Hey, PC’s from Maricopa and surrounding counties. Don’t despair, you’re not alone. The purging of conservative PC’s has now reached the shores of our Yavapai County Republican Committee! In August, our Chairman submitted three names to replace State Committeemen who had stepped down or changed their place of residence. Amazing what happened next. Chairman Lines disregarded that list and appointed three of his own choosing. One of those appointed graciously declined and chose to respect the bylaws of our Committee which state that the person/s with the next highest votes will be submitted to fill any vacancies. Our Chairman has repeatedly asked Chairman Lines to respect our choice. All to no avail. Here’s the kicker, the three persons next in line and whose names our Chairman submitted are all staunch conservatives! Does anybody want to take a guess why Lines appointed different ones? But wait a minute, our Chairman has since submitted or will be submitting three more conservatives, with a possibility of another one. Now we’ll have a total of 6 possibly 7 conservatives waiting to be appointed by Lines. What happens in January, if Lines never confirms these appointments? Will Yavapai County Republican Committee and other committees stand by while we attend the meeting in January underrepresented? I am calling on all Tea Party folks to reassemble like we did in 2010 and take back what rightfully belongs to us and that is the Republican Party!

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This is one more piece of evidence that there is a statewide effort to purge conservatives. What is most important is to divine the motivation for doing that. What else could it be, other than to silence the voice of conservatives across the entire state Republican Party?  What do we do, now that we know this? Sit back and let it happen? 

If I remember correctly, there was a movement to re-call lines, too bad we might have purged Lines,  and all our troubles gone away.

There still are active Tea Party groups even if they do not have the Tea Party name anymore.  That in itself is a sad commentary.  People believed the lie that Tea Party members were crazy nuts with foil hats.  Some of us are still brave enough to be known to affiliate with groups that still carry the Tea (or TEA) Party name.  We need to be brave enough to stand for our convictions and stand against the RINOs.  We need to promote the Republican Party Platform.  There is nothing wrong with the principles of the party, just that so many do not abide by the platform principles.  We need to share those principles far and wide to the uneducated folks that believe the lies.  And Yes, Rose, we do need to get together as a force once again.  I have kept of roster of all the groups I know about, maybe we need to start networking again. 

You are right Shirley.  The Tea Party network is still out there.  I know people think that we out lived our usefulness but the reality is that we are only just getting started.  We don't need the numbers we had before, we just need people who will be engaged and committed.   Sounds like the County Repubs could use some help. Also sounds like McCain s finger prints are all over this.

Kudos to those that kept the Tea Party name.  Cottonwood and some other Verde Valley groups chose to drop the Tea Party name and go incognito. It wasn't a good idea because what happened is they eventually went their separate ways and quit participating in the liberty movement. Let's get the movement going again!

The problem remains - we have still have not reached the tipping point of where anger is at a level that motivates us and them.  For us it will be "take no prisoners".  For them it will be - "Uh oh they are really coming this time." It will move the dial folks.  Believe me it will move the dial.

Tom, you are so right. 





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