AZGOP Files Third Complaint Against Democrat State Senator Bowie and CA's Sister District Project for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

“Given that Bowie served as the treasurer for his own campaign, he was directly responsible for the unlawful coordination and contributions made by SDP.”

PHOENIX – The Republican Party of Arizona filed a third complaint with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ office, accusing Sister District Project, a California-based political action group, of unlawfully interfering in the 2018 Arizona State Legislature election cycle on behalf of then-District 18 State Senate candidate Sean Bowie.

Filed by Republican Party of Arizona General Counsel Dennis Wilenchik, the complaint states that after its first two submissions the party received a letter from the Secretary of State’s office, in which it was informed that SDP had in fact admitted it violated state campaign finance laws, but that the Secretary of State did not believe a referral to the Attorney General’s Office was appropriate.

In the complaint, the Arizona Republican Party includes “additional evidence of SDP and Sean Bowie’s unlawful campaign coordination,” and adds that “should you fail to refer this matter to the Attorney General’s Office once again, then we will do so on our own initiative.”

The Arizona Republican Party reveals that, since its original letter, it has become aware of new evidence “which indisputably concludes that SDP made substantial in-kind contributions in coordination with, and on behalf of, Sean Bowie, which neither disclosed to the Secretary of State’s office,” adding: “Given that Bowie served as the treasurer for his own campaign, he was directly responsible for the unlawful coordination and contributions made by SDP.”

In closing, the complaint states: “As such, we demand that you refer this matter to the Attorney General’s Office for further investigation. A.R.S. 16-938(C)(1). Your failure to do so thus far constitutes either a dereliction of your official duties or unacceptable political bias. In the event that you do not refer this matter within ten (10) calendar days, we will do so at our own behest.”

To view the complaint, click here.

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I recall Randy Miller asking several questions about the campaign spending of Sen. Livingston in LD22 about some of his spending and still waiting to be answered by him for irregularities and probably won't be answered now or ever, the GOP should look into their own as well, but doubt that will happen unless of course they'd happen not to follow the orders from GOP leadership & Lobbyists. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk


You are so right! In the political arena we have become a society that only approves holding accountable those who don’t benefit us.. We have taken to heart The Eleventh Commandment made so popular by President Reagan which says “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican” that we fail to expose our own who are doing more harm to the party. Perhaps, if we took to heart The Ten Commandments, which are sanctioned by God, as Republicans seem to support the Eleventh, we might find more truths concerning those we support for office. We should then become wiser in our voting which just might get us out of the mess we’re in today.

Rose; thank you for the comment on my post, and yes most of our real enemies are the Benedict Arnolds of our day, as to the Eleventh commandment speak no ill, for me means not to mislead or lie about GOP Opponents, but nothing wrong with tell the Truth about those who have Voted against Our Freedoms & Rights for they are the Real Evil we need to Battle, and hopefully all across the country they'll be challenged in Primaries so we can have new office holders who'll support Our Values and thereby support President Trump.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

If I might the controversy associated with the recent email blast from AZGOP resulted in much opposition. Opposition voiced, it worked, and resulted in a good lesson learned by all plus PC's should realize their voices will be included and sought.

CD-1 recently sent Pierce to the AZ legislature. What did he do, voted the lone Republican vote not to amend a bill removing nunchucks. The wording so broad  it would allow a jump rope possession stretched to be against the law. Silly to do this Pierce thought, my thought was silly not too.

Pierce must have heard a loud outcry for he sent "friends" an explanation. His explanation didn't change my view. Question remains for me is did Pierce learn a lesson? Not convinced he did but the RINO's wanted Pierce, did they learn a lesson? Don't think so.

Chair Ward I believe learned a lesson.

The Left Wing of the GOP doesn't learn lessons as voters continue to vote 4 them, I hope the Voters will learn a lesson but doubt it as most don't pay attention, however up to the PCs to find a candidate to support against him and others, or the Left Wing will continue to run AZ.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

I do worry Van that staunch conservatives may fall short in identifying candidates. I  have proposed one good and true conservative and still waiting for my pack leaders to take a bite of a better fruit.

I just hate whining from folks when we conservatives do not do what is necessary.

No matter who is elected our attention to them can not falter. It only means another stage of work for us begins. We must help them to stay on the "right" path.

Most in office have proven they're nothing more than CONs, and unfortunately holding them accountable falls short as winning is more important to most than their votes, sad as this practice has led to the leadership we have and most know it but prefer to stay ignorant when it comes to their Votes vs. Rhetoric, report cards don't lie but they do in DC SWAMP & AZ Cesspool. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

Van, You consistently take liberty in casting many of us when you choose to state " prefer to stay ignorant when it comes to their Votes vs. Rhetoric". No doubt some do but "most?" I don't share this view. 

Patricia; I believe this simply by what I see at the meetings with those in office who continue to run and win you know the Career Politicians who've voted for all this bad legislation such as NPV and the Bill on Ed they just passed and know they'll get away with it as most voters never know and some who do believe in the Better of Two Evils Theology, not meant to offend any who don't however what's being done isn't enough to defeat the GOP Machine of McCain that still prevails in AZ GOP Politics.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

I hear you Van. Agree that far to often the GOP candidates of the truly vanila type pushed forward and then they rely on the fact that those registered as R's will support the GOP candidates of the vanila variety in the general just to keep AZ red. This will not be enough going forward. Until the GOP's in our county's understand they need to embrace stanch constitutional conservatives instead of waging war against the conservative guaranteed AZ will go blue.

Not at all sure the 3rd time will bare the result needed but pleased the "complaint" was waged again. Now even if the filed "complaint" goes no where with the Hobbs the complaint has political value that can be put in the ammo box to defect her in the next election she must compete in. If this comment is has truth, then "complaint" has value.

Honestly I think that "complaints" from our community would surface if there was no "complaint" made by AZGOP as well.



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