State Committeeman Rose Sperry: "I’ve been a PC and State Committeeman for a number of years and am totally frustrated at the movement in our state to fill the vacant PC slots. Not because they’re trying to fill them but because these people don’t seem to care who the PC is. Do they not realize that these PCs are potential State Committeemen that will lead our party? In the last few years, the State Committeemen have gone through the filtering system of those Republicans in name only who prefer “go along to get along” State Committeemen rather than to have dissenters who will speak up for We the People. Our last AZGOP meeting in January showed much loathing for those who dared to challenge the status quo. It’s a sorry state of affairs we’re in when the majority of the populace shows such disdain for the Patriot who has found the courage to step up and hold accountable those in our party who would destroy it. The shame and blame lie with those who lead the movement of filling the PC vacancies without even suggesting a vetting system for these potential leaders. Perhaps the following article by Robert Weissberg will open the eyes of many." A Movement Let By Sheep

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