No one should be surprised by the many reports of conservatives, duly elected as replacement state committeemen, apparently being ignored by the state leadership, thus, effectively blocked from taking their rightful positions on the State Committee. I’ve heard there were some reports of this kind of thing back when John Kyl was senator. But, under McCain, it certainly looks like we have a systematic pattern of purging conservatives from any position that would allow them to influence party decisions or actions.

There is a name for this: Disenfranchisement.  In the AZGOP, we’re now seeing an increasingly curious uniformity in the political identification of those in positions of power: We’ve reached the point, now, where the controlling power seems clearly to rest with Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs). How much more obvious does this situation have to become, before someone utters the heretofore unutterable speculation--“Our party is no longer in the hands of people with republican convictions, but of people who are NOT REPUBLICANS?”

And what is the next obvious conclusion that a patriotic Republican should come to? I think it would be that, clearly, something is systemically wrong, when the people for whom this party was established--i.e., people who believe in republican principles, i.e., Republicans--are being systematically prevented from rising to positions in the leadership, and also being purged from such positions that they have long held.

It’s time for principled state committeemen and PCs to get to the bottom of
three very serious questions:

1) Has our AZGOP been hijacked by RINOs who are now purging all conservatives from every possible position of authority or influence?

2) Is this a deliberate effort to destroy the party from within? (Sure looks like it with Independents getting well over 50% of new registrations, and Republicans now barely ahead of Dems, according to a recent report on new registrations by Secretary of State Reagan.

3) An effort by whom? (The term "globalist" comes to mind.)  

“Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” 

To put a point on this, I will quote a recent conversation I had with a former tea-partier in Kentucky. I phoned him to ask this question: “Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” His answer: “Well, by way of answering, let me just say that you are now speaking to the last, and ONLY, conservative State Committeeman in the state of Kentucky.”



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The reports of a nation in a political civil war are true.  Yes the Washington D.C., administration deep state, internal conflict or civil war in the Republican party and Democrat party - all true.

The RINOs are primarily globalist oriented.  The GOP elite for the most part are globalists.  And let us not forget the socialist gains around the world are all a step in the direction of global government.

That said - there is a civil war in the state of Arizona (probably a number of states such as Alabama) within the Republican party.  As to the AZGOP there are those who want the state party to reflect honest elections, trust and integrity.  There are those primarily interested in the flow of money, donations.  The exit of Republican voters to the roles of Independent will not improve donations.  That exit or conversion to Independents does reflect the lack of trust, poor integrity all indications of an Arizona Republican Party controlled by elite money donations and RINOs such as McCain.

When you ask a question of Chairman Lines you will get silence.

Arizona could flip to a blue state in 2018.  I doubt any changes for the good will occur at the AZGOP mandatory meeting in January.  GOP PC and SC and GOP voter donations to the Republican party will continue to decline.

I hope I am wrong.

Arizona is purple and yes, can easily flip to a blue state.  Prescott Mayoral and City Council elections resulted in Everyone's Home Town being governed by  Republicans In Name Only. 

The Mayoral election in Prescott was a disaster. . There were two Republican candidates one of whom put an  R in front of his name. His politics are to the right of the Democrat mayoral candidate.  The other Republican candidate put an C  in front of her name. There was negative campaigning against the Conservative candidate and she lost the primary.   It is unfortunate as she was the most qualified to be Mayor. However, to make matters worse, she endorsed the Democrat Candidate.  The outcome of the Mayoral race is the Republican won but as I said earlier, his politics is to the right of the Democrat. 

  The Prescott City Council race resulted in an  incumbent,  a principled conservative winning and a college age" Independent" winning./ The Independent was a Democrat prior to running for City Council.   She will be the voice of the Democrat Candidate for Mayor and there will be little or no problem there.  The rest of the council are Republicans in name only and one Republican  council person  informally endorsed her during the primary.   


