Political Writer: "Now that the Mueller report is submitted, save your ammo"

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1. With the Mueller report now done, avoid expending (here, wasting) your ammunition on gloating to those who were counting on Mueller. Most were misled by the complicit MSM who will now feign shock and surprise.

2. We have an opportunity to finally expose the corrupt, fake media fully to those who were unfortunate enough to follow them. Refuse to let the MSM get away with their treacherous ways any more.

3. By using the history of videos, memes and photos of the MSM attacking POTUS, show the normies how they were misled. Use the facts and truth of the spin they put on every bit of propaganda they pushed.

4. The right people in the right places will deal with the accountability of HRC, the Deep State (redundant passage there), and others. Part of our job is to help to make the red pill easy to swallow,’ so here's an opportunity to be kind, compassionate, and humble in bringing those who are dismayed onboard.

5. We are the news now. People are lost and looking for answers and truth, even if they feel crushed by Mueller’s report not living up the the hype. ‘You attack those who threaten you most’ some famously said. Think about it: who threatens us the most? People who believed in Mueller or the MSM?

6. This is where we may help make the world a better place: we are stronger when we are one, versus when we are divided. How are we to now we lead all of us to become one?

7. It’s easy...

8. You hold the power, love and understanding to help what the major players on the right side are trying to achieve. “When we are divided, we are weak”

9. Activists are good at what they do, yet, in a war, there's lots of people supporting those on the front line: medics, cooks, supply lines, engineers, and communications, just to name a few. A lot of people ask,”What can I do?”

10. Anyone can throw a stone, but can you build a bridge instead? Be aware of what is right and what is wrong, avoiding identity politics at all costs, as that will divide us. Once you change your mindset (#TheGreatAwakening) you can get get the following going, instead of going to war:

11. You can reach out and help heal, build bridges of understanding and truth, and make the path easier for those who fail to see what's going on in plain sight. The Muller report is one victory, but the attacks on POTUS (and we who back him) will be ongoing. Let's pray, and let's keep POTUS and fellow Patriots in prayer.

12. People experienced their first shock of multiple shocks still yet to come. Where do you want them to be when the real hard and factual information arrives? With us, or refusing to believe anything on the scale they are about to witness? Or beside us, calling out the corruption?

13. For perfect harmony, look to the model of a choir: it sings with one voice, and from the same page. POTUS It’s the power of our voices driving the narrative and the changes we believe must happen. Every word gives meaning and shape to what we project and what we 

14. If you want to make a difference, do it, but do it with the mindset of unity, love, compassion and understanding, avoiding hate, division and arrogance. Pray, believe and are the best we can do, appreciating its power to help and heal..

15. Never let the MSM get away with inciting the deception and division they worked so hard to achieve: take them to task, not those they have misled.


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