It has been decided to allow this statement to be published due to the fact a reader/commenter made accusations regarding this candidate HERE.  A link to that acccusation was properly posted.  It seems only fair to give this candidate a forum to respond given the gravity of the claim.  We will leave discussions open but any post that does not directly stay on target will be deleted.  Just stay on topic and observe our posted rules for posting and all will be well.


Throughout this race for National Committeeman, I have run a positive campaign, promoted conservative issues, and shared my vision. Myrna Lieberman has recently made several inaccurate accusations. Her statement that "I have never been a PC" is incredibly misleading and incorrect. I have been both an elected Precinct Committeemen and State Committeemen in past years; in fact, I filed my PC appointment paperwork with my district chair months ago and am still waiting for processing. I submitted petitions to become an elected Precinct committeeman for the upcoming term.

I would also like to address the questions of why I have not served as a PC or SC the last few years. I considered being a candidate for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission and, being a PC within three years of that appointment, would have disqualified me. I recently decided not to pursue this appointment to the Commission and immediately began working to become a PC.

I am incredibly disappointed that any true conservative would cite the Phoenix New Times as proof that I have “baggage”; this “newspaper” continues to be an outlet for the Fake News. Much like another gentleman named Brett (Kavanaugh), I am the victim of a false complaint. I do not wish to relive that stressful and hurtful situation from nearly ten years ago; however, I am happy to go point by point with anyone on the accusation and timeline. I have NEVER shown up to anyone's house uninvited, and I have NEVER misused voter data. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department found NO EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing on my part. I regret I did not pursue a defamation of character and libel suit against my accuser (who worked for another faction of the party). At the time, I was serving as Executive Director of the AZGOP for Chairman Randy Pullen. If there was a shred of truth to the complaint, Chairman Pullen would have  immediately dismissed me.

May all candidates for National Committeeman campaign on our merits and vision.
-Brett Mecum

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With all due respect to Mr. Mecum and Mrs. Lieberman I dislike discussions that use the term "conservative."  Some define a "conservative" to be one holding to traditional values or attitudes. Not knowing what these "values" or "attitudes" are or  who defined them I'm lost. Others define a "conservative" as being one supportive of the status quo; something I vehemently oppose.

To me a political position or act either enhances a persons ability to enjoy Life, Liberty and an opportunity to pursue Happiness or it doesn't.  If it in any way diminishes or destroys a persons ability to do so it's an illegal act. I'd much prefer people define one another as being pro or anti Constitution so I'd have a better idea of what they stand for..  

I happen to know that Ms Lieberman is a "true" constitutional conservative.

I get what you are getting at, I hope you agree, that if you put  self described conservatives in a room not all would hang together for there would be many but disagreements. I strive each day to earn my bona fides in being a constitutional conservative. I value freedom and liberty.

Ms. Lieberman is an activist of the good fights. 

Interesting "rest of the story" Brett Mecum.  As I said in the earlier article, the New Times is a sleaze publication not worthy of being used to prove much of anything.   Appreciate the explanation but I wonder why your PC application has not been processed?  Does you chairman dislike you for some reason?  Or maybe is like the one in LD15 (are you in that district)?

Mecum's  try to cut his way out of his box had no effect on me. This entire thing turned into a nasty -- 

It's clear you have your marching orders and Myrna doesn't like Brett so that's that.  I don't get to vote so my opinion doesn't matter.  But, the explanation about all the criticism by you and Myrna rings true to me.  Mostly because I have lived through the shenanigans by district chairs.  It's the one thing I don't miss about being a PC no more

Pat J, I just  want to be clear I do not have marching orders. You don't know me but I  pride myself as a free thinker -- marching orders huh well that would not play well with me. Folks whom I respect and I call my friends would not "give me marching orders" friends don't do that.

The only reason I am back on AFA is to respond to Mr. Mecum.   

