Note:  We don't find this unusual this year.  In 2016, a high placed state official told us the 2016 would be the last year the state taxpayers would pay for the Presidential Preference Primary due to the cost.  Aside form the cost, the primary, paid for by all taxpayers, leaves approximately 40% of the state's voters even though they pay for these primaries.  The reason is that in 2020, the political parties will have to pay for their own primaries.  Whether we like it or not, we do agree that Independents, PNDs and small party voters should not have to pay for the Big Two to hold their primaries.

The truth is the primary for one party will run into the millions.  The state does not want to spend the money and the AZGOP is far from having that kind of money.  As a practical matter, it appears to be a good move.  The dems, however, will have to spend the money to have theirs, leaving less to use for a campaign in the general election.

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s road to renomination could get easier through Arizona, with the state Republican Party looking to join three other states and drop its presidential primary next year.

One analyst turned his nose up at state Republicans who “don’t want to go through the process of actually allowing people to vote,” but few others seemed to be surprised by the move – and most greeted it with a shrug.

“Why spend the money on something when you know what the outcome will be?” said Mike Noble, a political consultant with Scottsdale-based MBQF Consulting.

Noble said the only current Republican challengers – former congressman and talk-show host Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld – cannot realistically compete against Trump. He said canceling the primary is “fiscally prudent.”

Published reports said Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina are set to cancel their 2020 presidential primaries or caucuses as well. Party officials in Kansas and Nevada could not be reached for comment Friday, but South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick treated it as a routine move.

“There is strong precedent on the part of both parties to not hold a primary when they control the White House,” McKissick said in a statement released by the party.

Defending the incumbent is hardly new: Arizona’s GOP did it in 2004 for George W. Bush and state Democrats did the same in 1996 for Bill Clinton and 2012 for Barack Obama.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said in a statement Friday that “Arizona Republicans are fired up to re-elect President Trump to a second term.” Requests for further comment from the party were not returned.

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Recall that Romney suggested that party conventions where to costly and should be considered not to hold.

I get that Trump would prevail in primaries so why subject the party to the enormous cost. Money saved just might allow for snagging a hefty majority in both chambers of the U.S. Congress.

Patricia:  Four years ago, we were told there would no longer be Presidential Preference Primaries in Arizona unless the parties paid for them.  Consider: why should taxpayers spend $10milllion and more every four years for only two political parties to hold their private elections?  Now, 40% of taxpayers are not in either of those parties.  We agree, at least for this year, that holding the primary is wasteful.  Plus, President Trump has three challengers (good to laugh about this, but it's true.  We wonder what these three men think they bring to the table to win that 13 high profile candidates couldn't do in 2016!  This is simply politics at its worst.)  Arizona is not alone in canceling this election.  More will follow.

AFA, I do not disagree with your thoughts.

I'm OK without a primary and if this was known years ago, as AFA claims, why are we just now learning about this. If both parties decided to hold the primaries and split the cost, it's still way more than AZGOP could handle.  They have 4 years to figure out how to hold their primary.  If I was in the 40% not connected to either party and my money was paying for this, I would be pissed because I could not vote.  Don't tell me I have to re-register. That misses the point. BTW, I don't want more laws!






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