Remember the face of the woman in this picture. She is Sarah Chamberlain the CEO of an organization called Main Street Partnership, which has been building a RINO/globalist voting bloc within the Congress, for a number of years. Main Street Partnership’s intention is to build the voting bloc large enough to control voting outcomes.

If you retain any doubts about Main Street's intentions, take careful note of the fact that Sarah refers to her bloc members as “the governing wing of the Republican Party.” By that, she can only main the same kind of RINOs-in-Charge currently doing their best to completely purge all conservatives from active positions in the AZGOP. Viewed by we small folk--who don’t believe in blocs, but in individual conscience and the obligation to vote the will of the people--what Main Street Partnership is trying to do can only be judged as deliberate acts against the Constitution.

If you don't realize how powerful 34 members of Congress can be, read this line from Sarah's email of today: "34 Republicans is more than enough to deny Republicans a majority, sending a signal to leadership about the sentiments of moderates."  Now that is a subversive statement, if I ever read one!

Yet, Sarah is so proud of what she is accomplishing that her headline in today’s email reads:: “Moderate Republican lawmakers push Ryan on DACA solution.” Here’s another headline on the same subject, this one from the Business Insider: Dozens of House Republicans are demanding a permanent DACA fix by t...   (In case that link doesn't work, here it is again: https://  

I show the headline to demonstrate something you already know--how the press falls into line WITH Sarah’s agenda--as they do with all globalist agendas--and how their headlines glide right past the main point, which is that these “moderates” want wide open borders and amnesty for everyone, apparently. 

I quote just one telling passage from the letter this group sent to Speaker Ryan:
“It is imperative that Republicans and Democrats come together to solve this problem now and not wait until next year,” the letter said. “In this moment, we must address the urgent matter before us in a balanced approach that does not harm valuable sectors of our economy [BALDFACED LIE!] nor the lives of these hard-working young people.”

It is impossible not to comment that this pablum spewed out by Main Street Partnership is shot through with ground glass! We have no way of knowing, of course, but can certainly guess, the nature of the invisible people who are probably behind Main Street Partnership. I have no doubt that this organization is becoming a significantly muscular arm for the globalist cabal, so it is quite serious that they have so quietly and effectively taken aim directly at controlling votes in our Congress.

People need to be warned. Trump needs to be told. Articles need to be written. We must all make it our business to monitor the Main Street Partnership and increasingly report its activities, which I have already pledged to do. But it takes repetition! We all need to Forward links for reports about this group to your email list. Tell everybody you can, about them. Make them famous—or infamous, as they truly should be.

I’ll follow, soon, with another report on a real honest-to-goodness congressional member of Main Street Partnership. She is someone we’ve all heard of and been frustrated by. Her name is Martha McSally (R. AZ), of Tucson. Now, do you understand how a decorated military veteran who claims to be conservative could vote the way she does? There is even more to that story...

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