AFA has broken its own rule “Do not attack your fellow Conservatives. Differences of opinion are encouraged. Candidates for public office or elected officials are fair game “There is no respect for differences of opinion as evidenced by the ad hominem posts.   The use of pseudonyms is a way to hide and I believe that AFA and Jaspergoat is the same person. “

 In the article “Do Not Vote for This Man “l simply expressed my opinion that I was surprised AFA was endorsing you . I said this because you are neither a Precinct Committeeman (PC) nor State Committeeman (SC) which makes you ineligible to run.  Jaspersgoat ( pseudonym) considers this “ silly crap.

My statement that you were never a PC is incorrect as in the past you say were  an elected PC and SC.   My apology. 

Currently, your PC paperwork is still in process, so you are not eligible to run as a National Committeeman (NCM).   You and I exchanged an email on this issue. Your response was that in January you would work on an AZ GOP by law change to eliminate any question on the committeeman and committee woman positions. 

 I ask if you are a principled conservative, wouldn’t you withdraw and run when eligible?    .  

 Bylaws are our laws. The any “registered Republican “which is the AZ GOP interpretation of the bylaw is not even possible. All 1.3 million plus registered Republicans could ask to have their names on the ballot.    As written, the Bylaws do specifically address qualifications of the National Committee as to whether or not they must be a state committeeman or even a P.C.    This is a quote from a friend who explains it succinctly:

“State committeemen of those parties with ballot status, like the AZ GOP, consist of the 15 elected-by-the-elected PCs county chairs and the elected PCs elected by their fellow elected PCs.  Can’t be a state committeeman unless you’re an elected PC.  The Executive Committee of those parties include, BY STATUTE, the national committeeman and national committeewoman.  One can’t be a member of the Executive Committee (which is part of the state committee), unless one is a state committeeman.  And one can’t be an appointed state committeeman unless one is an elected PC.  And, if twas otherwise, that “any registered Republican may run” for NCM or NCW, then during that four-year term, then absurdities result.  And Bylaws interpretations that create absurdities must yield to interpretations that do not create absurdities.  One absurdity would be that all 1.3 million plus “registered Republicans” could ask to have their names on the ballot.  That’s absurd.  Another absurdity would be that the non-state committeeman NCM or NCW would not be allowed to vote as a member of the Ex. Comm.  That’s absurd.  Another absurdity would be that the non-state committeeman NCM or NCW would not receive call letters for the state committee’s mass meetings, as only state committeemen receive call letters.  That’s absurd.  And there are more absurdities.  And because the rational, always-been-accepted-and-followed interpretation, that one must be a state committeeman to run at the convention for NCM or NCW, does not create these absurdities, then that interpretation must be followed and the interpretation that creates absurdities must be rejected.  Per the Bylaws interpretation rules in RONR. “

 I mentioned the article in the Phoenix Times simply because AFA failed to bring up any shortcomings which all politicians have.  I am well aware that this publication, Mother Jones and others like it have no love for Republicans. Should you be victorious tomorrow, it will likely be dredged up by those outside the Republican Party.   I am glad you addressed it.

Let us go forward.

Myrna Lieberman  

One last time: AFA did not attack you, Myrna.  We posted a sweeping statement with no mention of you whatsoever.  That statement is true and applies to us as well as most people we know.  You seriously err in your thinking.  We know you to be a good Republican who works hard to keep the party in line.  It's a monumental task.  But we also know you took a direct and unfair shot at AFA for no reason at all.  Our posting rules are on our Home page.  They apply to you and to us... bomb throwers are unwelcome.  There are many other sites to go to beat up on fellow Republicans just trying to keep faith with a concept.  Unfortunately, your constructive criticism devolved into false accusations.  That is where we draw the line and for all the years we have been here, this is a first to be falsly accused.  You do it again today.  We have a different opinion... that is all it should have been.  That was unnecesary but even now, you take another shot at us only because we gave your target the same opportunity we gave to you.  And to Joe by allowing him to express his thoughts about his position in this very important Nathional Committeemen race.  Our only target was and is Robert Graham!  Still is and will continue to be.  HE alone stands as the only name on the list who will be injurious to our party.  Enough said!  May the best man win!!






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