One has to shake their heads in wonder at the GOP crazies in our Congress.  Here we are in the midst of a near crisis in this country due to the dysfunctional dems and what does the House leadership do?  Well, as usual, they pour fuel on a bonfire of contention.  Did even one of those who voted to condemn President Trump over withdrawing troops from Syria think about what the hell they were doing?  Nope! Even CD6 Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) voted against our President.  Just days before, they called for unity on the impeachment issue.  WHAAAT?  

Years have passed since the Congress did anything constructive yet they collect their paychecks every month.  No wonder so many people try to get elected to these jobs: $174K per year for fighting with each other!  My kids do that for free!

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Republicans drop their revolt against Trump on Syria (see what we mean? Schizophrenic!)

The Republican rebellion against President Donald Trump was short-lived.

Republicans unleashed perhaps their most aggressive outcry of the Trump era after he abandoned the U.S.’ Kurdish allies and ceded northeastern Syria to Turkey. But now GOP lawmakers are dialing back their direct criticism of the president — instead working with Trump, dinging Democrats and trying to move forward.

Senior Republicans are coordinating with Trump’s top officials to try to rein in Turkey with sanctions and protect the Kurds, and while they’re still dissatisfied with the situation, they’ve shifted gears away from confrontation with the president.

“I do appreciate what the administration has done against Turkey through executive action, but more to follow,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters Tuesday afternoon, after joining Trump for a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday. “I appreciate the phone calls yesterday with Erdogan, I think [Trump] reached out in a good way to let Turkey know they needed a cease-fire right now.”

[The GOP is like the weather: if you don't like what you get, just wait a minute and it will be changed.  Head spinning stuff. And these people expect to get re-elected... and probably will be. Is it too much to ask that they do this to start with?  Or maybe stop and think of the damage they did with this tantrum?] With the GOP at EVERY level, including activists too often, it's just patch, patch, patch the mess they make (are you listening, Romney?)]

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I read a few paragraphs further before stopping in disgust. McCaul made the excuse 'it was the policy, not the President,' or some such blather. Well over one hundred House Rs voted against the president in that resolution. Just today the president spoke again in answer to a reporter's question:

When will they learn?

Oh, and the President wondered aloud 'of the possibility the anonymous whistleblower was Adam Schiff.' Do not underestimate this man. Congress needs to plaster that message to each of their collective foreheads!

Schizophrenic is a good word to describe their behavior before a mike and camera. Our President is not the first president to abandon the Kurds nor would he be the last. Our President describing Kurds as not all angels is correct. Nabbing on to the poor Kurds was just convenient rhetoric.

As for LD6 I have held the view for awhile that D. Schweikert needed to be primaried by a true deal conservative. This gent could very well have his seat in Congress taken by a dem. He might give it a second thought about going against our president but maybe those R's in Scottsdale are actually anti Trump.

Kind of make me wonder what the word of a Congressman is worth and what the going rate is for selling out our country????

The erratic and troublesome behavior of ALL of "Congress" has all the finesse of a Chinese fire drill--people running and screaming in every disoriented direction.  Aside from a large handful of seemingly tuned-in patriots, the rest of the hoard of public trough specialists are useless, worthless, and clueless.  In the midst of all this public chaos and political theater, the only email I've gotten from CD 6 David Schweikert since the last election cycle is touting his stand on medicare prescription drug prices.  Is this guy awake?? 

Six years ago, I exclaimed that if the Republican party didn't get it's act together (and they haven't), it would cease to be a significant influence in electoral politics.  We're there!  And please don't extol the masses of asses out there in LaLaLand to vote straight Republican ticket.  That's how we end up with John McCains, and Jeff Flakes, and Mitt Romneys, and Lamar Alexanders, and Lisa Murkowski's, and Susan Collins's, and Paul Ryan's.  Choose your candidates the way you should choose your friends:  Carefully.

Amen Ray! Amen!!

.... and Ray we find out that Mitt the mitten is none other than Pierre Delecto.

I fully agree with Ray Sweeney on this issue. I saw this in the Sunday newspaper on CD6 with David Schweikert and his issue with the President. I was so disgusted that I called his offices in Washington and in Scottsdale. They could not even reply to you about it. Maybe he wants to be replaced.

Perhaps David Schweiker has had too many  terms. I honestly have only taken in here and there reporting about him and I reside in LD1. What I have taken in I wonder why LD6 has not termed him in a primary.

I'm thinking you mean CD6 Patricia.  Schweikert needs to be replaced.  Not just over this vote either. He left the building long ago.  There is no republican challenger in the primary. The dem is 1000 times worst than him.  It's the fake dr woman who ran against Debbie Lesko and lost.  She's district shopping like Wendy Rogers.  Smart people don't want to get involved with public office now.  We need citizen candidates

Pat J., You are right of course, CD6. Not finding an R, real deal conservative, challenger slipped through the crack. CD6 might entertain the notion seek the opponent to S. starting now LOL the district may be looking at replacing a demo-rat the next time.

To fully understand this "Republicans drop their revolt against Trump on Syria" is to consider the SOURCE ... and those who benefit by this article? These are the Dems marching orders to derail Trump's foreign policy initiatives and his chess master games. Democrats will use it as cannon fodder against the Republicans to demonstrate a party division. This on the heels of the calls for "national unity" as the Democratic party unites to circle the wagons around the word "impeachment". Keep in mind the Durham investigation has expanded to secure information collected overseas, and domestically, which will roast the lying sons of itches who refuse to deny their own corruption .... the words from Biden himself .. or those of Obama who spoke to the Russians "I'll have more flexibility after my re-election". That flexibility is a Marxist collectivism and bigotry against freedom of thought and speech.

I choose my friends, and they don't get a chance to chose for me. For if I'm a sovereign individual ... God gave that right to me by way of the Constitution, yet it is the political class that has chosen to create inalienable rights over unalienable (God given) rights. Congressmen should remember that there is a difference between the two .... or they have violated their Oath of Office ... and to "We the People". Voting for any Republican is our responsibility to dilute this progressive socialism that is the nation's cancer. It must be killed at the source ... in education, in politics, and in the homes and Congress where it is allowed to nurture itself.    

There is a coup d'état happening ... which is the is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction. This is a new world revolution .... a revolution going on (without shots being fired) for the soul, culture, ideology, and values unique to America ... and no where else. 

Well said.



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