Not everything was as it appeared to be at the Statutory Meeting of the State Committeemen of the Arizona Republican Party held at Grace Community Church in Tempe earlier this month.  According to data, a proxy war was being waged against the grassroots of the Party by the John McCain political machine.

National headlines focused on the bizarre choreographed appearance by members of the Vietnamese community, brought in to show support for McCain.  Few noticed the behind-the-scenes machinations that the McCain camp performed due to his loss of support in the greater Republican party.

According to the Arizona Freedom Alliance, AZGOP Chair Robert Graham, who was facing re-election himself, refused to provide the contact information of newly elected state committeemen to his challenger, Lori Urban, and her fellow grassroots activists who were challenging the Graham/McCain slate.

In turn, Graham's operatives collected hundreds of proxies from across the state, using the very same party resources the challengers were denied.

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McCain needs to be censored again by every AZ GOP county committee and LD.  Censored not for the proxy fight as that is politics.  But censored for corruption in PC recruitment among other matters.





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