Some of you have been keeping tabs on what is happening in Navajo County since AZGOP Chairman arbitrarily snatched the Navajo County Republican Committee away from the duly elected officers and gave it to Sen. Sylvia Allen.  Chairman Steven Slaton decided to fight for what he thinks is right.  Far too often, we as Republicans just roll over and play dead so as not to be labeled "controversial."  It's because of that fear or because Republicans are very polite as a rule that we get rolled all too often.


Republicans of Navajo County

Once again Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance, of the Navajo County Republicans Club are portraying themselves as the Navajo County Republican Committee.  Their continuing lying acts as if they are the official NCRC and is shameless.

Folks these people are people who do not, nor will, follow the rule of law with Slimy Sylvia  Senator Allen behind these people.

Steven Slaton the official Chairman of the Navajo County Republican Committee along with the executive committee has filed a civil law suit against Jimmy Vance and the others. Jimmy Vance as well admitted in an e-mail that they didn't follow the Rule of Law!

These people are so incompetent they also stole our logo that we used, and developed. I attached the civil suit front page.

If anyone would like a copy of the law suit, contact Chairman Slaton. It’s completely laid out on Slimy Sylvia Allen and Jimmy Vance’s illegally trying to take over the NCRC by violating State Statues and NCRC Bylaws.

These people have no respect for the RULE OF LAW!  Slimy Sylvia Allen is a liar. We'll have more coming out on her which will expose the lying Senator Allen!

Hopefully you folks will denounce Jimmy Vance and Sylvia Allen for their lying to you along with their illegal actions.

Steven Slaton




[For no reason that we can prove, Wells Fargo, who held the NCRC funds, handed those funds over to Jim Vance, the rogue "chairman" of the stolen organization] Steve Slaton: "Wells Fargo sent our NCRC funds to the Fake NCRC. They told us they would wait for the hearing outcome. They Lied."  [There was a hearing set to take place but WF transferred the funds even before the hearing took place.]


This is the latest update:

The Commission on Judicial Conduct has opened an investigation case on the miss-conduct of Judge pro-tem David Martin.
Navajo County Chairman Steven Slaton filed a complaint with the Arizona Supreme Court on the case against Jim Vance and others on there Illegal Taking of control and monies of the Navajo County Republican Committee. 
The Superior court of Navajo County never notified Mr. Slaton on the judge. Pro tem Judges, if assigned, have to be given consent by both parties. This did not happen. 
Also a Complaint is being filed with the Arizona State Attorney General Office on the failure of the clerk of the court not notifying Mr. Slaton on the Judge as well after many attempts by Mr. Slaton to find out who was the assigned Judge. Mr. Slaton found out through the (news)paper. Mr. Slaton does have witness in the failure of the clerks office of Navajo County.
We'll keep you posted.
Steve Slaton
Chairman NCRC

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I have to say something about bylaws and elected officers.  If a board has a vacancy between normal elections, the board can fill that vacancy by voting within the board to elect to fill the vacancy. I've seen it done in two different LDs.  The bylaws say "elected" but I don't think they specify by whom.

I agree with Jasper. Vance started this (really Allen) by not properly requesting the secretary to send the call to whatever he was calling his meeting. He said it was not a special meeting but it was not a regular meeting nor an election meeting so it had to be a special meeting.  The secretary's job was to send it. Neither of those  happened so regardless of other circumstances, the first thing was Vance made an arbitrary decision to violate the bylaws because "he thought...."  Not in the bylaws.  Then I read that the bank handed over the checking account to Vance group while a hearing was pending. What screwy bank does that?  One with a tie to one of the parties.

The example you post assumes no vacancies will occur between by-annual elections.

Just got this from RR:

Vacancies can be filled in these ways:

  • By the membership that appointed or elected the officer, unless the membership has delegated that authority exclusively to its executive board or established some other procedure
  • By an executive board that the membership has authorized to fill those vacancies. That authorization is implicit when the bylaws provide that the board has “full power and authority” to handle the affairs of the organization between membership meetings, provided that the membership has not reserved the ability to fill of one or more of such vacancies for itself
  • By an executive board, or committee, when the board or committee has been specifically authorized to fill the vacancy

Pat, Good point made that boards have the right because all bylaws seem to allow them the power. Time to change bylaws to take away that power.

They have to have that power.  Otherwise, LD boards could go as much as nearly two years with a limited board.  That's not good for any organization.  LD elections come with credentials, etc and are expensive to hold each time a vacancy occurs.

Pat, I understand your point. There must be an alternative available. I was thinking along the lines that a suggested candidate for the board at the minimum others in the LD be allowed to approve.

In my LD how a PC Committeeman became the captain escapes me to this day. I would have never supported him. 

If elected officers find a person to appoint temporarily why can not that person be elected at the next meeting?

Did Wells Fargo REALLY hand over the funds even BEFORE the hearing took place?   Wells Fargo should be sued for an appropriate amount ..... I would say.... the amount that they transferred over. 

So it seems





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