Editor:  This is a well thought out and researched article at the Arizona Daily Independent.  Read it, think about it and then if you are not a Precinct Committeeman, here is a link to send in a write-in petition.  If your precinct is full already, no need to do it because you won't be elected but most precincts do have openings.  If you do that and then go to your district meeting, you should put your name in to be a State Committeeman so you can vote out the current occupant whose only skill is pandering.  That is Jonathan Lines and he is a useless pawn of the McCain Machine.  If you ever want to get rid of the McCain influence in Arizona, this is the best way to do it because the State Committeemen vote for the AZGOP chairman.  It's well past time to retire the Robert Graham/Jonathan Lines/McCain regime in Arizona.  Sitting it out on your couch will not get the job done!

2018 PC Write-In Nominating Petition Open link, print petition, fill out and sign, send to 

Kristi Passarelli, Assistant Director - Election Services
Office of Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes
Elections Department MCTEC
510 S 3rd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona  85003
. Phone: 602-506-8344 . Fax: 602-506-5112

to get there no later than June 13. or you can drop that off at that address in downtown Phoenix or in Mesa at 222 E Javelina

You can see if there are vacancies in your precinct HERE and scroll down to 2018 PRECINCT COMMITTEE LISTINGS.  The Dems are listed first on that list so scroll down to the Republicans.  You must know the name of your precinct which you can find on your voter registration card.



Questions have arisen about the control Sen. John McCain’s operatives maintain over the Arizona GOP in response to controversy surrounding a possible replacement for the terminally ill politician. Specifically, the appearance of Jon Seaton at the Party’s headquarters has raised concerns about impartiality this primary election season.

For years, what has become known as the “McCain Machine,” has crushed efforts by the grassroots members and their chosen candidates. McCain ruled the Party with an iron fist and when he wasn’t hurling epithets at conservatives, his machine was ginning out compliant precinct committeemen.

The presence of Seaton, a political consultant with East Meridian Strategies, provides evidence to some that while McCain’s grip on health deteriorates, his grip on the Party is still strong.

McCain maintains control

“Regarding questions as to what Jon Seaton aka a McCain Operative is doing in the AZGOP office in the absence of Exec Director Matt Kenney,” wrote Frosty Taylor this month in her popular website, MCRC Briefs. “An interesting message/photo came in yesterday claiming the photograph was Seaton giving hand signals to the AZGOP elite at the January mandatory meeting during the discussion on the removal of AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines. People in the know are concerned that Seaton is in AZGOP headquarters make sure Sen. John McCain maintains control of the state party.”

Taylor refers readers to a post about AZGOP Communication Director Ayshia Connor’s explanation of Seaton’s presence:

Continue reading HERE!

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The AZGOP continues to consider us, the republican activists, as morons willing to believe anything that comes out of that office.  In fact, McCain is hanging on to his last gasp and maybe after that, the machine will fade out of site.  It will take a long time for some other despot in AZ to get a grip on the republican party like McCain has and in that time, conservatives could fill the void, if only we would.  WE the conservative people need leadership.  Who is it going to be?  Anyone?

We conservatives do need leadership? 

McCain's mansions!


Do we want John McCain's wife to succeed him in his senate seat?


Answer to your question is NO.

Well it says a lot to me when John McCain may be trying to control his machine from his deathbed and beyond from his grave.  My personal sizing up of him for years well spot on.

If he is in a state where he is not capable of exerting power then what does that say about the people trying to capitalize on this situation? From my perch it's an ugly thing to behold and why would I want to support conniving scoundrel .  I was tired of McCain conniving shenanigans and want none from people carrying out McCain's behavior while John lies in his resting place.

AZGOP the fellow observed in the office does not surprise me.

AZGOP Torunn Sinclair suddenly vacating her position at AZGOP to work on McSally campaign not surprised.

Steven Senmeir exiting YAVGOP to work on McSally campaign no surprise either.

Are there others who have left as well? Don't know.

Must only say that this kind of thing from our state and county GOP offices unacceptable.  

Planned cleansing efforts to rid or marginalize the conservative voices unacceptable.

When I hear AZGOP or YAVGOP call for unity I think what a crock.

Interesting the way you put it, that McCain wants to continue to enslave Arizonans even after he's gone.  What supreme arrogance.  Must be trying to pay us back for all the well-deserved grief we've given him.



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