We are already "in like" with the new chairman, if only because she had the good sense to change the name and the logo of the republican party here in Arizona.  After six years of Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines and 30 years of John McCain, this party needs a serious makeover.


PHOENIX – Following an extensive and thorough search, which included more than 100-plus applicants and more than a dozen in-person interviews, the Republican Party of Arizona has officially named Leslie White as its new Executive Director.

White is an accomplished executive with more than 10 years' experience directing grassroots organizations and political field operations, as well as managing teams in the private sector. Most recently, White served as a Regional Director at Winning With Women, an organization that showcases Republican women candidates outside their defined district to create broad friendships, support, and relationships.

"We are thrilled to welcome Leslie to the team as our new Executive Director," said Republican Party of Arizona Chairman Kelli Ward. "Leslie is a dynamic and experienced professional, and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with her to make sure we expand our Republican majorities in Arizona, defend our Republican-held U.S. Senate seat, and deliver our 11 electoral votes to President Trump in 2020."

"I want to thank Chairman Ward for the opportunity to serve in this position, and I look forward to working closely with her, our candidates, and elected officials to deliver big wins for our party and our state," said White

The Executive Director is the highest-ranking full-time staff position within the Republican Party of Arizona. Job responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day administration and programs; managing a fiscally responsible budget; relationship building; fundraising; community outreach; developing processes to execute the mission of the Republican Party of Arizona; and building and maintaining relationships with all groups and coalitions related to the Republican Party to ensure unity.

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Hey, is this also the Leslie White who was with Americans For Prosperity?

Yes Shirley she is one and the same.. I am very happy that Leslie White was selected. I have worked with her as well as many of my friends.  She is great at GOTV, has integrity and has one of the most positive outlooks ever.  Most important to me,  Leslie is a true supporter of our president Donald J. Trump.

Audit the books from lines and graham, don’t be meek

When the chairman changes (and at other times), the books must be audited.  We believe it needs a forensic audit, very expensive.  None the less, we believe there is good reason to do a forensic audit.

Yes, absolutely.  ALL the records and finances.  All of them.

Today is a red letter day for the Arizona Republican Party.  We have Dr. Kelli Ward as our GOP Chairman and now Leslie has been chosen as the Executive Director.  Stand back because we are in for a wild and wonderful ride.

It's really hard to audit financial records when computer terminals are stolen. I think it was weak for our new chairman to fail to call for a police investigation on this act as well as remain silent about the event and what she is doing about it.

So, we will never know just what Lines was up to and where our finances are because of this criminal act and NO response to it. Is this a sign of the future leadership?

I  also wondered  why the Police were not called . Doesnt Team Ward want to know the books that Lines kept ?





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