A group of State Committeemen has contacted me, and asked me to announce that they are now gathering signatures to hold a special meeting to remove Chairman Jonathan Lines from office.  I have seen the official call. In my judgment, these are serious people and this is a credible initiative. The date of the special meeting has been set. The official call has been printed. It’s evident to me that this group of State Committeemen is paying close attention to following the Bylaws requirements for a special meeting. All that’s needed to make the call complete is for 20% or more of the State Committeemen to sign the call. It is my understanding that members of this group began to contact leaders and State Committeemen around the state, for signature gathering, this week.

The date of the special meeting will be made public soon after the call and signatures are delivered to me. According to the bylaws, Chairman Lines will have ten days to inspect and challenge any signatures. Then it will be my duty, as secretary, to mail the official call to all State Committeemen. I accept my responsibilities as secretary, and I pledge to the State Committeemen that if a call with sufficient qualified signatures comes to me, I will mail the call.

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AZ GOP is corrupt and it needs cleaning

Drain the swamp

Can't happen soon enough.  But now that this is in the stratosphere I have to wonder what steps the McCain cabal is already taking.  Hoping they don't pull a Hillary and have anyone killed bc I think they are hiding the kind of info that will send someone to prison.

Thanks Secretary Mercer, will you be able to send out the call letter despite Kenney keeping you from having access to the membership contact details? Thanks for helping to move this effort forward. How can I and other conservative activists help with the effort?

In order to facilitate this effort to clean up the AZGOP and drain the Phoenix swamp; I have been working to clean up the accuracy for LD14 State committee man/woman information.  In the next week, I will send for confirmation of name, address, email, phone number.

This needs to be done as the permanent AZGOP records are not in the controlled possession of the AZGOP Secretary, Gabby Mercer.

If you  are a state committeeman/woman and live in Cochise, Greenlee or Eastern Pima in LD14; I will be contacting you soon.

The GOP is in desperate need of a Septic Tank Cleaning and this is a great start, however we must also do the same for many who hold office presently and some of them intend to run for higher office in the upcoming 2018 cycle as I've heard one on Corp. Comm. intends to do. I'm hoping all AZ will join in the Draining of the entire GOP Incumbent Ladder Climbing system and Vote on Records rather than Rhetoric. 
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Dear Clair: I very much agree with your thoughts regarding the "Incumbent Ladder Climbing system". I feel very strongly that the minute a person decides to campaign for office with the idea of making it a career, at that very moment he has a conflict of interest between himself and the voters. There is just no two ways about it! 

When I found out that my state senator graduated from college with a degree in "public policy." I thought, "Oh, brother! Another one!" It's no wonder I disagree with a lot of the decisions these people make in our behalf! They aren't making them on our behalf!!!

Dear Marianne; We're experiencing a Bad Decision by the AZ Corp. Comm. despite hundreds of Residents of SC & SCW plus hundreds of signatures telling the board not to allow the EPCOR Water Co. out of Canada a Socialist Nation at best however AZ's Corp. Comm. sides with Big Business and Socialists to raise the rates of Retirees in Sun City & Sun City West, just more of the same and who knows if DARK MONEY in this Decision just like Pierce. They even farmed out part of the decision to a Judge for Political cover and only one member voted with us that's Bob Burns the others including all 3 GOP members voted to raise our rates and lower those of others.  The excuse was fairness, however the infrastructure in SC & SCW is paid for and this ruling is to get us to pay for the newer developments infrastructure even they know it's wrong but just more of the same from Forese, Little & Tobin all 3 Political hacks that are climbing and believe Little intends to run for AZ Treasurer, this is why we have to vote out the Incumbents who vote against us they can't be trusted and to admit you may have been fooled by voting against them is a good thing for all, hope others will begin to look at the records of all AZ office holders and if they voted to put PROP 123 on the Ballot then they need to go. God Bless You; Van 

If we had followed that plan, Clair, Trump wouldn't have made it. :)

Trump made it because of the grassroots not the GOPers and I along with many others worked to aide in that effort, so not certain what you mean by had followed that plan, my point is supporting Incumbent Ladder Climbers is ruining our state and country. God Bless You; Van 

My comment was because Trump *had* no political record.  If everyone had followed your advice, they would have been left out of the election.

President Trump had a business record and yrs. of commenting on issues, not to mention he spoke quite openly on issues and took questions from the press & public and then there were the Debates so plenty of info. As to Record addresses what most voters seldom if ever check to see if those in office are keeping their word vs. the Rhetoric they spew and more often than not they don't and the voters continue to blindly elect the personality more than the person and believe this is the statement your referring to which addresses AZ Office Holders Only ( hope others will begin to look at the records of all AZ office holders and if they voted to put PROP 123 on the Ballot then they need to go ) and therefore has nothing to do with President Trump in any manner but hope voters do check positions of all Candidates in or who've never held office as we all have records of some sort and will also hopefully keep us from voting for those who just run to get a political job to begin a Career as is the case with far to many. God Bless You; Van 



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