[Editor:  We have been reporting on the problem that has happened to some degree over several election seasons. But since Sen. McCain was officially censured by HIS OWN PARTY in 2013, it has become an epidemic of bad behavior on his part.  His useful idiot, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, has provided back up for him with his own intimidation tactics.  He uses Sonoran Alliance to torpedo anyone who dares to bust this cozy operation of control mechanisms.  There is no rule made that cannot be turned to unsavory advantage by the chronically dishonest brokers. There is always money involved behind the curtain... always, follow the money.  It leads to power and scoundrels like these two.  If you are reading this and are not precinct committeemen in your district or if you are in another state, this practice is growing as a way for the GOPe, that we reported on extensively during this election season, to hi-jack the real platform-Constitution-loving party faithful and get them out of leadership at the local level.  The precinct committeemen (PCs) are said to be the most powerful elected officials in the party. THEY elect the local leadership. It's the local leadership that has influence with elected legislators, city councils, school boards and can lead their district of PCs to work for the high principles established with the party of Lincoln to elect similar representatives in state houses and other forms of government.  THAT is why McCain, Flake, McConnell, Lindsay and Robert Graham, Paul Ryan and others of their low standards want to rid the party of the last vestige of fair and honest government.  At the end of this article, we will post links for you to see related articles. Links embedded in the following from Briefs also lead to AFA articles. It was RINOs in LD23 who were first to publicly cause attention to focus on this issue and it was LD23 who took the reins of power away from R. Graham by their very professional response to and refusal to bow to intimidation.]

From MCRC Briefs this morning. This wraps up what we have been reporting on for the past week or so.

This Link retire-john-mccain Leads To a Report on part of the McCain purge in 2016. He (reportedly) purged many more in 2014 as alleged revenge for being censured by State Committeemen for acting and voting more like the Democrat than a Republican, according to this AFA report. 

Also see Graham to O'Connor 12-9-16 ; and newly elected LD23 Chairman Nancy Ordowski’s response challenging what her LD23 Board and their legal counsel “believe is an unjustifiable attempt to prevent their participation in the upcoming AZGOP Statutory meeting.” Ordowski to Graham 12-15-16

LD24 PCs Also Report Shenanigans. Sources, who opt not to be identified for fear of retaliation, say a well-known PC who resides outside of LD24 gathered numerous LD24 proxies that were turned over to a LD24 PC just prior to their Organizational meeting.

LD13 PCs also report that “paper PCs” who rarely – if ever, attend meetings were elected LD13 officers and  state committeemen over the more conservatives work-horse PCs who had pounded the pavement for several years for voter registration gathering, etc.

(MCRC) Editor’s Note: So far, PCs in LD13,17, 23, 24 and 25 [also Robert Graham's LD15] have PCs strong enough to speak out and address the various shenanigans including the “purge of conservative PCs” and “proxy harvesting” that has been occurring for several years. It is time the legislature addressed proxy harvesting, as they did ballot harvesting. As one PC commented, “We are tired of the “Cow Bells” attempting to control the county and state statutory meetings.” What’s a “Cow Bell?” “Someone wearing multiple proxy vote tags. You know how they put a bell around the lead cow’s neck, so other cattle will follow,” he explained.


[NOTE: The links embedded in the copy above go to articles originated on AFA.  Here are two others that help complete the full picture for you:




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There is nothing we can do to McCaine, he can't be recalled. I'm no longer a member of the RINO party in AZ. We are stuck with him and Flake, as we all know he will also be re-elected in 2018.
I don't really understand Arizona law, but I was wondering why McCain cannot be recalled. He really needs to get out. He is a disgrace to Arizona and the rest of our country. Also, I can't understand why he keeps getting reelected. I was just wondering.

He keeps getting elected because our AZGOP chairmen works overtime to get out the vote for him. Not for Trump, mind you!  And voters are wildly uninformed, too many too lazy to know what is going on. McCain is corrupt to the core.  Recall is onerous and expensive. Arizona is a state that allows a recall but you need a % of the votes in the last election. Our 2016 election had an unusually high turnout due to Trump. Waiting until after 2018 might be better but then, we will be working to get rid of Flake. Plus, it takes a lot of money. You have to pay for signatures as volunteers just can't collect enough in the time allotted. Impeachment is another avenue. But even though McCain is called the most hated man in the Senate, they don't hate him enough to impeach him. They wouldn't even impeach Obama!  Our lawmakers, by and large, are cowards!

Agreed !! But just like the mindset of the Republicrat party this "establishment" will not walk away, for it is WE (the GOP in general) who resign ourselves to not having the stomach for a brutal campaign of Truth telling. Anyone in Congress who did not defend THE RIGHT TO IMPEACH a know seditionist against our Constitution, has rightly so been called a "coward" and they should be thrown out of office. They swore an oath to the citizens, and have denied the right of their responsibility ... to represent us, and our Constitutional authority against a "one branch tyranny". The seeds of a party revolution are set in firm soil with Trump's election, now it's up to our leaders to insure its growth ... to overcome the weeds!!

Looks like McCain & Graham are drunk with power. Now after the election we see that McCain is anti-Trump, Splains why Graham didn't use AZGOP to GOTV for Trump. I worked with a small group using the call set up from AZGOP but a script for Trump bc AZGOP's script was for McCain and Trump. AZGOP did a terrible job getting out the vote for Trump but very good for McCain.  There is an election coming up. Don't vote for that guy in Yuma who is a BIG supporter of McCain. It's up to you state committeemen to stop McCain there. You have a good candidate in the O'Connor guy but if all the listed LDs above shoved out the real republicans, that may be hard to do. I hate cheaters. McCain/Graham are the worst kind of cheaters.

Robert Graham is not the only Chair supportive of McCain.  McCain pours lots of dollars into many LD's and Counties, who toe the mark and obey his every whim. Unless more about this sad state of affairs in our great State can get out to the public it will continue as long as McCain is in office. The saddest part of it all is that the majority of PC's are totally unaware of what they are being used for.   One would think that information of this magnitude would be the headlines on most small town and county papers...it's apparent McCain has infiltrated them all.  You guys keep up the good work.  Get your info on Facebook where it can be shared.  Hopefully many PC's will see it. 





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