We have always known that Paul Ryan has taken a page out of McCain's Book of Traitorous Behavior when it comes to Pres. Trump. We must remember that Ryan was the running mate of liberal Mitt Romney (like we could ever forget when he shows his true colors [blue] daily). He will replicate Obama's exit from the official political stage. He will keep his foot in the political swamp so he can run for President in 2020 or 2024. Keep that picture firmly in your mind.


Retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan is using the “discharge petition” process to decisively split from President Donald Trump’s election-winning, pro-American immigration policies.

Ryan’s disguised break from Trump leaves his successor, Majority Leader Rep. Kevin  McCarthy, in the hot seat, said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. McCarthy must quickly decide whether to block or support Ryan’s unpopular push before it wrecks GOP turnout in November, she said.

McCarthy “wants to be Speaker, so he can’t tick off too many people,” she said. 

Ryan exposed his strategy against Trump during his Thursday press conference, when he was asked how he was dealing with the “discharge petition” **  push being used by 17 business-first GOP legislators to force an amnesty bill through the House.

If the 17 GOP members can collect a total of 25 GOP signatures on their discharge petition, then 193 Democrats will join them to get the 218 signatures needed to stage a floor vote, despite leadership opposition. Their planned floor vote will be a rare “Queen of the Hill” debate around four bills. That plan will allow business-first GOP legislators to unite behind an amnesty bill that will pass with support from 193 Democrats — and also split their votes to ensure the failure of pro-American immigration bills.

[Here is where the rubber meets the Speaker's Chair.  Will the "Freedom Caucus" step up to quash McCarthy's ambitions?  Will one of them actually gain support for this position or if one will actually throw their hat into the hot seat ring?  Or, if this "Queen of the Hill" maneuver works, will Republicans pound the final nail in America's coffin? Expect a political swamp-fest over this seat.  It not only comes with a tidy paycheck, it comes with real power.  We might start to long for Boehner, again.]

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**Discharge petition: this is a method to override the Speaker on existing bills that have not been brought forward.  This is being done on behalf of several immigration bills sitting on desks of some House members.  A discharge petition will allow all of these bills to be brought to the floor for a vote.  The bill that gets the most votes will prevail and will be sent to the Senate.  This is being brought by Rep. Curbelo (FL) and has the support of 16 other Representatives, most of whom are in swing states like Florida or are retiring and won't be held accountable.  The point is to divide the party to get an immigration bill that Democrats will like and vote for. That means, presumably, that DACA would be protected and possibly other protections, probably citizenship, would be included.  One more traitorous act by Republicans ala McCain.  The swamp is full of them and we, the voters, keep sending them back to DC.

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Build the wall, drain the swamp


Mixed messages from Ryan. My take is that he is secretly behind this petition drive because he agrees with the idea of DACA and amnesty. His state needs labor, cheap. He's not above shredding what is left of the constitution to get cheap labor.  He's hoping voters continue to have short attention spans because he does plan to run for President.  It will be like AZ_ which establishment candidate do we vote for?

Not surprised about all of Paul Ryan's behavior.

LOL, Ryan running for President in 2020 -- good luck with that idea.





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