A few days ago we gave you accurate information on the three candidates running for AZGOP chair. HERE Today, we are introducing Doyel Shamley. Doyel is known by one of our team and we think all State Committeemen should know about him, too. Many of the SCs said you don't want to vote for the three we posted about earlier this week. Shamley is a solid conservative and should be considered by those who get a vote on January 26.


Today, we are going to cover Doyel Shamley, the latest candidate for that seat. Many are looking at him strictly from a point of view that he's not one of the three. We hope State Committeemen will look at it from the standpoint of who he is, is he qualified, what he stands for, what he wants to do. Some say, oh, too bad he's running as a write-in. Well, the right person running as a write-in can win and it's been done. The last time was in 2011 when Tom Morrissey won after entering the race just days before the vote. That was then, this is now. But the same discontent with AZGOP was present then as it is today.

When we contacted Doyel Shamley, we asked how he intended to win. He had all the right answers: campaign hard, make necessary phone calls, put out his resume for all to see, organize volunteers at the meeting  and run on his qualifications. Sounds right to us.

Shamley ran for the LD7 House in 2018. That district is rural and mostly tribal. Shamley said he converted dozens and dozens of democrat tribal members to the GOP, saying they think like Republicans but have always voted democrat. Pity. Shamley lost that race. Since redistricting, no Republican has won there.  Shamley wants to change that.

What qualifies Shamley for this job? He has been elected to the Apache County Board of Supervisors and sits or has sat on many boards in the rural areas. He is a decorated combat veteran which shows devotion to nation. He's a lifetime member of AZCDL, a gun advocacy group protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. He has been working with his County Attorney on election issues.  Constitutionalist. Patriot. We have attached several items that tell his story and we encourage you to open and see more of who he is.

What does he envision for AZGOP? First, he will be vocal on the border issues we face in this state. You might think, so what? The Chairman of AZGOP has access to movers and shakers in our state and around the country. Bringing strong views on Constitutional issues can only help our state. He sees how the EPA has negatively impacted our state and took action to mitigate the damage done by them. As Apache County Natural Resources Coordinator, Shamley advocated on behalf of continuing prescribed burns to keep our forests healthy and prevent devastating fires as we see in California and have seen in the White Mountains due to dangerous EPA policies. If you read some of the articles we included below, what you will find is that Shamley brings a common-sense approach to problems and solutions.

Where does Shamley stand on revising the AZGOP Bylaws which is in dire need of such amendments? He is for Bylaws that work for the organization, not only for the AZGOP board.  He will make that a priority.

Who would Shamley hire as Executive Director? The ED has a lot of power and runs day to day operations. They can lock the front door or open it to all. Shamley is not a “lock them out” kind of guy. His work history proves he knows how to manage issues and people. People skills are critical to this positition because there is no more diverse group on earth than politicos, especially Republican political wonks.  

When we asked a few questions about fundraising, proxies and the lousy AZGOP Bylaws, here are his answers:


“The grassroots support for conservative candidates is large and ready to be unleashed, but has been quashed by the current leadership...we will unleash them as a force for fundraising.


"Proxies need to be eliminated...why elect precinct committeemen, SC's, etc. from particular interests and backgrounds and then allow whomever is cherry-picked by cronies to show up and vote in their stead."


"Yes, the entire state office and operations, to include our AZGOP Bylaws, need to be amended.”

So, the only remaining question that needs an answered is, who will he hire to be the Executive Director? One thing is sure, it won't be Matt Kenney and it won't be McCain operative, Jon Seaton! When we asked him, his answer was, I know for sure on staffing that I would be interviewing, with a critical eye, any remnants that are left in the office, and backfill with conservatives.”  He has a couple of people in mind and we approve of both of them.  You will, too. From what we now know about this man, whoever is hired will be due to careful and thoughtful consideration of candidates for the job.

Please see attached information for a better look at the man who will be AZGOP Chair.


