What next for Chairman Kelli Ward? Here is what we would like to see:

A good CEO knows how to delegate and then let that person do their job. This is critical to success!  We all must realize the McCain Machine is still in tact and will not give up easily.  It will take a good team of battled-experienced people to keep up with the many ways the machine will undercut the new chairman.

Immediately, find the very best knowledgeable, conservative and hire that person as Executive Director. What are the credentials that person would possess? Street smarts!  Knowledge of politics and politicians. Messaging skills. PR capability. Good at vetting and hiring staff, both paid and volunteer, that are capable and loyal. Fearlessness. People skills. Comfortable with those in high positions. Fundraising techniques. An active BS meter. Able to keep tabs on what is happening in the legislature and the governor's office.  For starters. Then let the ED hire needed staff. Bring volunteers in to do some of the work staff has been doing. Give the PCs ownership of their own party for a change.

Get a professional spokesperson. Ward is known to misspeak and then make all the headlines in a negative way. If AZGOP is going to recover from six years of Graham and Lines and 30 years of McCain, they cannot afford more bad press. Just because you wear the title of Chairman doesn't mean you are aware of the many ways the media will spin your words.  This is the wrong time to speak from the hip!  Political words are like bubble gum: they get chewed up, blown out of proportion and spit out.

Put together a committee of grassroots activists to handle PC recruiting. Committees should be made up of those with a track record of recruiting. Assign committee chairmen to cover specific areas of Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties. Train local PCs in rural areas. The goal is to fill PC seats with conservatives and get the McCain machine out of the PC purging business. Entire districts that had been conservative for years are now establishment. Identify and attack those districts.

Find the best GOTV software that is also easy for neophytes to use. This will be critical in 2020 when the rank and file PCs will be called to get our Republicans elected. And President Trump. Nothing substitutes for GOOD GOTV software that empowers PCs to use this software.  The time to start working neighborhoods is yesterday. 

Get creative with fundraising. Rumor has it that some sore losers are set on working against Ward with the RNC and major donors. Ward deserves a chance to perform without more chaos. She must get in that game ASAP to neutralize this effort. It's puzzling that Republicans want AZ to fail to elect Republican candidates! If you can't help, get out of the way. And maybe the party.  Some have already said they would do that.  Excellent start.

Be a team player. This is NOT about who is Chair so much as it is about how the Chair will welcome the disaffected back into the AZGOP office. In many ways, Ward is caught between the devil and the deep red sea. She has to find a way to span that chasm. Everything hinges on it.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Not like Lines communicated about irrelevant stuff most already knew. Communicate what the AZGOP is really doing to win over voters in 2020 and PCs between now and then. Example: We have an agressive recruitment going on.  Come to our briefing on XX date and time to learn about it.  Public details not needed.  Encourage PCs to volunteer where needed. We are tired of the secrets and bad behavior. Let's put bad behavior out to pasture along with those who express it.

Get creative with awards at the Chairman's dinner. The list of those awarded trophies for performance this past year is ridiculous. It was like rewarding chairmen, districts and individuals for failure. Pathetic and embarrassing. The AZGOP has embarrassed themselves for years. Time to hang it up on that.

Keep her husband under control and away from AZGOP. He's a loose cannon, too often. Not to everyone, but to anyone is too much.

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 I most likely will not renew membership in AzRA since its dead in my area. Besides they took my $$'s for membership and I have never heard a peep out of them.

Great ideas Shirley.  I hear from many people, including elected officials, that we need the Tea Party movement to start up again.  The one we started in 2012 is still active in Bullhead City.  We have 2 meetings most every month and still pull in a pretty good crowd. Most of our involvement is with local government.  

Nan, It is being resurrected and I hope it will succeed and may exceed the old tea parties with good leadership and modernization. The tea party started out great but many were subverted to the will of a few hoping to cash in or with different beliefs than what it started out to be. Some were co-oppted into Democrat social justice groups or just ran out of gas because they became all about bitch and moan with no real activities for activist. To even begin to be successful they will need our help and efforts to make them go. We can't leave it to others to make it work, we must share the burdens of the movement. Even stalwart patriots need to be relieved from time to time.

Thumbs up!


It's now a good opportunity to seize the moment for invigorating a new conservative movement. Explore options to regain and demand our right to have a seat at the table. Recommended that we all do not let our win at the state meeting slip through our fingers. 

Let's do it! Love your spirit.

The Payson Tea Party has met pretty much weekly since 2009.  We are in the process of getting a speakers spread sheet because all the speakers I invite are in a little book.  We work on local, county, state and Federal issues.  Here in little old Payson we had dwindled to about 20 consistent regulars right after the election, but lately have been running 30+ each week again.  Back in the day we ran 60 most weeks.  We used to have the blue dog democrats joining us as well as Independents and Libertarians, But John McCain fixed that for us.  Not to mention we threatened the Democrat party with our successes.  We are planning on getting outreach to young folks by posting all the DVDs of our past issues speakers on our website.  Our new president has a daughter with 2 & 4 years old so difficult to get a baby sitter, but she and her friends are very interested in what we are all about.  We are planning once a month to have a special outreach meeting where we will present the differences between liberal/conservative etc. and the civics education that they are not getting in school.  Lots to do to make 2020 really successful again.  email me at shirleyujestpayson@gmail.com to give me your email and phone (lost all my old contacts with new computer) so I can get you plugged into the new Make the Tea Party Great Again revival. 

Shirley; Yes the numbers are down for pretty much all the tea party organizations. It is time to make them activist groups not just book and speaker clubs. Most of the speakers are great but we have been there done that for ten years. Not much we haven't heard about. Time to get involved in getting the country back. No reason everyone can't find something they want to do to make this a better country. Many, if not most, teaparty people are Christians how can we sit on our hands while 7 of the states of the union allow the murder of children up to the day of birth and in some cases will lay the child aside if he or she is still alive until he/she dies of neglect in full view of those in attendance. Not your subject? How about Obama care? Border security? Teaching kids to be Muslim for a week at school just because the Saudi's paid the school a bunch of cash? Agenda 21? Smart Meters? Foreign Aid to people that want USA and Israel dead? And on and on and on. 

Please excuse my passion but lets get off our Asses and do something about these and a thousand other things the other side has been doing to achieve the murder of millions of children and destruction of quality of life in our beloved USA. They are truly turning this into a culture of death that only a communist tyrant could love.

Yes, we have addressed those and more!  We have also placed 4 of 7 PTP members on our Town Council which was going a wrong way.  And, passed two initiatives to get the citizens to vote on private public partnerships.  So, Yes, we are very busy, as well as our Rim Country Republican Club who does lots of fund raising and advertising for conservative candidates.  We are looking to get ten folks to form our own AZRA chapter up her too, but no one wants to give up the RCRC name and identity.  Very few want another organization to belong to when we are all so busy already. 

Keep up the good fight as I am confident you folks will.






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