Note: We don't know what to say about this hire.  Some who know him say he's, yes, a nice guy.  He's jut not THE guy to run the Political Director position.  You know, everything hinges on a robust stategic effort to get Trump re-elected in AZ and hold the senate seat that will also be up for grabs. We admit to being very nervous about some of the people hired at AZGOP.


PHOENIX – After an extensive statewide search, which included more than 100-plus applicants and nearly a dozen in-person interviews, the Republican Party of Arizona has appointed Mike Shaw as its next Political Director.

From 2011-2013, Mike served as First Vice-Chair of the Pima County GOP, stepping in as interim chairman for several months after the elected chair was removed from office.

Shaw is a news veteran, too, with more than 35 years' experience in radio and television, having held positions as news director, anchor, photojournalist, and reporter. He was the recipient of several Associated Press Awards during his media career in Roswell, New Mexico and Lubbock, Texas.

Following his time at the Pima GOP, Mike returned to radio and hosted a news talk show where he interviewed elected officials and influential people around the state of Arizona.

"We are excited to officially welcome Mike Shaw as our party's next Political Director," said Republican Party of Arizona Chairman Kelli Ward. "Mike's decades of experience in media, politics, and grassroots organizing makes him highly qualified for this position and an excellent addition to our expanding staff."

"I want to thank Chairman Ward for giving me the opportunity to help grow the grassroots of our party and secure big victories for Arizona Republicans in 2020," said Shaw.

Shaw will work in conjunction with the Chairman and Executive Director to organize and supervise staff and other party members, as well as assist the Chairman in managing and maintaining the strategic vision for the Republican Party of Arizona.

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Editor's Note:  We have checked out this Mike Shaw guy.  Those who know him in Tucson are disappointed in this hiring.  None say he is at all qualified to have this job, never been involved in any campaign, political/election strategy or management despite the press release.  We need a top-tier campaign/strategic planner if we hope to keep AZ in the red column.  This man, who people call "nice," is apparently not that person.  We are very troubled by some of the people Ward has hired to run AZGOP.  Start with Leslie White.  Not against her personally but just know too much about her background and know she is NOT the right person.  Hopefully, Ward learns her mistake early and gets a re-boot.

Good Morning all.  I would like to comment on the hire of Leslie White.  Since I have been involved with politics in the state I have had the opportunity to get to meet a great deal of people and also been involved with many entities.  Since Leslie had been a part of the AFP group funded by the Koch brothers I didn't question her or them at the time but as time has gone by I have disassociated myself from that group especially when President Trump got elected and the Koch bro's do not like him at all.  But Leslie has had the great sense to also quite that group because of their personal stand against the President that we all love.  I am assured that Ms White with all of her gifts and knowledge will do a fantastic job for the AzGop and the Republican party.  I will never doubt her love for our President and will give 150% of her effort and life to getting him re-elected.  Jacque Leslie P.C. captain. 

I would also like to comment on Leslie White's employment.  I too have been in political theater for years.  I never trusted AFP or Tom Jenney and I had my reasons.  When Leslie White came on I expected some good things and that happened for a while. Or so it seemed. But she could be abrasive and abrupt with volunteers I was told by those on the receiving end. Now though, I have heard credible rumors - the kind I could tell if I wasn't afraid to - that Leslie White did not leave AFP but was forced out, whether by firing or other means.  There was a lawsuit against AFP that I was told was due to something White caused.  I found an article on the web at the time but can't find it now so maybe that has been scrubbed.  I don't remember now who told me since it's been a few years ago but I would not have remembered it if it was from someone I didn't know does their research.  Maybe AFA knows about this. I've talked to some old timers who agree White is a poor choice. Time will tell.  Shaw is a poor choice too it seems.  I did take note in Briefs that the list of those surrounding the chairman are 90% establishment not conservatives.  Too bad.

Pat, I heard that too about 2-3 years ago.  Didn't think much of it at the time and forgot about it until you raised the issue.  It was all pretty secretive if I remember properly.  Odd.  She ripped a good friend of mine for nothing but personality.  Gotta get along with different personalities in politics if you are in leadership.

I had the opportunity in email contact with her although busy I am sure she was not abrasive at all, kind and helpful. and encouraging as well. 

I choose not to engage in spear, I choose instead to allow the gent to build his own credibility with us.

No matter getting McSally elected in 2020 is going to be a mountain to climb. Seems to me Ward thus far is doing what it would take with best efforts -- 






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