Once again, Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance, of the Navajo County Republicans Club are portraying themselves as the Navajo County Republican Committee.  Their continuing lying acts as if they are the official NCRC and is shameless.

Folks these people are people who do not, nor will, follow the rule of law with  Slimy Senator Allen  behind these People.

Steven Slaton the official Chairman of the Navajo County Republican Committee along with the executive committee has filed a civil law suit against Jimmy Vance and the others. Jimmy Vance as well admitted in an e-mail that they didn't follow the Rule of Law!

These people are so incompetent they also stole our logo that we used, and developed. I attached the civil suit front page.

If anyone would like a copy of the law suit, contact Chairman Slaton. It’s completely laid out on Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance’s illegally trying to take over the NCRC by violating State Statues and NCRC Bylaws.

These people have no respect for the RULE OF LAW! Slimy Sylvia Allen is a liar.  We'll have more coming out on her which will expose the Slimy Senator Allen!

Hopefully you folks will denounce Jimmy Vance and Sylvia Allen for their lying to you along with their illegal actions.

Steven Slaton





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Drain the swamp

It is amazing how low some people will stoop just to retain power and control.

I'm surpised you're amazed.  It's a game that has been going on for thousands of years.  It rarely changes.

The Civil Suit cover page has been attached.

Republicans with a smidgen of power become monsters when they act against their own members. And I'm not talking about S Slaton and K MacKean and it's not limited to this situation.  I know similar stuff is happening in private republican orgs  too.  Why doesn't AFA report on that?

Send out a survey asking members if they support the following, loses of property rights, ranchers kicked of their lease land, the destruction of all dams, not using water to irrigate food crops, the destruction of snow ski resorts and golf courses. Just a few goals of UN Agenda 21 supported by G.H.W. Bush who signed it.  They also want to reduce the world population by 67%.

All interesting but what does it have to do with this topic? Shouldn't that be on the Agenda 21 page.  I just looked that up and it still on the site.  Here is the link if you need it: https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/watchingagenda21

Steve, your courage and tenacity in taking on the folks that intentionally harmed you are to be commended from the highest level of the Arizona Republican Committee. It would be good if half the citizenry expressed the same resolve. However, they don’t because most are being brainwashed and are permitting themselves to be suckered into believing that the elite are savvier in the rules of self-governance than they.  More often than not, that is not the case. If it was, would this nation be in the sorry state of affairs it’s in today? This issue you’re involved in is but one atrocity happening throughout this nation. It is a disease that has infected all levels of government and must be annihilated.  Last year, I attended  a meeting where some PCs tried to reprimand my wife for her stance against Sylvia Allen who at that time, I believe, was slyly suggesting we permit Jonathan Lines to remain in his position and not be recalled, even though he was not permitting  both the AZGOP Secretary and the AZGOP Treasurer to have the records that, per the bylaws, they are entitled to. These PC’s  concerns were that Sylvia should have been approached on a personal level. My wife’s reply was that if an elected official makes their views known in a public venue then in a public venue is where the rebuttal must take place. I think her answer was right on the money. That’s the only way I know of to hold these folks accountable.  Their suggestion to keep it personal is the mentality that we’re up against.  Sort of like Sgt Schutz, “I SEE NOTHING, I KNOW NOTHING. Once again, I applaud you for taking on this challenge, for in so doing you speak for many.





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