The Ariozna Republican Party is in disarray.  It has been in disarray for over a decade, in fact, a very long time but not as bad as it is today.  The major problem is outlined belose.  We will add that the death of John McCain will change nothing.  He built a machine that includes prominent Republicans who weild power and money against conservative Republicans who actually believe in the party Platform and the origin of the party.  This changes only one way: if you are a precinct committeeman and will bring your friends and neighbors into the party as precinct committeemen.  Then you, if you got elected a PC on August 28, could have the power, if you have the guts to weild it, to change the party by getting elected as a state Committeeman at your district/county meeting before the first of January.  WE are the people who are the Republican base, not the McCainiacs who are going to be around for a while yet.


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                                                                                           August 16, 2016
Disgraceful leadership of the Republican Party at both the State and County level could cost Republicans dearly in the upcoming election. Democrats are poised to take several Statewide seats away from Republicans including the Governors office if Ducey wins the primary. Although we could argue Democrats already hold both Senate seats, an actual honestly registered Democrat could win one of the seats. Why and how did this happen?
Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines might be a good family man and reportedly a good businessman. What he is not good at is bringing the state Republican Party together. Being a John McCain puppet will do that to a person. RINOs like him; the conservative base does not and does not trust him. Mr. Lines has done nothing to bridge the ideological and integrity gap between the McCain faction and the conservative faction of the Party. It’s gotten worse.
Conservative Gabby Mercer, elected as state party secretary in January 2017, resigned last month (July) after only 18 months on the job, saying she was “just the secretary in name only.” Ms. Mercer was not allowed to do the job she was elected to do. Mr. Lines did not give her access to anything. What is he hiding? Who is he protecting? All meeting minutes and records of income and expenses need to be made easily accessible to all party members. It should all be on the state party website. It’s not. Why not?
This is standard operating procedure of criminals; it shouldn’t be how the state Republican Party operates. But with McCain operatives running the show that’s what’s happening. State Party Treasurer Bob Lettieri is also treated like trash. He was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement--the first time ever--before McCain puppet Lines would give him access to the records. Mr. Lines was the previous treasurer before moving up to the chairman’s slot. Again, what does he have to hide? That money belongs to party members--not to the party leadership. Transparency is the order of the day, every day. All financial records need to be on the state party website. They are not. Why not?
Who is really to blame? Other than John McCain and his kitchen cabinet sycophants, all Republicans are to blame because they allowed it to happen. Conservatives got lazy and got outmaneuvered by the big-money-backed McCainiacs, putting more precinct committeemen in place to control the outcome of county and state party leadership. It’s time to take back the party and, yes, destroy McCain’s arrogant, controlling legacy. Will it hurt? Yes, but any gardener knows the best way to grow a bush or a tree is proper pruning by getting rid of the branches that are destroying the plant.
Is it any different at Maricopa County Republican Party headquarters next door? No, except maybe worse. County Chairman Chris Herring, a McCain puppet, appointed well-known troublemaker and fellow McCainiac Lisa Gray as Executive Director. (Yes, Ms. Gray worked for a short time on former State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt’s campaign; but he fired her for insubordination. She had nothing to do with his win.) Mr. Herring also appointed the infamous vote harvester and another uber McCainiac Kathy Petsas as Parliamentarian. None of this is good to grow the party.
And that’s one of the main problems facing the Republican Party in Arizona--lack of growth. While Donald Trump is kicking butt and taking names and expanding the reach and influence of the GOP across the nation at the grassroots level, the Arizona Republican Party is limping along, slowly growing. They should be outpacing the new Democratic-Socialist Party by leaps and bounds. They are not. The infighting isn’t pretty. The RINO McCainiacs whine and complain (just like Lefties) that conservatives are the cause of the discord. But like the new Democratic-Socialists, they are the ones that throw the first punch with their Trump-hatred and intolerance of all things conservative, then cry when they’re punched back.
The 2018 election cycle could be precarious for Arizona Republicans. Conservatives need to step up and vote and get their friends and neighbors to vote or they could lose the Governor’s seat, and/or the Secretary of State’s seat, and/or a U.S. Senate seat; not to mention other state and local seats. Then come January 2019, they need to throw out the McCainiacs and turn Arizona a bright and true Red.
Respectfully submitted,
J. Madison
Disarm the people--that is the best way to enslave them.

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