Yes, Virginia. There really is a split in the Republican Party. There always has been and always will be. But the acrimony is spinning out of control and the only people benefitting are the Democrats.

It disturbs me when I'm labeled a sellout if I say something positive about an "establishment" Republican and it's equally infuriating when I'm lectured that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are part of a "suicide coalition." When I write something favorable to the GOP, my inbox is flooded with angry emails from tea partiers but accolades from party loyalists and, vice versa, if I write something critical of the base or Tea Party. It's insulting when grassroots activists tell me I'm not a true conservative and aggravating when I'm dismissed as "just a tea partier" and flicked off like a fly.

These personal accounts simply mirror what is happening party-wide. If conservatives are ever to regain power in Washington, change has to come from all camps within the GOP.

Obama won by only 5 million votes. Three million Republicans didn't vote in the 2012 Obama-Romney face-off and a hefty number of disgruntled Republicans voted for libertarian Gary Johnson, who garnered 1.5 million votes. Millions of conservatives -- who are not registered Republicans -- also withheld their votes. Imagine if all of those protest votes had gone to Romney?

Conservatives who have "had it" with the GOP and stay home or cast a protest vote might experience a certain amount of self-satisfaction in the short run. But, in the long run, this inhibits the ability of conservatives to gain power in DC as we continue to lose winnable seats. The more GOPers we get into office today, the greater the pressure the conservative wing can exert and the closer we can inch towards our goals.

In a perfect world, we could stop the overspending, graft and waste today, harmoniously agree on effective policies and elect ideal candidates. But we don't live in that world. Republicans deal in realities and the reality is this: political viewpoints are as varied as human behavior. It is this diversity that feeds the marketplace of ideas protected by the First Amendment -- allowing for the full expression of the individual.

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Glad to have AFA back in the game.  I suggest this article is worth multiple reads, print it and put it on your bathroom mirror and read it daily.  Especially pay attention to #11 & #2- are you listening, Andrew Thomas, R Haney and those on that team?  Who would not rather have a Republican no matter what than a Democrat (#15).

There is a split due to the likes of McCain, Flake and a host of others parading around DC proclaiming they are Republicans. History has shown us that Flake and McPain support amnesty. Really folks, is this the way of the system when lawbreakers (illegal aliens) are given all sorts of benefits, and don't forget in-state tuition. My grandson who lives in IL plans to attend ASU and believe me he has no special discounts coming his way. Who was responsible for cutting military benefits but maintaining food stamps and other government dependencies?  Insanity... Secondly, how IOWA keeps on selecting our candidates is beyond me. Look at their record so far; McPain, Romney...really? Romney is a good man but acts on orders from his spouse. Shows weakness right off the bat! Trouble is with the nominees running for our side. I say Cruz, Lee and Paul are my choice and not Mr. Rubio due to his stand with the "Gang of Eight when he showed where he is really coming from. You know the old adage, leopards don't change their spots.

While that may all be true, it misses the point.  Do we want to elect Republicans or Democrats?  I know there is little difference between the former Democrat McCain and the current Republican McCain.  BUT, let's not waste any more time and energy on him.  There's a new election for him in 2016 and we could start now educating those around us in our own neighborhoods as to why a better Republican exists for that seat.  Trent Franks, for one, who planned to run last time.  We can make him "McCain proof" if we would focus on that.  I don't want to waste another minute in remorse.  BIG Picture everyone.

BIG Picture everyone.  That's what they have been saying since I can remember...

Thumbs up!!

In my opinion, we need to concentrate on one thing and that is finding an ECONOMIC MANAGER as PRESIDENT and deal with our DEBT! Plus, anyone who is going to hold an elected position, local, state or nationally needs to have a business background...PERIOD! The US government has become BIG BUSINESS and we need to change the direction of our economy and get out of the social rights and entitlement business that is destroying our country! The issue with the GOP is that we have our own Progressive members, who support not a liberal ideology, but a progressive one. If we do find a way to stop becoming involved in the social agenda of the Democrats, and concentrate on the IMPORTANT issue of the economy, we will continue to loose every election!

Well said ... Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave us .... and have by borrowed DEBT !!

Our government is not supposed to be Big business. You should know that!

Get back to the Constitution and all the problems go away.

Dealing with our debt is important but I am pretty sure we have this huge debt because we haven't followed Constitutional government but partisan politics picking winners and losers.  The winners get the bennies and the losers pay the bills.  What do we all think the Fed is? Taxpayers take on the risk and the investors, ruling class get all the upside.

We need a president who understands that the position is executive in nature not they are not ruling from a throne. 

The Constitution made our country great and will again but we must elect those who will uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Ted Cruz is the candidate who have proven he is best qualified when it comes to constitutional government.

See, that was easy wasn't it?

Ted Cruz has only filed legislation but NONE Of his  bills have passed. That is not a qualification -- it is a failure.  Cruz has never governed anything, nor been in charge or solely responsible for anything ,  filled a job, been responsible for a budget or met a payroll.  

The reason that we have this debt is because the President has been handing out our money to make other people rich and to pay back the US people for slavery, colonialism, for being a world power and suppressing Muslims by supporting dictators in the middle east.   His only purpose has to been destroy all the things that make this country great because he has no allegiance to the US because he was raised by communists --- and was re-elected twice.  All this was allowed and ignored by the Republican party because they want the same things when their guy gets in......  why hasn't Congress done anything about the Fed???  New World Order......

The Dominionist religion that he follows  teaches that the anointed one, the King, will bring together the "7 Mountains" and wealth will be distributed to all the righteous. (who decides who is righteous?)  How is that different from Obama's edict to redistribute the wealth because of his years listening to the Rev Wright's Black Liberation Theology?   

Cruz can spout the Constitution all day long --except the part about being a natural born citizen.

I checked on Vote Smart and here is Cruz's record from Jan 2013, his first day in the Senate:

Missed votes on nomination of Loretta Lynch, a pretty important vote; Nomination on new Education Secretary, another important vote; Energy Policy Modernization (requiring a change to codes to control how buildings use energy); Waters of the U.S. - EPA, on which he was a co-sposor and didn't bother to show up to vote;  Fed Reserve Transparency on which he was a co-sponsor, very important issue, couldn't show up to vote; amendment to the Constitution relating to contributions & expenditure intended to affect elections - we now see why he didn't want to show up to vote on this; Paycheck Interference Act that would tell businesses who they could pay and how much, showing he doesn't understand what businesses need to operate; NDAA one of the really important bills with huge consequences - Cruz a no show; only bill he sponsored was S Amdt 30 that prohibits funding for Obamacare, voted yes, measure faiedl - only bill he is shown as sponsor since Jan 2013.  On every other bill on which he was a co-sponsor, 9 since Jan 2013, one passed, all others died.  Quite a record!

Cruz is #2 in the Senate for missed votes  -- right behind little Marco!!





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