No one should be surprised by the many reports of conservatives, duly elected as replacement state committeemen, apparently being ignored by the state leadership, thus, effectively blocked from taking their rightful positions on the State Committee. I’ve heard there were some reports of this kind of thing back when John Kyl was senator. But, under McCain, it certainly looks like we have a systematic pattern of purging conservatives from any position that would allow them to influence party decisions or actions.

There is a name for this: Disenfranchisement.  In the AZGOP, we’re now seeing an increasingly curious uniformity in the political identification of those in positions of power: We’ve reached the point, now, where the controlling power seems clearly to rest with Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs). How much more obvious does this situation have to become, before someone utters the heretofore unutterable speculation--“Our party is no longer in the hands of people with republican convictions, but of people who are NOT REPUBLICANS?”

And what is the next obvious conclusion that a patriotic Republican should come to? I think it would be that, clearly, something is systemically wrong, when the people for whom this party was established--i.e., people who believe in republican principles, i.e., Republicans--are being systematically prevented from rising to positions in the leadership, and also being purged from such positions that they have long held.

It’s time for principled state committeemen and PCs to get to the bottom of
three very serious questions:

1) Has our AZGOP been hijacked by RINOs who are now purging all conservatives from every possible position of authority or influence?

2) Is this a deliberate effort to destroy the party from within? (Sure looks like it with Independents getting well over 50% of new registrations, and Republicans now barely ahead of Dems, according to a recent report on new registrations by Secretary of State Reagan.

3) An effort by whom? (The term "globalist" comes to mind.)  

“Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” 

To put a point on this, I will quote a recent conversation I had with a former tea-partier in Kentucky. I phoned him to ask this question: “Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” His answer: “Well, by way of answering, let me just say that you are now speaking to the last, and ONLY, conservative State Committeeman in the state of Kentucky.”



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Unfortunately, the reverse is happening The Conservatives are being purged

Well, how's that been going for us, so far???

We shall see come January if anything comes to fruition

Not true.

Of course, our movement is not dead. But we do need to be more flexible in our methods. 

I agree with you! EXPOSURE is the one weapon that defeats them. But we need TWO KINDS: 

1) Expose our own ideas and opinions

2) Expose their corruption in every possible way we can. 

Hasn't the Republican Party's control rested in RINOs for decades? When it comes to major issues there has been no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. Both have supported the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto under which Americans now live. I have yet to find any elected official willing to say that if America is to regain its sovereignty and be in a position to MAGA it must begin by acknowledging the need for America to get out of the UN, out from under the monetary policy called for by the 5th plank of the Manifesto and out from under the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt that cannot possibly be paid. I suggest that if the Republican Party hopes to attract those becoming independents the parties leaders must change their rhetoric. I believe it would behoove them to drop the term "conservative" and start talking about what the party will do to restore the Republic called for by the Constitution.

Walter and Barbarian - Pick a battle that you can win and then go for it.  If your LD or county has not passed the elections resolution.  The integrity of the AZGOP will never be restored with out elections that can be audited and when necessary hold a recount.

Take the attached resolution and change it for your county or Legislative District and hold a vote on it.  There are several counties and LDs that have unanimously voted yes. 

DO it.


And may I add that even if your LD shoots down your proposal of this resolution, you can still make good use of that event, by writing about exactly what happened. Whatever they say that night, and whatever they do becomes more evidence of the corruption we are facing. 

It would be particularly valuable, I am thinking, to report the numbers --or an estimate thereof--in a given LD who opposed the resolution, and quote what they said to defend that position. Their quotient of "RINOness" is most visible in their own word choices, tone of voice, gestures. Let's start calling people out for being RINO. What a salutary endeavor. I tried it in Tucson, when we had a meeting with our 1st vice chair, Parralee Schneider. A cohort of hers had just asked me if I was a tea partier. I answered "Absolutely!"  Out of his mouth loudly blurted the word "Wackos!" 

I was kind of amazed at that, but realized he couldn't help it. See what I mean? Their own word choices give them away! 

Moments later, I think I remember Parralee saying "wackos," too, but now my memory is not perfect, anymore. In any case, I decided what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and  called her out as a RINO. I said, "You are a RINO."  And what a reaction I got! A huge intake of breath, an arching of the back, and the breathy, horrified words, "I'm a conSERVative!"  Notice: No proof. Just the assertion is all you get.

I shot back, but quietly and politely, "No, you're not." 

Yes, Republican Party's control HAS rested with RINOs for decades. I believe that is only becuase the people were not awakened. This takeover, this hijacking of ALL our institutions, was done secretively. They have carefully hidden behind verbiage that covered what they were really doing under statements that sounded patriotic. It's this dastardly lack of honesty that infuriates me the most! 

But what has been most successful for them, namely, hiding their true motives, now becomes their biggest vulnerability. All we have to do is expose the corruption, the lies, the misdeeds, the secretiveness. We did it at the Flagstaff executive committee meeting, and they were thrown into disarray in seconds! The chaos that ensued was a delight to behold. We were happy warriors, that day.  This is how we win and have fun doing it!  

IMHO it seems the number 2 should be number one.. "Sure looks like it with Independents getting well over 50% of new registrations, and Republicans now barely ahead of Dems, according to a recent report on new registrations by Secretary of State Reagan.

Seems to indicate a 'mistrust' in the Party by voters, what a surprise.  It's too bad we now have to repeatably put 'conservative' in front of our positions. :(

This piece makes it sound like rats bailing off a sinking ship...?

Bailing, indeed! And I can't blame them. To get a sense of how impoverished is the state of our party, in terms of active pcs, I can only point to the extreme difficulty I had finding people willing to I had one person who actively wanted to run: Only one person actively wanted to run. Many very qualified people I asked to run refused for various reasons. It got to the point where I started speculating that maybe all the people, both qualified and potentially interested, had already left the party. And now, with these statistics, I have to speculate, again, that I might have been right. 

What I believe is crucial to be done is to reconnect with those people. However, our party cannot do that with the current RINO leadership in charge. And we, the conscientious, conservative, and apparently perennial opposition (within our own party!@#$%), are perpetually stuck as underdogs fighting a patehetic losing fight for a seat at our own political table! That is what I mean by the wird "hijacked." I mean, let's stop allowing it to be a joke to use the term "Republican-in-name-only." It's not a joke. It'a horrible travesty. The only meaning that can be assigned to that term is that they are NOT REPUBLICANS, which, if true, can only mean that our party has been hijacked by people who do not belong in it. If that is the case, we will never again rejoin with the people who have left us holding an increasingly smelly bag.





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