Testimonial from Dr. Robert Branch:

"From the moment Doyel Shamley tossed his hat in the ring for AZ GOP Chairman, the response and support has been overwhelming; the people are saying, “We need new leadership. We need Doyel Shamley!”

"The current GOP leadership has segmented and divided our Party, and it seems that we don’t agree on anything, not even our conservative values. The current leadership is more interested in their own gain, rather than “Making America Great Again!” That is the reason this State has turned Purple during our last elections. The current GOP leadership has turned their back on getting great conservative candidates elected. In just this last election alone, Arizona went from a “Red” state to “Purple” and Arizona’s United States Congressional Delegation turned “Blue.”

"We need someone that can grow the Party, not divide the Party, and that is the reason that people from all over this State are now enthusiastically supporting Doyel Shamley for AZ GOP Chairman. Doyel will work to Make Arizona “Red” Again!

"Just yesterday, Doyel met with Navajo, Hopi, Hispanic, Apache, and other cultural demographics who are overwhelmingly supportive of his run because they know that Doyel is one of the few Republicans who engages them, listens to them, supports them and who gets them engaged in the larger issues across the state. Why do they trust Doyel? They trust Doyel for the same reasons that you and I can trust Doyel, they have never seen Doyel give up his conservative values, not even when the easier path would have been to do so. Why do they support Doyel? Doyel, as an elected official never sold-out. He stays true to his values and those of the conservative Republican Party. In fact, he is so respected, A.P. Lincoln, Presidential Advisor for Ronald Reagan on affairs of Indian Country, just endorsed him!

"Doyel is honored and blessed to have so much support, but he knows that we have a lot of work to do before the election

"If you want to help Doyel on his campaign, please email: doyel@veritasresearchconsulting.com"

Time is of the essence.


Posted in Briefs on Saturday, Jan 19, should answer the hot button question of why Doyel Shamley did not get on the ballot.  In our view, AZGOP should make an exception for those districts who, for whatever reason, did not have their reorganizational meetings until after the deadline, set arbitratily by AZGOP.  Navajo County also did not have their meeting until the same week.  Weather there has been terrible and that could have played into the decision.  

We think it is unreasonable not refuse to investigate this candidate because he is a write-in.  We did not ask him that question because we don't think it is a salient question or indicates anything about his credentials to be AZGOP Chairman.

Please see attachments below:









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The question on the table is this. Do AZGOP bylaws require a chairman candidate to FIRST be a state committeeman? Yes, I understand the election was held in Jan 2019, Van. Do you know for a fact that only state committeemen can run for chairman? Mr. Shamley writes as if becoming a state committeeman is required.

All officers of the AZGOP are required to be state committeemen.  

AFA, This is my understanding they must be SC's and to become SC one of course would be required to be a PC. Hopefully a person who is elected to an AZGOP ofc would also have a track record in running for political ofc, served in an elected ofc. Not always a plus, fresh eyes and approach matters at times.

Thank you!

I don't think running for an office prior to becoming AZGOP chair is a requirement.  If it were to be, then we have only two candidates who have run for public office excluding Lines meager run for AZGOP chair two years ago.  Ward ran for state senate and won, ran twice for federal Senate and lost.  Shamley ran for Apache Board of Supervisors and won and then ran for LD7 in the most democrat district in the state and didn't lose by much.  If fresh is what you want, Shamley is the freshest face on the circuit.

Read Mr. Shamley's statement again. Do the AZGOP bylaws requires chairman candidates to be elected state committeemen first before announcing? That's something I didn't know, if true.

I think  we all might share a little guilt for NOT identifying and nurturing the 'most' perfect candidate, no such beast, simply did not happen these past 2 yrs.

Now what? Go with the one who appears to be riding like a knight on a white horse or think more pragmatic and go for a candidate who knows the in and outs of the political machine.

I am going with the latter choice. 





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