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About Jonathan Lines as AZGOP Chairman: Who is in charge of the Republican party, the voters or the elites? What is happening to Judge Roy Moore in Alabama appears to be happening in Arizona, specifically in Tempe and Prescott. 
This is the purging of Conservatives from the from the Republican party.

There are 1200 more or less State Committeemen in the AZGOP. Wouldn't you think they could find a State Committeeman in there somewhere who really cares about Republican values as set forth by Lincoln long ago and the 2016 Republican Platform today?

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State committeemen went limp when they were presented with an opportunity to remove Chairman Lines on Sept 30, 2017. What do others say?

I see this as criminal activity by Lines because some of the AZ GOP is controlled by state statute. McCain is among the worst criminals ever.  As to the chance to remove Lines, I was a PC for a long time and still know many of them in a few districts.  They are unified in their belief that the meeting would have been embarrassing because so much attention was paid to getting the sigs but no attention was paid to actually having a bona fide meeting.  Any half decent parliamentarian could have shut it down in a heartbeat because the bylaws always apply to the PCs and never to the leadership.  That lady who got that going made many mistakes but I hold her up as a hero for taking that on.  I heard she is a first time SC but I can't verify that.  I'm wondering if there is a secret plan for the next state meeting.

Drain the swamp
Drain the swamp

We are fighting a civil war for the soul of our Nation. The Boston Massacre was the result of an overzealous government dictator to quell our desire for Liberty and Freedom from the British crown. Today we have the very same agenda being forced down our throats by the elite swamp creatures on BOTH sides of the isle. They are the "crown", they are "the problem", they are the enemy to the future of the USA. The storm clouds are gathering because of our "creator given rights" given to us in the Declaration of Independence, are being slowly eliminated.  ENOUGH I say ... get back involved in the system ... and stand up for our children's future. We cannot change from within without the soldiers of Thomas Paine to fight for it.

What would you do if your wife or daughter was being attacked by liars?

There are plenty of AZGOP State Committeemen who care about Republican values, the platform, and the Constitution. The problem is the State Chair, Jonathan Lines, refuses to communicate with us and when questioned directly, deferred to AZGOP lawyers rather than answer our questions.  aka @redwildcat

Drain the swamp
Please listen to Seth and Chris Monday, 11-13-17. They are on 960AM from 3-6PM Phoenix time. There may be another patriot addressing this on their show.

I hear that is a great show but I can't get am in my house.  Is it streaming online?





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