In the Appeal to Heaven messages that I started in January 2017, the Sins of Obama, Muslim Brother Hood threat, history and evolution of the Marx then communist changing to liberals the progressives.  The differences between a socialist society and a communist society is as thin as a blade of grass, if that thick.

Yes Myrna the national. state (our governor Ducey) county and local city or townships have been corrupted to an extent that the RINOS are the same to a large degree as the democrats.  Over 80% of the democrat politicians are socialists.  America's U.S. Constitution is followed only to the extent as to interpretations.  Our founders intent has more and more ignored and so eroded to the point of being totally ignored.

Myrna - your description of the Prescott city council is typical all across America.

What kind of country did we have upon the signing of the Constitution? A republic if you can keep it!

That question and answer should be very familiar as it was posed to Ben Franklin right after the signing.  The person asking Ben was a woman.  She had no right to vote or to hold office at that time.

The American voter is not well educated on the true history and founding of our country. 


The "civil war" you refer to is nationwide. In the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 "we the people" were declared to be the official enemies of the Federal government. 

And the potential solution???

Purge them before they purge us.  We here in AZ purged Jeff Flake without lifting a finger.  We purge them by waking up the voters and using social media is a great way to inform strangers.


I'll take a shot at answering your question. Governor Mecham and those of us in the CNC decided the solution lies in those who believe in our lawfully created government uniting around three items:

1. a statement of our PROBLEM which we accepted as being too many people's failure to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what is right.

2. That a manifestation of this problem is "Federal action" that has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated people's rights as alleged by 30 governors.

3. A GOAL of restoring to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution as the governors pledged to do.

Beyond that it is a matter of a National Leadership Team developing and overseeing the implementation of a plan dedicated to pursuing the GOAL. The key element in the plan is the local (zip code level) teams that should have someone volunteer to be a liaison for various segments of society. The liaison's primary responsibility will be to educate and motivate the members of their segment in responsible action. We concluded this is the best and perhaps only way to bypass the controlled media. A summary of the CNC's plan is at

Essential FACTS the team members must share are that government was created for the PURPOSE of securing people's unalienable Rights, that any Act that has diminished or destroyed anyone's ability to enjoy a Right is an illegal Act and those responsible for the Act and/or its perpetuation are criminals. Since most illegal Acts are in support of those seeking a "New World Order" being built on our Constitution's ashes the Acts amount to Treason.

The movement to change this in the Arizona is no longer active.

Not true. The place to keep conservative PCs and SCs is in the individual districts.  District chairs can be replaced if conservatives appoint and elect conservative PCs and/or conservative PCs fill empty seats for the election of PCs and then knock on doors and get them elected even if McCain etc buy dozens of full color postcards to send out.  We are NOT powerless and movements don't die, they reconstitute themselves because movements are in the minds and hearts of the people.

Pat J - I agree completely.  The people have demonstrated that the socialists and the RINOs and especially the dumbocrates will not prevail.  The election of Trump as POTUS proves that.  The power train of money = power = control has not and will not prevail.  These globalist/socialists jackals have not and will not destroy America.  Eric Barnes asks - the solution?

The American voter must awaken and continue to be awake and informed.  We can counter the elite propaganda with the truth.

There are active PCs and SCs in AZ working towards an AZGOP with integrity that can be trusted.  Jaspergoat said it - purge them.  My wife said every incumbent in the U.S. Senate, both GOP and DEM should be replaced.

Your wife is dead right. It's getting voters to do that. It takes work and too many will not do anything, not make a phone call or even drive a car to pick up and drop off teams knocking on doors.

Well my wife simply was reading our minds.  Amazingly many people will agree with you and us.  I also agree with the apathy of too many will not even do as much as driving a car for a team of door to door knockers distributing campaign or collecting petition signatures.

I used to say to people who complained about the POTUS and acknowledged they did not vote - "if you do or did nothing - you have no right to complain."





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