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God Bless Donald Trump & Mike Pence...
Yes, absoutely right. His Bless them and give them the guidance and wisdom they are going to need. They are going to have a rough way to go as we have already seen. The democrats and some rinos (McShame and Mrs. Graham) are going to give him a hard time. Sure do wish he could be gotten out along with Flake .

This Vice President knows all to well that to keep Congressional spending in check you have to be there. After the Republicans gave into Obama's wild spending ... and gave him a "black check" to do it we've seen the unending drug habit of government spending called bipartisanship. Enough of that Democratic donkey's dung .... end it N O W ... for finally "We the People" control you all.

I read an article a few days ago that claimed Paul Ryan got money from Soros in the past year or two.  If Pence knows that, it may be why he decided to put his office close to Ryan. He needs to be watched.





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