying to defend/maintain forty (40) seats of retiring legislators who packed their do nothing bags, took their do nothing federal pension and headed for the islands to enjoy their "unearned" booty... It's been very sad indeed... And the way these hundreds of thousands of ballots continue to "magically" appear, there is concern over the senate as well... There "should be NO way that Senema should be beating Martha but that appears to be a possibility along with the races in Florida and Mississippi, all still up in the air. 

The outgoing GOP house members saw the writing on the wall, didn't want to be accountable … wanted to take their spoils and run.  Establishment republicans...

I believe it's time that all face facts about what's been going on for Decades in the GOP, most Republicans wanted to Win Elections so badly that they willingly followed the GOP Theology of Lesser of Two Evils which has brought us to this point in time. Look back at the 2016 General Election Results;

2016 General Results 4 Maricopa County


  1. Trump  729,636
  2. Arpaio  650,815

Difference =   78,821

Where did the Votes come from 4 Penzone? I believe 78,851 of course came from the McCain Republicans, but where did the  come from? This is why we’re losing AZ. We must put Real GOP Reps in Office beginning with the Leadership of the GOP.

  1. Penzone  838,298 - 78,821  =  759,477 where's the other 76,322 votes come from?
  2. Clinton     683,155 

Difference      =  155,143   
When you do the Math it's fairly simple to see what took place many in the GOP crossed over and then there were some who didn't even Vote for President who Voted 4 Sheriff, that in itself is a bit strange and should have been questioned but wasn't, however those in the GOP who voted for Penzone is the problem and it appears to be happening again as the Green Candidates running for Gov and US Senate have gotten almost the same number of Votes, but GOP Votes 4 McSally vs. Ducey is a difference of 114,000 at this point so believe we have a similar problem in Maricopa County again.

The Grant Woods / McCain factor also must be taken into account with the former GOP AG & McCain Chief of Staff Endorsing Sinema and doing Ads for her also hurt McSally, however he finally announced what we've been saying for sometime now that he's now a Registered Democrat and will probably run for the US Senate in 2020, as he'd laid the foundation for a campaign and if Sinema goes onto win she'll owe him and all the other McCainites her victory and her support as well. 

I hope all True GOP Registered Voters will begin to realize that this Lesser of Two Evils must be eradicated from us and never Vote for any who fit the mold whether for Public Office and Especially not for Office within the AZGOP.

We need to fix these issues before the 2020 Cycle starts and a good time to begin this is with the Elections for State and County Leadership in January, as we're having a Political Civil War within the GOP and we had better Win It, or it's over in AZ.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

This just hi-lights what I have said for years. Which is that McCain and his crew are Democrats using an R as camouflage. They aren't even RINOs at all. The truth is out now that McCain is gone Flake isn't pretending anymore and neither are McCains former top people. Better put this into memory because these guys may come back claiming they are really conservatives and our brain dead brethren may forget these days of shame and truth for these liars and thieves.

Van, I too crunched numbers past and the current general   election and I AGREE the story that played out is full of conundrums. Fishy.

I turned in the form to put my name in for state committeewoman for we as you said "Political Civil War within the GOP and we had better Win It, or it's over in AZ."

Agree completely and I know they'll have another so called good candidate to run at County & State, and believe we'll hear the message of Unity is needed, however without purging and making sure those who Voted for the NPV are held to account it will just be more of the same old thing and that's what many don't realize they want Unity but don't realize what those running mean by that and we just end up in the same old hole.
God Bless You;  Van 

Van, Of course the general and the primary elections are two different beast.

Wondering if there is any value to be gained from the results of these two elections in understanding the upsets that occurred.

The numbers I posted were both from the General in 16 and if you examine the numbers easy to see why Penzone won.

I have been studying relative to U.S. Senator, SOS and Supt of Public Instruction.

Draining the swamp of the swamp dwellers is a big project!  He is doing pretty good I think

I agree with the article . Our state of AZ now has a Senator who is pro Taliban over a military person. Gov Ducey didn't wait for the official call on the Sec of State and offered his congrats to the Democrat. He then appoints a Democrat to the BD of Regents. No outrage voiced by any Republican about the stolen election. The AZ GOP was silent through out and then decides to announce an investigation to CYA. Ducey caved to the RedforEd placing our children in the hands of Marxists. The GOP prefers Democrats to Conservative Republicans. When Sen Mitch McConnell sticks his beak in other states his Establishment candidate loses elections
We do not have true Republicans, we do not have leaders we have McCainites and Sinema could not be happier

We had a Nationwide Surrender by the Republican Party  3 Senators & 23 House Members as they all retired, knowing it's hard to hold an open seat, and when you look at the states and districts they left open we lost most of them. This is just another way the Never Trumpers decided to fight the Will of the People and here in AZ Flake was without a Doubt the worst among them and is still out peddling his form of what he believes a Republican is. Flake was on the View today praising McCain and degrading Trump, this is why the people must purge the GOP of all the Never Trumpers and others who violate their Oath of Office. If we want to accomplish this it will take $$$$$$$$$$$$'s to support True Constitutional Candidates and that must come from the People as the Big Money only supports Purple GOP Career Politicians and if any haven't figured that out yet at least in AZ all they need to do is look at the State Legislators who Voted 4 NPV and then got Re Elected or even Pushed up the AZ Political Ladder with hopes of going even higher, if we don't stop this then it's on us not anyone else.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 



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