What is wrong with the GOP leadership in Arizona? Yesterday, I attended the meeting, which was supposed to give the grassroots volunteers some idea of a game plan to insure that Mr. Trump wins the General Election in Arizona. What I witnessed was another RAH-RAH event, the only real message was another "Get Out the Vote" game plan. Nothing new or definitive.

At the end of the meeting, I stood up and simply asked this question: "Since Mr. Trump has made it a point to let us all [know] he knows the voting system is rigged against us, what is the plan to fix the voter fraud by mail-in ballots and have volunteer monitors, monitoring the computer voting machines, so they can't be tampered with?" I thought this was a very important and valid question, don't you?

The response I received was immediate. No response. Avoid the question. Shut up and close the meeting. The leadership refused to discuss it. So I went to meet the new campaign managers, Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, just to get an answer. Every single one of them refused to talk to me about it, even as I was adamant about "The Fix is In" and Hillary will win due to the fraud in the rigged system.

Most of you in the AFA know the work I do for the party, as an investigator, uncovering frauds of all kinds, that relate to the motives behind the corruption in party and government. Without naming names, I will tell you that I find loads of examples of "The Matrix of Frauds" within the leadership of the AZ GOP. They all made a point to relate to us that Jeff Dewit is our direct connection to Mr. Trump, so I went to speak with his wife, since Mr. Dewit was not present. She told me how to contact them by email, so I did, immediately upon arriving home.

Now, back to my original question: What is wrong with the AZ GOP leadership? Will Jeff Dewit, his wife and their staff, completely avoid me, also? Who can we really trust among them? Why do they sweep the biggest issue we face under the rug?

Now, I put this question to all of you AFA members: Does this influence you to follow the plan to simply plan to get the voters out, or does it upset you enough to organize our membership to take CIVIL ACTIONS, in an effort to really help Mr. Trump prove how bad the system is rigged against us? Am I completely alone in the CIVIL ACTIONS I INTEND TO FILE?

Consider the evidence that is in the public records that law enforcement are unwilling to get for us, by simply enforcing the laws. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE is in the PUBLIC RECORDS of the government databases!

Personally, the answer to my question is, ALL OF THE ABOVE! We are screwed if we don't take action to defeat Hillary, by proving the scams that caused the corruption, IN THE FIRST PLACE! Any thoughts?

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Apparently Jeff Dewit has resigned to run the national campaign as COO; Rep. Phil Lovas is now the AZ Trump Chairman.  Suggest you confront Rep. Lovas.  At least he is running for re-election to the legislature, so if he is not responsive, you can alert his constituents.

@Brad I don't want to give the AZGOP a pass but I don't think they put on that meeting.  I think it was the Trump campaign on instructions from Trump HQ.  Seriously, I think we all know we are facing a lot of voter fraud and it's been talked about a lot here on this site but I don't think anyone is thinking they should be filing a lawsuit and taking it to court.  Just how would that work?

@Robert Brickman  What did DeWit resign from?  State Treasurer?

DeWit resigned as State Chairman for Trump Campaign only.

I believe the question remains, does anyone in the so called know, have any thoughts or ideas of how to go about  getting the corruption from the Clinton camp stopped.  Getting out the vote is a no brainer & every Rep. should know that & do it!  Money bombs are just that, bombs, as far as I can see. Have the Rinos invaded our group?  Just asking.

Barbara Smith:

At this time, I have to say that the corruption from the Clinton camp will be hard to stop. We need to get the vote out & quick! The problem with money bombs is that it's questionable at times where your money is actually going to. The RINOS have invaded the Republican party & unfortunately some people do not understand this. I sent out an e-mail from AFA on 7/23/16. It was regarding Hillary Clinton having a seizure. I have seen seizures in different types. I never heard back from anyone,so I wrote people & was told that the URL said, 'Sorry-this page has been removed.' I wrote AFA & explained that this URL had been removed & I guess they didn't feel it was that important to respond to me. In the meantime, I had found the same  URL & on the AFA page & showed Hillary having a seizure. I feel this is important in that we need to have a president that is good health. She was in the hospital for quite some time after she returned from Benghazi & her husband said this was due to a concussion. A head injury can oftentimes bring on seizures. We simply have to be aware of the important aspects of who we have running for such an important position in our country. I feel that if Hillary Clinton has seizures this could play a big part in how she is able to handle some of her most important jobs in this country. BTW, I had a friend who did see this video before it was removed & he had spoken to 3 doctors & they all said it was a seizure. I don't have the URL in front of me right now, but all one has to do is Google, Hillary has seizure. She's talking to what appears to be so reporters & then she starts to shake her head & close her eyes tight. The original URL that I saw this lasted longer than the one on Google. It has been said that she was just joking around & yet like I have said, I'm familiar with people with seizure disorders & even though she appeared to come back soon & made a remark about her coffee, she definitely displayed a person having a seizure. And a blow to the head can cause such problems & even her husband mentioned that she had experienced a concussion.

I was not able to Edit my message b/c I ran out of time. Please excuse the typos or words that I accidentally left out.

You can help stop ballot stuffing by being a poll worker: http://recorder.maricopa.gov/elections/electionboardworker.aspx

Wouldn't it be better to have poll watchers catch this? I asked where we vote if they had poll watchers & they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. We may not even have a poll to go to in November or there will only be one to go to in order to vote. I guess they are talking about mail-in ballots. I cannot say that I'm too pleased b/c I had heard that most of the mail-in ballots were not counted unless the votes were close. (All of a sudden Globe Co. is very concerned about saving money?) BTW usually a poll watcher is a volunteer job. Usually, the polls have several people scheduled to come in throughout the day to watch the polls. Up here they probably would only need 1 or 2.

Jennifer, is in not that kind of response that is an indication they are very aware of the voter fraud problem, but don't want to discuss it with us? I know we can get the volunteers to the polls to monitor the election machine monitors. Why do they refuse the whole idea? The questions point to the answer: The Fix is In! I don't think we can overcome it without being prepared to file lawsuits.

Jaspergoat, the lawsuits I have in mind are against groups of criminals that are voting using numerous alias names FROM COMPLETELY FAKE ADDRESSES, which are in the public records and will appear on the voter rolls. The problem is that the wide spread corruption of government employees, including the Secretary of State, makes the data bases impossible to get access to without a Court Order. The evidence is also in the AZ MVD data base, but we can't get Joe Arpaio to do his job!

The entire point of a Civil suit of this nature, is to prove how and where the fraud is, for the TRUMP MOVEMENT to use as an example. Trump has the right to sue for fraud and the money to do it, but now, I can't get Jeff Dewit or his wife to respond to my request to talk with Trump. What was the purpose for the AZ TRUMP meeting, if not to provide that conduit of contact? Do you see my dilemma? Any help is appreciated.

Phil Lovas told me yesterday that Jeff Dewit resigned as Treasurer to take the position as COO of the Trump campaign in New York. Was the corruption too much in Arizona?

I left withing 5 mins of the start of that meeting. I could feel that this was going to happen.



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