This is the first time I have started a new post so I hope I do it the right way.

I think it's important before our meeting on Saturday January 26 to have as many facts about the candidates as possible.  One of my friends sent this to me and I got on my twitter account to check it out.  It's legit.

Seaton is the guy at AZGOP who has done extensive opposition research on McCain's opponents.  This guy is not given to lying when facts are so much more interesting.  This is what he tweeted:

My question- why did she hide her transfer of funds to herself using a sham company if she thought this was OK?  Didn't donors want their money to go toward ads and other means of campaigning?  Using it for travel is also OK and a legit campaign expense.  Paying her mortgage from campaign funds, not so much.

Yeah, I know I'm going to piss off some people on this site who are not interested in facts so much as in their own ideology but this is just the way it is. We need to know this kind of thing about a candidate.  Yeah, there are plenty of people who know what's really going on with Ward. She did attack her former volunteers for working for the Republican, McSally, in the general. Why I wonder? Wouldn't we all prefer a republican to a democrat, especially Sinema, in that seat?

So what about it, AFA. Will you blast this out so all state committeemen can know the facts?

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Jasper, I do not think that you would be prevented from submitting and having your words posted in the Briefs.

Frosty is a jewel. She is appreciated by so many. Attacking Frosty is not wise however Frosty has included commentary that has questioned her -- oops Frosty appreciative peoples you will count on to be at Frosty's rescue. I have a basketful of respect myself of Frosty. She provides a much needed service to us all.

Frosty very rarely would post her own views.

If you think Jonathan Lines did a good job, then don't vote Kelli Ward.  We are a purple state now, and if we continue down the same path and expect different results, Arizona will be Bright Blue in 2020.

Well that is great advice. Since I do not the Lines did a good job and is deserving of being shown the door I am voting for Kelli Ward, count on it!

Todays Briefs had a good piece from LD16 Dennis Hultman: What to do? Currently there are 4 AZGOP chairman candidates. Pragmatic Mr. Hultman was.

Correction:  There are three candidates: Lines, Ward, Shamley.  Frank Thorwald, to no ones surprise, withdrew and threw his five votes to Lines.

Three, intention is to split the vote and let Lines win.

Jfreden, It is much harder to do that when there are three or more candidates in the race due to multiple rounds of voting.  It's been since 2011 that this happened at the AZGOP.  We don't have any faith that Lines will conduct a fair and proper election.  We are with Jasper that the fix is in.  We can say this: it is unlikely that a clear winner will emerge on round one if properly conducted.  If Lines gets 50%+1 on round one, somebody better be calling for division and a roll call vote.  And if that happens, somebody better be keeping notes on credentials numbers by district.  Had that been done in 2017 by O'Connor, Lines would not have been the chairman in our estimation.

AFA, It makes me very sad that 1. the election is not expected to be conducted properly. 2. Feeling that a fix is in to ensure Lines win. 2.Proxies abuse to aid the fix.

But I am still in to try to make a difference.

Voting on the proxy resolution is a good reason to be there as well.

For all the Briefs had a notification from the College Republicans

"The College Republicans United at ASU and Republicans United (non-ASU students) are planning an anti-Jonathan Lines protest between 7:45 am-2:30 pm., Sat., Jan 26 AZGOP ."

Worth a thought to joining in when and if you can. 

In the Briefs today Archie Dickerson's word to Tristan Manos is worth a read. It saddens me that what Archie asserts Yavapai County SC's well we are sorta skewed I think given the State of Maricopa and all the fixes for Lines -- discouraging but we must try and conservatives will try to dump Lines. Will the RINO SC's of my county do not hold expectations that they would vote for ousting Lines.

jfreden, Now that Sat had passed we conservatives won big time. Kelli won and for the first time in a while I have a    song bird singing in my heart.

Thank you to Mr. Goat for this post. The tweet to which he refers is an eleventh hour whisper campaign filled with innuendo and perhaps a rabbit hole at the end. LD16 Dennis Hultman wrote a worthy analysis. I agree we must elect the right chairman this time. Kelli Ward has earned my trust and my vote. She is the right leader to inspire strenuous fitness for Arizona. 

No need to call me Mr.  Jasper is fine.  I read that but he couldn't seem to keep the name straight.  11th hour whisper campaign.  Most whisper campaigns are secret and I would guess whoever knows that so I doubt it. Whisper campaigns aren't likely to be carried out on Twitter.  kinda loses the concept of "whisper."  More like 11th hour opposition research.

Just remember if Ward gets elected, which I doubt since the vote codes have been distributed to friends of Lines I expect, you were told.  There is a reason she is a two time loser.

I view Ward as two-time winner with her experience fighting the establishment. She is purified in the fire of combat! She recognizes truth and untruth.

Splitting the vote with late comers....remember Arpaio.





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