Navajo County Republicans Chairman, Steven Slaton, has been sending letters to White Mountain Independent on activities of Sen. Sylvia Allen over the past couple of years. The WMI is the only actual newspaper in and around the White Mountain area and read by most of the residents in these small communities:

Here is breaking news. Reports have been confirmed that the Federal Election
has fined the AZGOP $23,000 for reporting issues during the 2016 election cycle when AZGOP Robert Graham was the AZGOP Chairman. Current AZGOP chairman Jonathan Lines was the AZGOP treasurer for Graham during the 2016 election cycle. This is what we have been fighting, and you [the WMI has a very unusual editor: he has a bias that from time to time rears its head when deciding what the community needs to know.] wouldn’t publish the facts.

This is also what Senator Sylvia Allen has been protecting!!! And your paper wouldn’t believe us. This is what, as well, Sylvia Allen and her band of Minions have been circling the wagons to keep from exposing the Truth. Sylvia Allen has a problem with telling the Truth. Jim Vance, Dustin Graham, Jill Skaufel, Kellee Hunt tried to take over the
NCRC to keep this corruption covered up. There’s still a legal question going on with them.

Now that Brenda Barton is going to challenge Sylvia Allen for the Senate Seat in LD-6, Brenda will expose Sylvia’s lies on the ABC Campaign, making laws To benefit her charter school and the nepotism she does for her family members. [Editor's NOTE:  Allen ran a bill that would protect her close relative from prosecution for an alleged illegal act.  That bill was pulled after public outcry at such shenanigans.  Lawmakers are never supposed to make into law any legislation based on a personal situation. This is another level of corruption wrought against an unsuspecting public.]  

We will be doing everything possible to get Brenda elected to represent LD-6 in the Senate. Brenda is a truthful hard working representative who will serve us well.


Editor: This is the kind of activism the public needs to engage in if we expect integrity in our legislative system.  AFA posted an article on this: Arizona is in Big Trouble - Chew on this

In 2015/2016, a member of AZRA filed a claim or claims against AZGOP for mis-reporting their income and statements about how much income actually came to AZGOP.  AZGOP Graham spent a good deal of time crowing about his fundraising ability.  It appeared that then-AZGOP Chairman, Robert Graham, was moving money around among bank accounts, counting it as "donations" every time it went from one bank account to another.  Some of these transfers appeared to be in violation of FEC laws of moving money between some of these accounts.  AFA did the research via the FEC and believe these transfers did indeed violate FEC laws.  We handed it over to the AZRA for further review and possible action against Robert Graham and the AZGOP.  After some time, the FEC decided not to pursue an investigation and it was widely suspected that Sen. McCain quashed that investigation.  No proof has been revealed on such interference but it fits with McCain's protectionism of his team and Graham (and now, Lines) is certainly on the McCain Machine team.  You can find further information on the shenanigans of Robert Graham on this site by searching that name.

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I’m telling you the corruption and illegal activities run deep, drain the swamp and put them in jail





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